1984 Yamaha

Price: US $1,475.00
Item location: Lakewood, California, United States
Make: Yamaha
SubModel: IT 490 ~Lk YZ 490 W/ Lights
Type: Off-Road
Year: 1984
VIN: 26A-001511
Color: Yellow
Engine size: 490
Vehicle Title: Clear
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In the Era when these MAGNIFICENT YZ YAMAHA Dirt RAcing Motorcycles were being made "CYCLE" MAGAZINE called these "Alloy Swing Arm" Yamaha's "A PERFECT.."TEN OUT OF TEN" 10/10...MOTOCROSS WEAPON !!!!! <>
This Wonderful Bike Spent the Bulk of it's life right here in Southern California & Best of all The Bulk of it's life was spent in Covered Dry Storage...Believe it or not ...Just to give you some Perspective on how little use this bike has experienced....She Still has her ORIGINAL YAMAHA 1984 SEAT COVER !!!!!!!
The PLEASE NOTE: This is a "FIVE SPEED" as I believe most 490's sold were only 4 speeds !!!!!This 1984 490 IT YAMAHA was one of the Most ADVANCED & FASTEST & MOST TORQUE Production VINTAGE Dirt Racing Bikes YAMAHA Ever Produced. & Is a far Easier to Both Start & Ride & runs FAR Better at LOW SPEEDS than a typical YZ 490...Though.. She was intended as a Dirt Racing Bike & She came Stock with Lighting Coils, Spark ARRESTOR Muffler & The Most advanced Suspension you could get with a 490 YAMAHA IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<& YES ! She has a "TRICK" ALLOY SWING ARM Suspension & also She has Both Front and Rear "Adjustable Air Suspension" !! >>
Not related to this auctions YAMAHA 490 IT Vintage Dirt Racer.... but just so everyone can be ready & be looking out for them ...over the next few days I will also be listing several of my TWO STROKE Vintage Racer Bike Collection... several other YAMAHA YZ 490's + 465s + 400's + & IT 490's + 400's 250's & 175's also 1972, 73, 4 YAMAHA 250 & 360 MX's & also AT-1s DT-1s CT 1's & HT-1s ENDURO's + SUZUKI RM 125's & even a "Super Rare" * "RM 500" Two Stroke W/ Full Floater Suspension & also HONDA "CR 500R" & a spare CR500R chassis + CR 250 + Also 1976 & 1979 CR 125M ELSINOREs *& also a spare 1973 CR 250M Engine & 2 Vintage 1976 & 79 ELSINORE CR 125s + also ELSINORE MT's 250 & 125's etc etc ~1982 KTM 250 + VINTAGE MX KTM ~1975 "Air Cooled" 175 & or 400 "HUGE BARREL" Dual Class "Twin Shock" Vintage Racers & a 1982 KTM 250 a ~HUSQVARNA ~1975 175 Dual rear Shock & a 1982 250 etc etc..I will be selling Aprox. 70 bikes Some Restored most are Ready to Restore...& are Priced Accordingly, amp; ALL Well Under NADA.com Values & YES ! ..all will be Priced VERY Fairly..
* * NEEDLESS TO SAY.......Most Enthusiasts feel ...."THE 490 IT "FIVE SPEED" WAS YAMAHA's VERY BEST & Possibly the one of the MOST USE-ABLE POWER MX RACING BIKEs MADE IN THIS ERA ! ! ! This is about the last year of the AIR COOLED 490 IT's & Being Air Cooled they are FAR Less Problematic & FAR Less Complex & FAR Less subject to Corrosion issues as compared to nearly ALL of the Water cooled bikes that were built in this Vintage ERA also AIR COOLED bikes I have been told that being Air Cooled "These 490 IT's have MOUNTAINS of TORQUE and are Very Forgiving to ride as compared to many other Large Displacement Open Class Bikes ! & should be GREAT for Vintage MX RACING"........ Hill Climbin, his is a Go anywhere kind of bike !!!!!!Please note these did come stock with lights but were intended as a Dirt Racer With Lights as opposed to a street bike..the tail light & license plate came with the bike but I do not believe this bike was intended or licensed to be a full time street bike ???

The 1984 IT 490is one of the Very Last years you could get the Very Perfected MUCH IMPROVED Heat Treated (Stronger & Lighter) "ALUMINUM" UNISTRUTSwing Arm ! ! ! ! Like you would find on Some of the More Advanced YZ 490's is FAR More Preferred for Vintage MX RACING over the 490 for Vintage Racing Which also INCREASES Her VALUE over the less powerful earlier Steel swing arm based 400 YZ's etc ...Also, he 490 IT's are said to start easier & run FAR less hot than the 490 YZs & with the IT 490s FIVE Speed VS just a 4 speed of the 490 YZ most people feel these have a FAR BETTER SPREAD OF POWER THROUGHOUT HER HP BAND !!!! an not nearly as edgy & as the harder to control as there is less spread between the only 4 gears as compared to what the 4 speed 490 YZ's Were ! !

> a Vintage Racing 1978 RM 250 SUZUKI (Yellow) & also our 73 Tribute Vintage Racing ELSINORE CR 250 (Green / Aluminum) we Displayed at the "WORLDS LARGEST" MOTORCYCLE SHOW" (the Los Angeles Cycle World / Progressive Motorcycle Show, Los Angeles, California Area)..in Our "Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Clubs" Booth earlier (November /December 2014). Look to the right of the 3rd pictures which shows a Local Los Angeles TV News Crew interviewing Our V.J.M.C. Clubs President (in the Red & White Shirt) on the Shows Opening day ! ! ! br "* * *PLEASE NOTE: Over the last four years we have shown "Fourteen" Vintage Motorcycles in the V.J.M.C. Booth At This Show Alone !!!!br "><>

< < < PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM BEFORE YOU HAVE READ THIS AUCTION IN IT'S ENTIRETY & FULLY UNDERSTAND EVERY ASPECT OF THIS ITEM > > > and also PLEASE get permission from you Spouse, arents etc etc as... "by bidding you are entering a Biding Contract" as it just ruins everything for everyone else involved in this auction.... Thank You in advance for bidding responsibly > > >

This Beauty has been in Storage for 20+ years & therefore has fallen off the DMV System computers (Which is Really Good News).... & YES ! ....I have also, he DMV Current Computers Print out on this Wonderful Bike that Proves: she has NO back fees & NO Back Taxes, amp; NO Back registrations & NO Back Penalties etc etc owing on this bike at this time ! ! ! . ...I will Also be including a California DMV (Notarized) "Bill of Sale" from myself to you the new owner.. which from what I hear in neighboring states, hould be what you need to register her In California & if you live outside of California. ... If you just want to Vintage Race this bike... the DMV "Bill of Sale" is all you will need..Again, will also include the California Department of Motor Vehicles Current DMV Computer Print Out on this Wonderful Bike that shows & Proves that because this Beauty was in storage for the past Two + decades & because of this... there are No current DMV Computer records (AGAIN, HICH IS REALLY GOOD NEWS) on this Wonderful bike & therefore there should be NO back fees and NO back taxes etc etc. owed on this Wonderful Dirt racing Bike. If you live inside California & If you Race Vintage Bike Meets on Private MotoCross Tracks or (Vintage Bike Shows etc) the Notarized Calif. DMV "Bill of Sale" is all you will need. If for some reason ..you want to go cow trail ridding on California etc Government National Forest Land etc land & feel you a may want a National Forest etc DMV "Green Sticker" My Vehicle Registration Office said that because this bike had been in covered storage for many years (nearly the last 3 decades) therefore if you live here in California & feel for some reason you want or feel you need a California Forestry Land Green sticker (to ride in Government Forest etc Land) Again it will be Easy because this bike is currently off the DMV Computer records & therefore there will be NO back fees (as after about 10 or 12 years DMV records fall off the DMV Computers) and Again, his California National Forest sticker is not required for MX & Other Race tracks and also NOT required for Vintage Shows etc etc etc here in California & a California Nat. Forest Green sticker is not required if you live out of state etc etc ....


* * PLEASE NOTE: I personally think this is a very Nice looking Bike in very Nice Overall Condition...However, f you are looking for a "Perfect Bike" or a Vintage Show or Concourse show bike etc etc "Please do everyone a "Big Favor" & Please look elsewhere" as again I think ...this is just a Very Nice Looking Great Running Bike that & I think is in Very Nice & Great Running Condition as her Original "Older Owner" looks to have Babied (it doesn't look like he rode her too hard) her and I feel Really Looked out for this Amazing Legendary Vintage Racing Bike Best of All we are selling Her at Well Under the NADA.com Book value is for a Nice Example of one of these. & the proof of this is This Wonderful Bike Spent the Bulk of it's life right here in Southern California & Best of all The Bulk of it's life was spent in Covered Dry Storage...Believe it or not ...Just to give you some Perspective on how little use this bike has experienced...."She Still has her ORIGINAL YAMAHA 1984 SEAT COVER" !!!!!!! (to me that fact is a HUGE Indicator that this Wonderful Bike has not had too many hours on her & that she has NOT had to work that hard at all in the few years that this AMAZING Bike was run in her Life !!!& then she was put into dry Storage for ~20+ Years !!!.
>> ) !/pbr "p yui_3_16_0_1_1437801918122_7486" data-setdir="false" dir="ltr"** FEAR NOT ! ! ! These are Super QUICK + SUPER TOURQUIE + Comfortable Great Handling & Compared to many bike I think fairly Easy to Ride bikes (thanks to her YAMAHA "AIR ALLOY SWING ARM "UNI STRUT Suspension" & State of the Art "AIR FORK" Suspension) with Her Great Horse-Power power Band & HUGE Suspension & I think ...Very Forgiving for a TRUE VINTAGE RACE Bike & Without Question Vintage Enthusiasts seem to Agree ...These IT YAMAHA 490's are SUPER FORGIVING + SUPER FAST, ith INCREDIBLE Suspension & GREAT TURNING Ability, XCELLENT BALANCE, REAT HANDLING & Very Durable + RELIABLE & SUPER FUN ! FUN ! FUN ! to RIDE ! ! ! .../p Over the years I have had many emails from YAMAHA Racers in the late 70's thru the early 1980s that Stated they were LOCAL, TATE, amp; NATIONAL Moto Cross Champions with YAMAHA YZ's that were Nearly STOCK (Almost Un-Altered) Factory YAMAHA MX BIKES ! ! ! ....CYCLE Magazine at that time called these YAMAHA YZ like MX RACING Bikes are a PERFECT "TEN Out of TEN" Moto-Cross Weapon !!!!!!!!please see attached picture (above) br yui_3_16_0_1_1444091607697_3662"br ">

>>..& I think once you get used to the power this could be Great for nearly all MX Riders that want to move up to the Next Level...(way more do-able & Controllable + Better Balanced than Most Vintage Racers & also most newer bikes are these days !!!!!!!!) AGAIN, ne of the reasons YAMAHA Dirt Racer's Out-Sold nearly Every other MX Race Bike on the Planet was...YAMAHA besides having about the Most Advanced Dirt RACING Suspension on the Planet at that ERA ...They have always been famous for their AMAZING Durability and Reliability & Ease of Maintenance !!!! & for many Decades YAMAHA's are said to be one of the VERY BEST Handling Production Moto Cross bikes Built in this Era !!! "GREAT FOR ALL OF YOU VINTAGE RACERS" !/pp yui_3_16_0_1_1444091607697_3669" data-setdir="false" dir="ltr" br /pp yui_3_16_0_1_1437801918122_7720" data-setdir="false" dir="ltr">This is one of the more Proven Years that the IT "ALLOY SWING ARM "UNISTRUT" Suspension that had the MUCH IMPROVED Heat Treated (FAR Stronger & FAR Lighter) "ALUMINUM" Swing Arm ! ! ! ! (Which MUCH ("HUGELY") INCREASES Her VALUE over the LESS Competitive & Much Heavier Iron/steel swing arms of the earlier IT & YZ YAMAHA's).. Also, he BIG BORE YAMAHAs Were Famous for Having "MUCH More USE-ABLE POWER BAND & a FAR BETTER SPREAD OF POWER THROUGHOUT HER HP BAND !!!! an not nearly as pipe-y as the harder to control earlier YZ's & the later 490 YZs Were ! !

I think This AMAZING Bike RUNS GREAT ! Her Engines top end was Completely rebuilt & we just started her today & She Started Right back up ! We will need to do some fine running on her as she runs slightly better with the choke just barely on initially, he more we ran her the better & better she ran which is very understandable as she was in storage for Aprox. 20+ years.... and I think she has what looks to be her Original YAMAHA IT Gas tank that still looks to in GREAT Condition with a Brand New YZ like paint codes & Vintage YZ YAMAHA Tank Graphic ! Again, er Gas Tank has been Newly refinished & Painted as are the Front & Right & Left side Number panels and Both Front & Rear Fenders, lso her rims, spokes, hocks, heel hubs & Backing plates etc etc have all also been refinished & or Painted and I think look very Nice. She has Two Great Condition (ALMOST NEW) High Quality Front and Back Tires !!!... YES ! the gas tank Graphics have been replaced with what looks to be ORIGINAL New Old Stock or Incredibly Accurate Graphics that look perfect to me to the Early"YZ" YAMAHAs ! The inside of her tank is Clean looks GREAT.as do Her Handlebars, oot Pegs, hifter, he has Brand New Fork Tube Rubber Boots & New Handlebar Grips ! Also, brake levers etc etc are still in Very Nice Condition ! The Shifter and Brake levers look & Work Great !
YES! SHE HAS MATCHING FRAME AND ENGINE NUMBER ! ! ! ! ! Her Frame VIN & also Her Engine Serial Number is: 26A-001511 (which on every site I could find shows up as a 1984 4690 IT YAMAHA ...............& YES ! She Has Her Original YAMAHA "Matching" Frame and Engine Serial Numbers !!!!!
This Beauty has been in Covered Dry Storage for the bulk of it's life...for Many Years (( & more recently was in DRY storage & resting (because it's Original Owner was just getting too old to ride Her anymore...for the past two + decades)) & Very Nice Cosmetic Restoration (As also detailed above) She has been in storage for decades & is just now returning to service again & Especially when Compared to any other YAMAHA 490 IT & YZ's I have ever owned ...She Starts Well & is "Running Great" I personally think the more you run her the Better she will run ! Make No Mistake this Baby... Runs, hifts & Rides & Stops GREAT !

>* * * If these have not been done * Please Note *... You will be in default of this auction. & will very likely lose your deposit if the winning bidder flakes out & is not responsible on the funding of this AMAZING Vintage Racing Beauty .* * * br " clear="none">....Provided this is paid off (in required three (3) M-S days) I am willing to store the it for up to 2 weeks in my garage from close of auction while you arrange pickup & I will gladly assist you with shipping to any International or Domestic Shipper in the Los Angeles Harbor area.
All forms of payment must be Proven "Cleared" by my bank before this Wonderful Bike can leave my homes garage. Please do us both a Big Favor and Please do not bid on this item unless you are able to 100% Fund this at this time, nless prior arrangements have been made & Cleared by me (Prior to bidding on this item). Thank You, ood Luck and Happy Bidding !
< < < PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS ITEM BEFORE YOU HAVE READ THIS AUCTION IN IT'S ENTIRETY & FULLY UNDERSTAND EVERY ASPECT OF THIS ITEM and also PLEASE get permission from you Spouse, arents etc etc as by bidding you are entering a Biding Contract.... Thank You in advance for bidding responsibly > > >

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