Custom motorcycle trike Like a boss hoss?

2009 Custom Built Motorcycles Other

Price: US $285.55
Item location: Eastlake, Ohio, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Other
Type: Custom trike
Year: 2009
Mileage: 5,000
VIN: Mc123456789012345
Color: Black
Engine size: 350
Vehicle Title: Clear

Custom made trikeThis was a project me and pops decided to make one day. He was a great welder and did a good job. The frame and many parts were got right out of a jegs magazine. It rides very nice and was made to be easy to work on and dependable. I haven't driven in last few years but before that drove quite a bit with no problems. Motor is 350 chevy. Runs strong. Rear end if I remember right is from a chevy S-10. Never got around to putting bigger tires and rims on it but then again maybe never cared. The exhaust is corvette side pipes and sounds good. Quiet but loud when you get on it. New Battery is in that box in the back. Has a good sound system. It is titled as a 1985 yamaha xv 1000. since that is front end and serial number. Insurance was cheap. I would say i have put about 5000 miles on it. I tried starting other day and fired right up. I drove it up until I parked it so it should be fine to drive it home but really should be looked over before a long trip. Or bring a trailer. It drives straight and true. I've had it over 100 mph many times. People tend to give you the thumbs up or taunt you so you have to show off a little. Any questions please ask. Cash on pickup. I can trailer right to license bureau. Then you can either drive it home or trailer it. I didn't bother to wash it or clean it for pictures. In fact that was kinda my whole point with it. Kind of a grudge look. I was going to start looking for old quirky, usted car parts to add to it. I had bikes with all the chrome and goodies but was a pain in the azz to keep clean. This you just get on it and go. As it sits you have lots of options to what you could do with it. The hard part is done. It's a great bar hopper till you, m maybe start drinking to much and start doing burnouts by front door or hauling azz down the freeway for no reason but to feel the wind in your hair and to have a big grin on your face. I snagged a broad or two with it too. :) Anyway I think you'll like and good luck. Hate to be getting rid of stuff but health forces.

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