2011 BMW S1000RR Sport Bike Customized/?–hlins TTX/Ilmberger Carbon Fiber Fairing

2011 BMW Other

Price: US $14,200.00
Item location: Glennville, Georgia, United States
Make: BMW
Model: Other
SubModel: Race ABS/DTC
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 2011
Mileage: 11,875
VIN: WB1051700BZV43454
Color: Black
Engine size: 999
Vehicle Title: Clear

For Sale 2011 BMW S1000RR fully loaded and customized.    VIN # WB1051700BZV43454; Mileage: 11. 75; Clean GA Title


The BMW S1000RR is an incredible machine capable of reaching speeds in excess of 299km/h (it stops counting there). and it has the market leading electronics for traction control. power management. and braking stability. Please check out BMW?€™s website and brochure for more specific information about the bike?€™s features.   Rest assured. it is one of the easiest. if not the easiest. superbike to convert from street to track use. and it is incredibly easy to control on the track without a ton of experience.  


History:  I purchased this bike in July 2011 in Kaiserslautern. Germany through BMW U. S. Military Sales Program.   I am the only owner.   I rode the bike regularly in Germany and have taken out for probably 12-15 track days at Hockenheim. Anneau du Rhin (ADR). and Spa.   I estimate that it has between 1000 & 1200 track miles.    The bike has given me hours of incredible riding through the Black Forest. the Alsace. and it was the only S1000RR at World Ducati week 2012 in Misano! I brought it back to the U. S. and have ridden it very little since. so I want to sell it to someone who can enjoy it as much as I have.   The bike has been in two. on-track low side crashes (read the fine print below)


Fine Print: I have had two low sides on the bike (both on the right). one at ADR in France in October 2011. and one at Hockenheim September 2012. See below for all details.   All of the damaged parts from the first low side have been replaced except for the pockmarked metal parts (upper triple clamp. transmission case cover. wheel rims).   I have included close ups of every bit of damage. what you see is what you get!  Details of both crashes are listed below.


Customization:  Gilles Tooling rearsets with GP shift (can be reversed to standard); High quality carbon fiber bodywork; Motoholders lightweight tubular aluminum rear frame; Termignoni Slip-on exhaust (needs to be reconditioned for scratches); A. C Schnitzer clutch/brake levers; Lightweight. Alpha Racing fuel tank; Custom paint.


Custom Parts:




?–hlins TTX Rear Suspension


?–hlins Front Springs


Parkitt Racing Carbon Fiber Front


Parkitt Racing Carbon Fiber Side Fairings


Parkitt Racing Carbon Fiber Air box Cover


Ilmberger Carbon Fiber Tank Side Covers


Ilmberger 2012 Carbon Fiber Rear Fairing


Motoholders Racing Rear Frame


Gilles Tooling Rearsets GP Shift


A. C. Schnitzer Adjustable Short Brake/Clutch Levers


Lightweight Gas Tank custom built by Alu Sauer for Alpha Racing


Termignoni Slip-On Exhaust



Service: It has had all services done by Bohling and Eisele near Karlsruhe. Germany or at BMW Neiderlassung. Stuttgart-Vaihingen.  Twice a year. and I have most. if not all of the records.   I have not ridden it much in the past year. so it would be a good idea to have it serviced soon.   The only mechanical issue is a sticky turn signal switch that has just started to act up recently.


ADR Crash / October 2011: Full Details:  Low side crash at the end of straight approximately 75-90mph.   The bike slid before rolling over in the gravel. and suffered cosmetic damage to right side and top.   The right side was scratched badly. with dents to the gas tank.   All bodywork on the top and right was damaged. and some metal parts were pockmarked by gravel.   At the time I was riding with all street equipment. so the cosmetic damage was extensive and required parts to be replaced.


I took the bike to Martin Sauer of Alu Sauer in Oberkirch. BW. Germany for service. repair. and suspension upgrade.   He measured the frame and forks with a laser coordinate measuring device. and everything checked out.  He sold me the improved fuel tank that is currently on the bike. installed the current ?–hlin?€™s suspension. and adjusted the bike geometry for better track handling.


I purchased and installed all bodywork. exhaust. and rearsets as listed below.  


Hockenheim Crash / September 2012:  Labor Day. Montags training with Speer Racing.   Turn 2. approximately 40mph.   A cold tire/track temp caused this crash.   First lap. I was actually taking it easy. but as I flicked the bike into turn two. I lost it.   The bike and I slid for less than 20 meters on the runoff. picked the bike up and finished the lap. Replaced the right side foot peg. and set my first <2Min lap on Hockenheim on the next turn.   Some cosmetic damage to the exhaust (pictured). side fairing (track fairing). and scuffed up the bar end (replaced) and slider (pictured). I buffed out some of the scratches on the can. but beyond the scratches. there was no other damage.   I have nose camera video of this crash for anyone seriously interested.


Bottom Line: The bike has been through a couple of low-sides. but it is in sound condition mechanically and physically.   It has been customized such that it is a unique model that is easy on the eyes. and it handles like a dream on the road and track.   It can be fully converted to track use in about an hour (longer if you do your own tire service).   I also have listed my track fairings. and I will sell Ricambi-Weiss paddock stands and Bridgestone track tires (profile/slick) to the buyer if interested.  


Issues:  1) The turn signal switch will need replacement soon; 2) the bike will need a tune-up soon; 3) some cosmetic work needs to be performed on the rims and triple clamp. transmission cover (or purchase a CF cover for $100 or less); 4) the exhaust can be sent to Termignoni or another company who can repair the scratches and replace the band; 5) the right side slider can be replaced: 6) Headlight lenses scratched / mounting posted rebuilt; 7) Seat scuffed; 8) Windscreen scratched; 9) Superficial Scratches top of front fender


Engine:  193 Horsepower!!!  An extreme bore/stroke ratio (80x49. 7mm) and rocker arm-actuated valves for great stability at high engine speeds. compact construction and lightweight design ?€“ a genuine powerhouse which demonstrates its considerably ability at all output levels.


Factory Extra Features on this bike:


?·       Race ABS with Dynamic Traction Control: See brochure pages below for BMW description of this feature.


?·       HP Gearshift Assistant: Seamless up shifting through acceleration. See brochure pages below for BMW description of this feature.


?·       Alarm ?€“ Sounds alarm and immobilizes engine if the motorcycle is moved without the key.


?·       LED turn signal lamps



Pricing: The price was calculated based on the base value of the bike (the lower end of NADA/KBB based on the condition of the base vehicle).   With that as the start point. I added depreciated value for the add-ons. before deducting fair amounts for the items listed in issues as well as a fall/winter discount.   Additionally. I added the amounts to cover selling fees and pay-pal deductions.   I am willing to entertain reasonable offers. but please do your research.   Any buyer seeking to avoid some of the ?€?fee?€? add-ons may contact me for details.   This bike may be listed in other local PTP advertisement resources.


Thanks for your interest!




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