1960 Other Makes

Price: US $40,000.00
Item location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Make: Other Makes
Year: 1960
Mileage: 999,999
Vehicle Title: Clear
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_____________This auction is for a lot of motorcycles, ll of them in varying condition. This auction also includes tons of parts. You are rarely going to find someone willing to sell a collection like this with such a low starting bid. Some of the bikes are common and some of them are somewhat hard to find, t least in my experience. Read below to see everything included!!!!
NORTONS1975 Norton Commando-It has some surface rust and a few scratches but is otherwise a very solid bike. We are probably the 4th owner. It was running when it was parked about 3 years ago. Great NortonNorton Atlas-It is a parts bike. It is missing the handle bars and a few other parts but still has value for the frame and motor.195? Norton 19s- In great condition, revious owner completed about 95% of the restoration before he passed away. I have the cargo/saddle cases for it, wo side cases and one top case. It is probably one the single finest examples of a Norton 19s in North America. It has newer wheel and tires on it but I still have the originals, hich are obviously included. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________VELOCETTE196? Velocette Valliant- I have some paperwork on it. It is complete. It was a great "barn" find. The crankshaft "thingy" snapped on it after it in the 70s and due to problems getting a replacement it was parked to never ride again. The paint is faded but no damage. Seriously a great bike.1960s Velocette 650- I would says its about 90% complete. I have a bunch of other parts in storage with the rest of the mess of parts included in the auction. Cool little bike. I haven always had a hard time finding Velocettes.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________BMW196? Bmw R60/2- it good shape. Was running when it was parked, he tank needs to be finished. Otherwise very solid and complete bike. I think I lost the key but you can always find replacements. 195? Bmw R69s- It is pieces, he previous owner was a friend of mine who I bought it from before he passed away, e was restoring it before he became to ill to work on it. I know it 95% there. The parts are all in great condition, he one problem is they are in organized bins instead of assembled. I have never know enough about Bmws to attempt at putting it together. 196? BMW R27- It is also in pieces bought from the same owner as above. Again it is 95% complete. Great bike, ust needs to be assembled, guess easier said than done. haha.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ARIEL196? Ariel Sqarefour- It is in pieces. It is 90% complete. It does need a complete restoration and It was taken apart to be restored before the passing of the previous owner (I swear I have boughten bikes from living people). It has some surface rust on some of the parts but nothing serious. Great hard to find bike just waiting for someone with the time and energy to love her again. 196? Ariel Cyclone- I know what your thinking this must be buddy hollys old bike, ut its not. This is a solid bike. It was running when it was parked. It needs some work but is complete. It has an extra motor and other assorted parts. These are hard to find and very desirable. Cool bike, nough said.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________BSAThis auction includes more BSAs than I care to count, any of them in pieces. Some are parts bikes. Some are just frames, ngines, nd just generally assorted bikes. I have tons of them. I have never really been that fond of BSAs and these bikes, rames, nd parts where usually included in bulk lots of bikes I have bought. So look at the pictures, eel free to come in and inspect in person. I am sure if you like BSAs you will love the plethora of parts!!!!
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________MOTO GUZZI1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador- Black in color. Solid bike 98% complete, he only thing I know its missing is the air filter. Cool bike.1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador-Blue in color. Also solid, lso missing the air filter I believe. Also a great bike. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________DucattiThis auction includes two 1970s Desmos. One is a 250 and the other is a 450. They include the engines and frames. I have one seat and one tank. Solid starting points to build your custom Desmo or great as parts.
This auction also includes another ducatti frame, was told it was for a old 750gt but never researched it or anything. I also wasn't big on Ducattis so I hope someone else will enjoy them.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Various Other bikes1960s Royal Enfield Interceptor-It needs to be restored but is complete. It also includes and extra frame and engine. Cool bike. Its one of the originals and not one of those new pieces of garbage they are making overseas. NSU- This auction comes with a 1960s part bike that I really don't know anything about, bought it because it was there to be honest with you. The other is what I believe to be a pre ww2 NSU quick. Neat little bike. 1950s Anker J-Lo- Very rare bike. The handle bars are not original. It was made in Germany and I think the motor is a sachs motor. You are definatly not going to see another one these any time soon. I should have the original owners manual in German somewhere around. If its in the pictures its included(there's stuff included that you don't see in the pictures). I have lots of other random parts that are included and maybe a bike or two I forgot to mention. If I own it and its motorcycle related its included. I also have a few manuals and repair books that are included. It took me a long time to find and acquire all these bikes, hope the buyer will enjoy them as much as I did. Good luck. Also If your looking to have the bikes shipped out of the USA we can help you acquire titles for any of the bikes that do not have one and are more than willing to help load and ship the bikes. Thanks for taking the time to read. I am having a family member handle the sale of the bikes for me due to my very poor health. He will answer any questions that you might have and any thing he doesn't know he will have me answer.

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