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1960 BMW R-Series

Price: US $24,500.00
Item location: Polk City, Florida, United States
Make: BMW
Model: R-Series
SubModel: R69
Type: Standard
Year: 1960
Mileage: 200
VIN: 654612
Color: Black
Engine size: 600
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1960 Vintage BMW R69 Concours Restoration


This Concours restoration is now available for your bidding. It has traveled 200 miles since a full total restoration and complete rebuild. I have noticed after working on these vintage BMW?s over 30 years. that if you put about 200 miles on the bike. it gives everything a chance to settle in. After the 200 miles I re torque the heads. reset the valves. adjust the carburetors and check the timing. I have learned that if this is done after the 200 miles break in period. The bike will not need any adjustments after this procedure.  Everything from the crankshaft to the tail light of this beautiful Vintage BMW has been rebuilt. machined. replaced. chromed. painted and polished to a high luster.   This is an all numbers matching motorcycle (frame. engine. I. D. plate. title) that I purchased this from the estate of the original owner. This is a magnificent 54 year old collectable BMW. One thing I would like to mention. I have been doing these restorations for many years. I take a tremendous about of pride in the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these restorations. I have every aspect of this restoration documented with detailed pictures and receipts. As many of you know that have looked at other motorcycles. many say they have been rebuilt or restored. The current owner will say. I didn?t do the work but the guy I bought it from said the motor and transmission were rebuilt and I don?t have and proof of this. With this restoration all of this has been documented with over 275 detailed pictures and receipts. I was only able to put in 24 pictures for this ad. If you have any questions about a certain item and what was done. I can send you detailed pictures of that part of the restoration process. For the winning bidder. I will gladly supply you with all of the pictures on a flash drive.  I took all of the pictures in a very high resolution. but the pictures on EBay did not come out as sharp as the original pictures. The bike does look a lot better than the pictures on EBay show.   I have 100% positive feedback with most of my items directly related to vintage BMW motorcycles. So please bid with confidence. I have a clear Florida title in my name. very easy transfer.


Restorations Available

I am available to restore your vintage BMW and make it look as pristine as the one in this ad.   I have over 18 years experience as a master machinist and a strong desire to lovingly restore the motorcycles from BMW with perfection in detail.   All restorations are completed in a timely manner and are billed for time and material.   You can reach me at Pjinson194@aol. com  One of my other restorations. a Granada Red R69S. was featured in the BMW Owner News in June 2004.   It is not for sale. The article was titled ??I Found a Jewel??.   Contact me at Pjinson194@aol. com and I will send you a copy of the article. Some customers I have restored vintage motorcycles for have brought me other bikes to restore. I hope this proves that I do quality work and have satisfied customers with their restorations.



The engine was completely disassembled and inspected then the engine case was soaked in degreaser and pressure cleaned. All oil passage ports were inspected and cleaned twice with a pressure washer to insure maximum oil flow. The entire engine case was then reassembled (to seal the engine case) then bead blasted at a low air pressure to protect the natural factory finish. The glass bead used was a fine grade AD. This will just clean the aluminum and leave the natural patina. After the engine was cleaned with the glass bead. it was disassembled and pressure washed again to make sure the inside of the engine was perfectly clean.   The cylinders were honed and are in pristine condition and new rings  were installed.   The crankshaft was sent to Dan at Cycle Works and the crankshaft was completely rebuilt with new bearings. new crank pins and new connecting rods.   All bearing surfaces were checked by Dan and were rebuilt within factory specifications. To double check the accuracy of this work. I put the crankshaft in my lathe and checked the crankshaft for the proper timing and proper run-out. All of Cycle Works work was done to perfection and everything was done exactly to BMW specifications.  

New intake and exhaust valves and valve guide stems were installed and a professional three angle valve job was machined to improve performance. flow and efficiency.   The engine was carefully and meticulously assembled to all BMW Factory Manual specifications. Every nut and bolt was torqued to factory specifications. This entire engine was assembled with a tremendous amount of precision and care.  to insure an extremely smooth running. reliable engine.  The cylinders were powder coated to a high gloss black by Competition Coating for maximum finish durability. The cylinders were powder coated before the machine work to insure that the oven baking of the powder coating did not disturb the final machine fit of the pistons to the cylinders.    The engine block was completely assembled and then the proper run out of the flywheel was checked for the exact factory tolerances before the engine block was installed in the frame.   New polished stainless steel pushrod tubes and seals were installed.  The entire engine was coated twice to seal and protect the aluminum engine parts to hold the natural patina and luster.   Brand new correct valve covers were installed. When assembling the engine and other components. all bearings were properly pressed on. Not beat on with a hammer. I have two presses. to make sure the bearings are installed correctly. One of the areas that is often overlooked is the rear main bearing carrier for the crankshaft. I always replace this carrier with a brand new one. to make sure the rear main bearing is a good tight fit.

Another item that is very important that I have done with this engine assembly. Before starting assembly. I take a machine tap and re-tap or clean the threads on the engine. This is very important on items such as torqueing the heads and rocker arms. If the threads are rusted and dirty. you will get an improper torque setting. By cleaning and re-taping these treaded holes. everything will be done the correct way.

The new rings were gapped in the cylinders to BMW factory specs.  

I also installed two powerful magnets in the bottom of the oil pan. As you know. there is no removable oil filter. just the slingers to catch any debris. The magnets act as added protection to trap any metal particles in the oil pan. A very nice little trick an old timer showed me a long time ago. I also installed a better grade silicone oil pan gasket. This seals better than the old style cork gasket and can be reused if you want to remove the oil pan.




The cylinder heads were sent to Owenby Machine Shop. They checked the heads. Their machinist Corey has been doing this type of work for approximately 35 years.  New valve guides and valves were installed. They also machined the ??3 angle seats??. This greatly improves the compression of the engine and improves performance. I have had this procedure done on many rebuilds and you can definitely tell the difference in the performance of the engine.  The inside of the exhaust ports were polished for more efficient air flow. I just checked the compression on this bike it is a very healthy and strong 140 PSI.




A brand new main wiring harness was installed along with new wiring for the headlight. new wiring to the taillight and new wiring for the headlight switch.   The new wiring harness was attached to the frame with the correct metal wire ties. All of the electrical components were replaced with OEM parts. New coil. new points and new condenser. the rotor. magneto. commutator were all put in the lathe and cleaned and polished. I have found out over the years. you are better off to change all of the electrical to new parts. Once this is done you shouldn?t have to do any type of repairs or maintenance for a long time.    

The charging system is working perfectly and charging the correct 7. 2 volts.   By replacing all of the wiring and cleaning and polishing all of the electrical components. you should not have any problems with the electrical system.



The very expensive ??correct?? Bosch 6 volt 18AH battery was installed. This is normally replaced with a cheaper version  battery. I decided to spend the extra money to put the correct size and style battery in this bike. the battery has the correct ribbed sides and the correct domed shape top. This correct battery will help if the bike is shown and judged.


Intake Tubes

The original correct carburetor air intake tubes were re-chromed and hand polished by Space Coast Plating. They also did all of the other chrome work for the bike. It is more expensive to have the original parts re chromed other than buying new parts. but I prefer to keep the bike 100% original.



The correct numbers matching Bing carburetors were disassembled and soaked in heated ultra-sonic carburetor cleaner for one week before replacing all jets. gaskets. seats. springs. o-rings and floats. New factory correct cloth covered fuel lines with in-line filters were installed. One item that is most often overlooked is the flange that bolts to the heads. Over time the flange bolts are over tightened. This warps the carburetor flange. which in turn does not seat or seal well against the heads. This will allow excess air into the engine and will create problems for starting and the performance of the engine. I have machined these surfaces perfectly smooth. to make sure there is an air tight seal against the heads. This simple corrective action will improve the performance of the engine.

NOTE* I use non ethanol fuel in these bikes. Please make sure you use the same type of fuel. The ethanol in the fuels today will destroy the rubber fuel lines. This happened to me with my /2 conversion I built about 3 years ago. I installed new cloth covered rubber fuel lines. In about 10 months the fuel lines started leaking. When I removed the fuel lines. the inside had turned into a jelly like substance.



The transmission was completely dismantled all new bearings and seals were installed. I also noticed there was almost no wear of the shifting forks. another indication that this is a low mileage bike and was well maintained.   The transmission shifts perfectly and very smoothly. I also installed a brand new clutch. I also applied a thin coating of a special high pressure spline lube (Texaco Starplex Moly 2) to the spline going into the transmission. All of these procedures will help and increase the life of the transmission. I also installed a brand new clutch.



The speedometer is brand new from Germany and only has the 200 miles showing. This is the mileage I put on the bike for the break in period.



The brakes were upgraded to new style AF 232 brake shoe compound.   This simple replacement allows for vastly improved braking under all conditions but particularly when wet from the rain.   The brake drums are smooth and true so there is no ??pulsing?? when using either brake. Brakes were inspected and readjusted after the 200 mile break in period.



The rear end was cleaned and completely rebuilt with new bearings. gaskets and all new seals.   The rear drive splines are in excellent condition and the new bearings insure that all tolerances are well within BMW factory specifications.


Paint & Powder Coating

 With the exception of the tank. fenders. headlight and tail light the entire bike was powder coated a very shinny high gloss black and baked at Competition Coating for better wear. durability and long life. The tank and fenders were stripped down to bare metal. Then all parts were primed with a high grade DuPont epoxy primer. Then all parts were wet sanded. Then all parts were painted with high quality DuPont paint.  All parts were then painted with base coat and 4 coats of clear. My painter has been painting for about 40 years and was the head of the paint department for the local Cadillac dealership and painted all of their high end cars for 16 years. Very good paint job. as you can see in the pics. the paint is flawless. Expensive paint work. but well worth it.

The tank and fenders were correctly hand striped by the artist who has been striping motorcycles for approximately 16 years. The stripes are the correct width and the proper spacing between the lines.  The tank and fenders were initialed by the artist in the proper location. Every piece of the bike was waxed and polished twice before assembly. I have a spare original tank with the original stripping. This was used to get the tank stripes in the proper location.



The inside of the tank had the original factory red coat primer that was in very good condition. Even though the primer looks good. it is still 50 year old primer. I have had this happen in the past. By overlooking this part of the restoration and using the original primer. After I had painted a bike Dover white. two days after I put fuel in the tank. the paint lifted and bubbled. The factory primer inside the tank looked perfect. but had deteriorated over time. I have found out it is much better to take the time and strip the inside of the tank and re-seal it with ??Red Coat Sealer?? I normally seal this with two coats. I have been doing this procedure for many years and have had very good results with this process. There is no need to take a chance on 50 year sealer with an expensive paint job.


Tires & Rims

The original aluminum rims were professionally hand polished to a high luster. These rimes look great and will never rust. The rims were laced and trued to . 005?? with new stainless steel spokes. New wheel bearings and seals were also installed and checked for proper interference fit. Run out and deviation of the wheels was checked before the tires were mounted. As you can see in the pictures. they are new ??correct?? Heidenau tires. The front tire is the correct 3. 50 x 18 and the rear 4. 00 x 18. no metric tires on this bike. Along with the new rims and tires are new tubes and rubber rim straps. In addition the bike has polished stainless steel axels for the front and rear wheels. New silver hub caps were added to accent the wheel assemblies.   Extra care and attention with the wheel assemblies provides great dividends with a smoother ride and better handling machine.   The steering head bearings were also upgraded with tapered roller bearings for more precise steering control.  



The shocks were completely dismantled and inspected. The shocks were in perfect condition. The only items that needed replacing were the upper and lower shock bushings. These are very difficult to remove and you need a press to install the new bushings. All eight new bushing were installed.  



Stainless Steel German Headers & Mufflers

New hand polished stainless steel mufflers and headers were recently installed on the bike.    I used a used set of headers and mufflers for the break in period. tune up and carburetor adjustments. The new stainless headers and mufflers have 0 miles on them. I do this because some of my restorations are not ridden. they have gone into private collections.


Factory tool kit

Included in this sale is the correct vintage factory tool kit. Very hard to find these with the bikes. I have seen these tool kits sell for $350 and up. Nice added little bonus with this bike.


Other Stainless Steel Upgrades

Brand new polished stainless steel handle bar risers along with stainless steel pinch bolts were installed.  

Stainless steel bolts heads have been lightly glass beaded to give the ??original cad look?? with the benefits of stainless.   Stainless steel wire straps for the main wiring harness were used. This is a nice upgrade and the stainless steel never rusts.


Other items

I try very hard to use all of the original equipment. Sometimes this is more expensive that ordering new parts. The new parts that needed to be replaced were all ordered from Germany to make sure everything that went on the bike was original OEM factory correct replacement parts. I know I have overlooked many improvements I have done with beautiful restoration. sometimes it those little things. like when you install the nuts on the bolts to make sure you install the factory stamp/ marking on the nuts to the inside. so you will never see any imperfections on the nuts or bolts. This attention to detail was done on everything with this restoration.



I will consider delivery of this classic motorcycle to your door. Call me and we can discuss the terms.


Additional Information

All aluminum pieces including the kick starter. shifter. clutch & brake levers were hand polished to a high luster. This classic BMW also includes a polished stainless steel bolt kit for greater durability and eye appeal.   The tire air pump is brand new and it does work. Bonus. matching keys for the tool box and the fork lock!  All fluids were flushed and changed at 50. 100 and 200 miles during the break-in period.   I know this is probably a little ??overboard?? but this is a Concours restoration and no expense in time or money was spared. Valves and timing have been checked and reset at the same intervals. Just about everything that could be replaced or rebuilt has been done with this exceptional. mechanically perfect show piece. All brake. clutch and throttle cables were replaced with the new improved Teflon lined cables. My intentions when restoring this BMW were to use it as a show bike that could also be ridden to shows and rallies and weekend crusing with my buddies.   The R69 is considered to be one of the best all-around bikes BMW built back then.   It is very smooth and comfortable to ride.   It already has all the sidecar attachments so a sidecar could easily be fitted if you so desire.   This bike always draws a crowd and is a pleasure to ride. The BMW Motorcycle factory warranty has recently expired. so the bike will be sold as is with no warranty. This bike has been kept in a climate controlled room since the restoration was completed. I do have more pictures I can send you.  At last count. I have about 275 pictures I have taken do document every aspect of the restoration. This BMW will only appreciate in value as the years go by.   Take some money out of that retirement fund and put it to good use with an appreciating investment.  This is a rare opportunity for you to own a BMW as nice as this.   Be the envy of all your friends at the next motorcycle event ? Bid to win!

NOTE* Please no scammers. no money orders for more than the bike. fake cashiers checks. Heard all of the scams before. please don't bother. The ONLY payment accepted will be cash or a wire transfer from a national bank. As you know. wire transfers are only done by bank officials. The only way the bike will be shipped is after the funds clear my bank.

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