Bultaco Metralla Model 8

1965 Bultaco

Price: US $6,800.00
Item location: Austin, Texas, United States
Make: Bultaco
Year: 1965
Mileage: 7,777
VIN: M-804175
Engine size: 200
Vehicle Title: Clear

Exact Mileage on this bike is unknown. ebay requires you put something in the mileage section so I put in some lucky sevens. Here is a bike that does not come up everyday. the Bultaco Metralla MK62 was the bike Barry Sheene began his career in road racing on. Very sexy and exotic then very rare today. The MK62 is the 200cc version the MK2 came later and is the 250cc version. The MK2 is much more common in the US. The story on this bike was that an Airman brought it back from Spain some time ago. This is the European model with the desirable clip on bars. US variants had regular bars. This bike enjoys a very high quality paint job. new stainless steel spokes. new seat cover and foam. NOS Spanish Amal carburetor. new Betor shocks. new fork seals. new top end. new Barnet clutch plates new speedometer. new cables. new Bridgestone Battleaxe BT39 tires. re-chromed kick starter. clip-ons. header. exhaust nut. new stainless muffler and rear mount. new foot rubbers. hand grips. shifter rubber and bottom end seals. The bike runs very strongly and handling that has to be experienced to believe. This bike would be a very good candidate for the Motogiro. The title is registered to the motor which is M-804175. the frame is 8-804175 and is in my name. Body: Since the bike has been together it has some small chips to the paint front being in the garage. I have taken photos of all of them. They aren't terrible but they are there. The tail light is not original but a very close copy of the original. The tool box locks have two different keys. There is no key for the steering stem lock. With the design of the kick start assembly it fouls the brake pedal when you kick it through and your heal strikes the foot rubber (see photo) Electrical: All electric works as it should. But as you know there is no battery in this system. it runs purely of the magneto so when you rev it the bulbs get bright. if you over rev it the bulbs blow. This is just the way the Bultacos of this period where made. The ignition is points and works fine. The ride: to start the bike cold you tickle the Amal just to the point of flooding the carb and then kick the bike over. Cold it takes four or five kicks to get the bike started. Warm it usually starts on the first or second kick (do not tickle the carb after it has been warmed up if you do you have to wait out until things dry up a bit to attempt restart). Starting just as with any other bike is something you get used to with each individual bike. Once started the bike is super fun and very easy to ride. The shift pattern is on the right and is one down and three up. The transmission shifts perfectly both up and down. The bike runs very strong. its power is surprising for something so small. The handling on the bike is amazing and addictive. It is easy to see why it created such excitement in its day. The brakes both work and are adequate (not great). You will arrange for shipping and the paperwork associated with it. There is no warrantee with this motorcycle. it is a vintage bike and requires a certain amount of knowledge and basic motorcycle mechanics in your kit bag. The title is registered to the motor which is M-804175. the frame is 8-804175 and is in my name. Please be sure to study all the photos closely. I tried to make sure that all blemishes were shown so that there are no surprises to you. Also please ask questions. I have the bike listed locally so I will end this auction if it is sold.

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