Price: £795.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
Model: April Are 51 RS50
Year: 2007
Mileage: 865
Engine size: 49 cc
Gears: Automatic
Start type: Combo
Previous owners: 2

Welcome To The Sale of Aprilia Area 51 Limited Edition SBK 50 cc Moped



I bought this to participate in a charity 50cc ride back at the start of this year but unfortunately the event was cancelled leaving me with a scooter that I didn?€™t actually need!! In fairness I am a bit of a car and bike nut so I simply kept it as part of my extensive collection of two and four wheel possesions?€¦?€¦(I am 50 years old btw. not a crazy teenage moped fiend?€¦)


This is actually quite a unique item and I?€™ll explain why?€¦


As I?€™ve said. I was after a decent moped/scooter to take part in a charity ride at the start of this year. I?€™m not a man who likes to buy any old junk so as is usual the case with me I ended up ?€?revising?€™ my budget to get something decent ?€“ and this beauty popped up J


It?€™s had 2 previous owners. the original owner had a large bike dealership and used to sponsor Superbike racing ?€“ this moped was given to him as part of a tie up with Aprilia and as far as I can tell the moped was used as a paddock bike on race weekends and that was it ?€“ so the mileage put onto it in its early years was next to nothing.


The superbike tie-up meant that this model is in fact a rare SBK limited edition model (no. 4466 of 5000) as per the plate in the photo ?€“ I also think they weren?€™t restricted as a result because this one pops along at 50 mph no problem ?€“ but the exhaust is the original factory pipe and its as quiet as a mouse!


The bike was then sold to its next owner (who I purchased it off of) as he was a friend of the original owner and as a bit of a 2/4 wheel collector (like me) he bought it to potter about on ?€“ which he didn?€™t really do! That?€™s where I came in and I?€™ve literally taken it out on the road once and then parked it in my garage hooked up to a battery conditioner!!


I have put a new battery on it when I first bought it and also give it a bit of a facelift with a fresh set of Aprilia graphics ?€“ and that?€™s it really.


Yes it?€™s a 2007 bike but unlike most of the rubbish you see advertised it?€™s not been thrashed to within an inch of its life ?€“ quite the reverse in fact. its condition is first class and would be an ideal. and cool. first moped for a first time rider or commuter.


I?€™m in no rush to sell (even though some extra space in my garage would be nice) so no silly offers please.


I?€™m also not keen on any ?€?yoofs?€™ turning up to take it out for a spin to never return or throw it down the road ?€“ a test ride I will only reluctantly agree to if you have full comprehensive insurance for this bike as well and leaving the full asking price in cash before you ride into the sunset.


The bike is a beauty and the first to see will definitely buy.


It really has only done 865 miles and as much as I don?€™t want to get rid of it I really have had to get a grip and sell it on because deep down I simply know I wont ever use it.


It?€™s MOT-ed until 11/2/2015.


Electric start. digital speedo. underseat storage etc etc- all the usual scooter stuff.


Automatic. twist and go!!


Taxing it costs a paltry ??17. 00 for a full year!


I did put one of my personalized plates on the bike which is now in the process of being removed with the DVLA ?€“ the bike will come with its original registration which you can see in the photos ?€“ please note I?€™ve only just sent the paperwork of and it usually takes 10-14 days for the DVLA to sort out.


UK Bids Only.


Buyer to collect ?€“ I am in Bristol.


Winning bidder to pay ??50 deposit within 36 hours of the auction end or I will reserve the right to re-list.





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