2001 Boss Hoss GMC Sierra Trike w/ ZZ4 350 385hp BIG BOY TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Price: US $20,000.00
Item location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Make: Boss Hoss
Type: Trike
Year: 2001
Mileage: 49,000
Color: Multi
Vehicle Title: Clear

2001 BOSS HOSS GMC SIERRA PICK-UP TRIKE. IT HAS A CHEVY ZZ4 350 WITH 385 HP!!!!!!I MIGHT CONSIDER A TRADE ON A NEWER. LOW MILES. ARLEY DAVIDSON SCREAMIN EAGLE ULTRA CLASSIC. EMAIL ME A NUMBER AND WE CAN DISCUSS IT.  This is one BAD ASS bike!!!!!!!!!!  If you do not like the attention. DO NOT look any further!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have a crowd around this bike everywhere you go! The bike was in the 2012 fall issue of "BOSS HOSS MAGAZINE". While i was in Laughlin NV for the river run. I rode to a little town outside of Laughlin called "AVI". that is where BOSS HOSS had set up their booths for the rally. OF COURSE I had to show off my bike so I went to the booths with my bike. IT WAS A BIG HIT!!! That is where the magazine people were. of course they wanted to photo it and it made it in the magazine as part of the bikes that showed up!! I Think the unique and cool top was the topic of the conversation. MAYBE THEY WILL USE IT AS A PROTOTYPE AND THIS BIKE WILL BE THE FIRST££?PICTURES OF THE TOP ARE IN PHOTO #'S 2 AND 3At first I was unsure about the top but after riding with it I realized that it is "heaven sent"!!!! First off you don't get the sun beating you down(if you ride. then you know what a full day of the sun will do to you) and you can ride all day long. Second. the rain. who cares!!!!!!!!!!! only your feet get wet. (boots and chaps fix that!!!!!!)you will stay dry and so will the passenger so riding in the rain is not bad at all!!!! EVERYBODY ELSE IS SOAKING WET AND YOU ARE BONE DRY!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!! The top can be very easily made to be quick change but for now its only 5 bolts!!!! The bike has 49k miles. I've put most of the miles on it myself. I am the second owner (I believe that to be true because the guy I bought it from 6 years ago told me he is the original owner. ) I have driven it all over the west coast. from California. all over Nevada. nbsp;throughout Utah. Arizona and Colorado and even been to Sturgis twice!!!!! The second photo is in Silverton Colorado on the way to ride the "million dollar highway". The third photo is in the Grand Canyon in AZ!!!! I have no problem going on nice long rides. the bike is very comfortable and HOW CAN YOU NOT ENJOY THAT MUCH POWER BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!!!!!!!!!!! I have driven 700 miles in one day and was able to stand straight up the next morning LOL "Rally in the rockies" Bike rally in Durango Colorado is my favorite ride!!!!!!!!!Last year on the way home from a rally in BRIAN HEAD UTAH. I noticed a weird sound from under the bike. I pulled over in Ceder city Utah to investigate the sound. I did not find anything visually wrong. I did not want to hurt the bike so I had a friend from Las Vegas come out to pick me up on a trailer. I found that the tail bearing of the transmission was bad. I removed the body off the frame to remove the tranny so I can have it repaired. I decided that since I had the tranny out that i would have it rebuild for preventive measure only!!!!!!!!THE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1-After I reinstalled the body  I realized that I mixed up the spacers on the frame/body mounts. that will have to be switched out (I Have the spacers). THERE ARE ONLY 6 DIFFERENT BOLTS THAT HOLD THE BODY DOWN TO THE FRAME. EASY FIX IF YOU ARE HANDY!!!!!!2-The bike has a 650 Edelbrock carburetor. I think the floats are sticking£ The only issue is that sometimes after you shut off the bike after riding and try to restart it it seems to be "flooded" and I just need to wait a few minuted for the gas to evaporate out and it starts right up!!! This only happens about every 15-20 starts. What I have done is shut off the gas cock before I shut off the bike and I haven't had the problem since. I believe a simple carb rebuild would solve the issue. 3-I added two extra  road lites to the bike. I think that they are to many amps. Whenever the lights are on. the fan is going. the water and fuel pump turn at the same time it blows the main 30 amp fuse. I have since disconnected the lights and have NOT had the issue again. So the extra lights above the road lights DO NOT WORK. I started to replace the toggle switches to handle the extra lights. I started to replace the wire ends that connect to the toggle switches. that will need to be finished. Everything works good now but I just wanted to do a little preventative work to the bike to ensure a good safe ride!!!!4-LAST ISSUE THAT I'M AWARE OF. PAINT. I was in cortez Colorado and just filled up with fuel. My group and I went to the "world famous BLONDIE'S" The street was sloped towards the buildings. my fuel leaked out of the tank and left a paint run from the fill hole all the way down the tank. I painted the missing paint on the tank black(rattle can) just to hide it for now. The paint has purple ghost flames so it is noticeable up close but not from far. There are a few rub marks on the rear corner of the bike from a cover on it blowing in the wind. I believe that a good color sand will do it justice or if you want. repaint it custom however you want!!!! The paint on the bike IS NOT PERFECT  THE BIKE ALSO COMES WITH A CUSTOM MADE TOP (MADE BY AN ENGINEER AT CESSNA(THE FIRST OWNER)) THAT CAN BE INSTALLED ONCE THE SPACERS ON THE BODY ARE INSTALLED CORRECTLY.    RIGHT NOW. THE BIKE RUNS GREAT AND JUST NEED THOSE FEW THINGS FIXED TO HAVE YOURSELF ONE HELL OF A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!  Please take a good look at the pictures and ask as many questions as you need to!!!

If you must have this bike. contact me with your best offer. if I like it. its yours!!!!

I will help you with any special needs you have or want with the shipping but it is your responsibility to ship this bike!!!

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