1918 Harley Davidson Board Track Racer antique vintage motorcycle Indian veteran

1918 Custom Built Motorcycles Other

Price: US $5,500.00
Item location: Victorville, California, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Other
SubModel: GC160
Type: Board Track Racer
Year: 1918
Mileage: 3
VIN: 8675309
Color: Green
Engine size: 160
Vehicle Title: Clear

If you are seriously considering. Please read the ENTIRE ad I am listing this for Taylar Motorbikes. Victorville. Ca. I am merely a long time customer who has had several builds done by them. I am listing this auction for them because I love their builds and have a passion for the tribute builds. I do not profit in any way. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to call me and I can provide you with any info. My name is Kris (951 275-7488) Over the past 5 years I have advertised many times for Taylar Cycles. I have helped him sell numerous builds. Today I received a question from ebay member leftcoastcustom952 (1) (see below). Although it may appear that he is acting as an ebay law enforcement official and clearly has one motive. he makes a valid point; I am not the owner nor would I be the one you'd pay. I am not listing this to build support with ebay or donate fees to them. You are more than welcome to deal directly with Taylar Cycles. The auction is for the green Harley. The red Indian is also for sale but not through this auction. My only involvement is making the ad. It's called friendship and that is hard for some to grasp :) If you are the suspicious type and are afraid of conspiracies and scammers please feel free to come out and deal in person! It would be easier. cheaper and you'd get all your question answered :) In order for a cycle to be a "Replica" it must be identical (or dam close) to the original. Taylar builds their cycles to emulate or "resemble" an old cycle. 9 out of 10 people wont be able to tell this cycle was built in 2015. Although this build screams authentic. it is is not a replica. This is a tribute build. The closer you get to real. the more you'll pay. (A true "replica will run you at least 20k. A real one will be 40-70k. ) This auction is for the exact cycle you see in photos 1-7. Normally you'd wait 12-16 weeks for this to be built. For the first time ever. Taylar Cycles is offering this build READY to GO! (Red Indian is also available for sale privately. not through this auction) 100% full custom build using the BEST components and parts on the planet. This was NEVER a bicycle. Everything from precision encased bearings to the hand forged internally vented/chambered tanks. this is the top of the line for board track racers! DO NOT CONFUSE THIS with the others you have seen on ebay. If you cannot tell the difference do yourself a favor and LEARN before you waste a couple grand. a modified Honda GC160 4 stroke (no mixing fuel) and using compatible torque coverter (no shifting). Powder coated Harley era green with Gold/Red/Black pinstripe. Parts professionally polished or nickel/chrome plated ALL hand forged steel frame. tanks and Taylar forks Knurled brass caps/starter pulley and brass velocity stack Period correct tires. heavy duty dual drum. dual braking. mounts. heavy-duty 11 gauge spoked worksman wheels. heavy duty rear adapter. encased German bearings Countless period-correct components (pedals. brake levers. rear drop stand) 41 Heavy duty chains Correct era $450 Messinger stamped leather seat Shipping available (separate transaction) or local pick up in Victorville. Ca If you are in So Cal. please inquire about special delivery arrangements THIS AUCTION IS FOR THE GREEN HARLEY. THE RED INDIAN IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR THE SAME PRICE ($5500) PRIVATELY. ALL OTHER BUILDS IN THE PHOTOS ARE NOT FOR SALE. THEY ARE FOR OTHER CUSTOMERS. PHOTOS ARE TO SHOWCASE TAYLAR'S WORK. PHOTOS: 1-7) Harley tribute build (what you will receive if you win) 8) Red Indian also available privately (seat not pictured) 9) Blue Indian (Customer took this cycle out immediately after he got it. He was approached by a high dollar offer and had to sell. Customer returned to Taylar Cycles and ordered 3 others!) 10) Norton tribute (not for sale) 11) Red Indian (not for sale) 12) Raw materials Taylar Cycles is the leader of tribute/replica builds. Taylar has 25 years of custom cycle experience and has produced one-off builds for famous celebrities and well-known Americans. When it comes to board track racers. Taylar leads the pack. Many of the leading builders order tanks. forks. frames and mounts from Taylar Cycles. If you are in the market for a board track racer or early motocycle/motorcycle. you know it's expensive. Real Indian. Harley. Thor. Flying Merkel. Excelsior (or the 800 others) demand HIGH dollar for the authentic. If you have the means to afford one you would never dream of taking it out on a regular basis. Tribute/replicas are a great alternative. There are plenty of people making them these days. In the past 5 years there have been hundreds for sale on ebay. nbsp;ranging from $1500-$8000. There are people who buy a Walmart bicycle and cut it up and attach a $150 Chinese motor kit ($175) then paint it real nice. They sell for about $1500 and you get a real pretty pile of crap that will not withstand use. When compared to the real version. the only thing that truly looks authentic are the stickers. It will look pretty but you are getting ripped off. These bikes are not even close to authentic and sound like a chain saw when running. They have no power but do get good gas mileage :) On the other hand. Taylar Cycles are the complete opposite! They are built ENTIRELY from scratch. The steel is thicker and the welds are the industry best. ALL parts are bought individually from numerous suppliers around the world. IT IS NOT A KIT. Levers. motors. torque converters. bolts/hardware are all top quality. Wheels are built using dual drum hubs and relaced with heavy duty spokes before being powder coated. Cables are custom made for your build. Frame. forks and tanks are made individually for each build. Evrything is customized to give it an authentic look. Taylar has parts machined in brass and spends countless hours to make things look closer to original. The motors have custom head fins adapted. external push tubes and other touches done to make them look less modern. More time goes into a Taylar fuel tank than most entire "garage built replicas". When shopping for a tribute build be sure to look at all the small things. (knurled caps? Metal vs. plastic parts? Type of pedals used? Cranks/headset bearings. seat?) Lastly. the sound. Taylar builds "THUMP" like an early cycle. They have a Harley sound and have plenty of torque! When they go down the road you can bet people will stare and have a stupid look on their face as you go by. They are in a league of their own :) Bottom line is always price. You WILL get what you pay for. I started out with a chinese motor build and was happy for about 2 weeks. I realized what went into my build and I quickly noticed how my "replica" was nothing more than a bicycle with a cheap motor. It felt cheap in every way but it was pretty :) My next build was better. I have had numerous builds and have a lot of experience from "learning". If you dont have the money. WAIT! Be patient and get it right the first time. Taylar will not hide what goes into your build. There is no mark up on parts. If you'd like the option of buying the parts along the way. you are welcome. These take 12-16 weeks to build. When its done. you will know how much went into parts and what was for fabrication/labor. Taylar builds many of these and each one is done to the customers' taste. Every buyer MUST ask themselves WHY they are buying it and what they intend to do with it. If you want one to show off. ride and actually use. then make sure you know what you are getting or NOT getting.

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