2004 American Ironhorse TEXAS CHOPPER

Price: US $6,199.00
Item location: Madisonville, Tennessee, United States
Make: American Ironhorse
Type: Cruiser
Year: 2004
Mileage: 63,904
VIN: 5L5TX044441000707
Color: Burgundy
Engine size: 1,819
Vehicle Title: Salvage

TO SEE CLOSEUP PICTURES OF THE BIKE LISTED ABOVE PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE CLOSEUP PICTURES OF THE BIKE LISTED ABOVE PLEASE CLICK HERE BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT AUTOCYCLERS. AUTOCYCLERS IS A THRIVING MOTORCYCLE & PARTS BUSINESS LOCATED IN MADISONVILLE. TN. OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE LOW COST/HIGH QUALITY MOTORCYCLES AND PARTS AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE FROM OUR CUSTOMERS. WE ARE AN HONEST BUSINESS THAT REALIZES OUR CUSTOMERS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT TO SUCCESS. THIS IS WHY WE THOROUGHLY INSPECT OUR BIKES BEFORE LISTING THEM ON EBAY. SINCE OUR BUYERS COME FROM ALL OTHER STATES OF THIS GREAT NATION AND EVEN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES TO BUY FROM US. OUR GOAL IS TO BE THEIR EARS & EYES. WE GO TO GREAT LENGTHS TO GIVE OUR BUYERS AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE TO HELP THEM TRUST AND BUY FROM US. THIS IS WHY EVERY YEAR WE GET LOTS OF REPEAT CUSTOMERS. YOU TOO WILL ENJOY THE AUTOCYCLERS EXPERIENCE. ONE MORE THING THAT WE REQUEST. IF YOU HAVE NEGATIVE OR ZERO FEEDBACK AND WANT TO BID ON THIS BIKE. PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL OR THE PHONE NUMBERS BELOW BEFORE OR JUST AFTER YOU BID TO CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE SERIOUS. IF I DON’T RECEIVE AN EMAIL OR CALL I WILL ASSUME THAT THE BIDDER IS NOT SERIOUS AND WILL THEREFORE CANCEL THE BID. ! TO SEE CLOSEUP PICTURES OF THE BIKE LISTED ABOVE PLEASE CLICK HERE MOTORCYCLE 2004 AMERICAN IRON HORSE TEXAS CHOPPER DESCRIPTION This bike was in an accident and sustained damage which includes but may not be limited to: the risers are bent; the tank is dented and scratched; the left footpeg bracket is bent and it damaged the inner and outer primaries (they will need to be changed as they leak where the bracket hit them); the gear shift lever is broken; the kickstand is broken; the right front footpeg is missing; the piece that connects the rear brake line to the master cylinder is broken off; etc. MILEAGE 63904 but the title is marked mileage exempt since the bike is 10 years old. TITLE STATUS This bike comes with a PA certificate of salvage so please check with your local Department of Motor Vehicle before buying. ENGINE CONDITION As you can see from the video the bike starts right up and rides great. (THE VIDEO IS AN MPEG FORMAT THAT PLAYS ON WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER. IN ORDER TO WATCH THE VIDEO THE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER MUST BE INSTALLED AND ENABLED) CONTACT US Please look closely at the pictures and read the descriptions carefully before calling. Then if you still have questions please feel free to call 423-836-0985. You can also reach us at 423-420-6604 between 9AM and 4:00PM MONDAY THRU FRIDAY or 423-836-0969 thereafter. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE 423-420-6604 NUMBER AFTER 4:30PM. Or feel free to email us at hd@autocyclers. biz TO SEE CLOSEUP PICTURES OF THE BIKE LISTED ABOVE PLEASE CLICK HERE SHIPPING QUOTE If you want to get an exact shipping quote. please call ALLIED at 800-747-4100 ext. 217. The bike can be picked up at our shop at Autocyclers 124 Hicks Drive Madisonville. TN 37354 SHIPPING TERMS *I will ship the bike but it will be up to the high bidder to pay all shipping and crating costs. I prefer to ship the bike using services such as KEYBOARD MOTORCYCLE SHIPPING because I don’t have to crate the bike. It will possibly take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery if shipping is necessary. WE DO NOT OFFER CRATING FOR BIKES WE SELL. I live about 45 minutes south of Knoxville if high bidder would like to pick the bike up to save money. Bike must be picked up Monday thru Friday 9AM to 4PM as there will be no after hours or weekend pickups (no exceptions can be made). * If shipping is involved I will ship it with insurance but I cannot be responsible if the bike is damaged in shipping by the carrier. That is why I take out insurance on the bikes. I will guarantee my crating but I cannot be responsible for other people’s mistakes. If a problem occurs due to shipping it is the high bidders responsibility to file the insurance claim with the shipper. However. I will support in any way I can help to get the claim settled. Also. if you want the bike to be shipped to your residence rather than a place of business. there will be extra charges. I’m sorry but I cannot ship to airports only businesses. and residences. If you don’t want to pay the extra cost of shipping to a residence the bike will need to be picked up at the closest shipping terminal. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS *We do not offer international shipping. However. we sell to may exporters all over the world. *We will ship to US only. Please see SHIPPING TERMS above. *We will not write down a lower price than is paid for the bike. This is against the law so we can’t make the price lower. HOURS OF OPERATION *MONDAY thru FRIDAY 9AM to 4:00PM *CLOSED ON SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS *CLOSED NO PICKUPS ALLOWED ON SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS DISCLAIMER MOST OF OUR CYCLES COME FROM INSURANCE COMPANIES AND ARE DAMAGED. THIS IS THE REASON WE ARE ABLE TO OFFER THEM WAY BELOW RETAIL. WE HAVE TWO WAYS OF INFORMING YOU THE CUSTOMER OF THE DAMAGE. WE TAKE UPCLOSE PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE AND LIST THEM FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. AND WE ALSO LOOK THE BIKE OVER AND TRY TO LIST THE DAMAGE VERBALLY. HOWEVER. WE ARE ONLY HUMAN AND CANNOT POSSIBLY MENTION ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH THESE BIKES. SO PLEASE LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PICTURES AND IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT PLEASE CALL US AT ONE OF THE NUMBERS LISTED ABOVE. WE ALWAYS TRY TO COVER THE BIG ASPECTS OF THE DAMAGE BUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIST EVERYTHING SUCH AS RUSTED BOLTS & NUTS. WE ALSO CANNOT GUARANTEE FRAMES ARE STRAIGTHTHIS IS WHY I SHOW SO MANY PICTURES OF THE DAMAGE. WARRANTY *All sales are AS-IS with no warranty. *All Sales are FINAL. NO GUARANTEES *We do NOT guarantee batteries to be good or hold charge. *We do our best to check frames for damage or bends but we do not guarantee frames. wheels. forks. to be straight. *We do not guarantee engines & transmissions. PAYMENT *I prefer to do a cash deal in person but will accept cashier's checks. money orders. or bank to bank wire transfers. *ALL INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSACTIONS MUST BE A BANK TO BANK WIRE TRANSFER. *We do NOT accept personal checks. *I will not accept paypal as payment for any bike. However. we do accept a $200 deposit for the bike via paypal. *All deposits are non-refundable and are only good for 3 weeks. TAXES *If you are going to register the bike in the state of TN. a 7% sales tax + $44 state tax + $36 local tax will be paid to us by the buyer since we are a business. *If you are going to register the bike in any state other than TN. then we are not required to collect taxes. The buyer will be responsible for taxes in the state the bike is to be registered in. TERMS & CONDITIONS *I reserve the right to cancel bids and end the item early at any time. *Winning bidder must contact me within 48 hours after the end of the auction & payment in FULL must be received within 7 days after auction end (unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties) or the bike goes back on ebay. I will also pursue legal action if high bidder does not honor the bid. TO SEE CLOSEUP PICTURES OF THE BIKE LISTED ABOVE PLEASE CLICK HERE

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