2013 Custom BigDog Pitbull Pro-Street

2013 Custom Built Motorcycles Pro Street

Price: US $20,000.00
Item location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Pro Street
Year: 2013
Mileage: 200
VIN: BDMH800808BBDS013
Color: Black
Engine size: 1910cc
Vehicle Title: Clear
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The build started with aBig Dog Pitbull rolling chassis bought new from Big Dog andadded hundreds of hoursafter market components and fabricated parts.The resultis there isn'ta cleaner looking bike on the planet at any price. Very classy paint job consisting of Harley Davidson Black Pearl(basically dark gray pearl) accented by silver metallic and cream pearl. Huge 23in. front wheel and 20 in. rear with 280 tire...both wheels are "contrast cut" with black pearl powdercoat so they match the paint (and almost every other part on the bike). Electronically adjustable air bags complete with onboard air compressor cushion the ride so the bumps get absorbed very nicely making for a bike that's capable of longer trips without an emergency visit to the chiropractor. Every part of this bike has been well thought out and comes together to make one of the best looking bikes on the planet.I have not seen a bike that looks anymore smoothsleek and powerful or with anymore attention to detail than this bike...apart from being assembled with the best top of the line components there isn't a part on this motorcycle regardless how insignificant a role it may play that hasn't at least been painted polished or powdercoated if not completely custom fabricated to look almost as if it had grown organically in its destined location. Unlike most bikes ofsimilarstyle this one has no chrome or a gaudy paint job to draw attention to it since more than enough attention is drawn to them naturally but after your attention is drawn a person could look for hours without noticing all the details.At first glance the bike looks pretty simple but it actually takes complexity to make a bike look clean and streamlined while maintaining allthe components of a practical safe andrideable motorcycle...legal too. Although not apparent there are front and rear turn signals tail light brake light and license plate light. The front signals consist of 30 led's built into the headlight bulb and the rear run/brake/turn lights are led's tucked under the rear fender which have dual function red tail lights with additional amber signal lights. The signals are controlled by two buttons on the handlebars with the other two buttons controlling the hi beam and horn.If you've got a back tire that looks like this one than the bike better have more power than any other tire can handle...and this one does. The 117 ci. S&S motor with a HSR45 Mikuni carb make for an excellentcombination. Most S&S's have S&S carbs but they wouldn't the first time they saw what a Mikuni would do. It makes more of a difference than any other modification has ever made to an S&S motor: easy starts smooth idle acceleration and everything in between. Right side drive Baker transmissionwith overdrive transfers the power to the rear wheel better than any other. Add to that: geared down front and rear sprockets designed to take advantage of all the bike's power and you've got a bike with torque like a tractor and the overdrive makes for nice high speed cruising.The starter button is hidden in the left bar end red LED is lit when in the start position if pressed after the bike is running(LED out) the button causes the turn signal buttons to swap functions controlling the air bag suspension under the seat...the right button will activate the hidden air compressor causing the seat to raise up and become more stiff the left button activates a solenoid to release air and lower the seat if the ride is too stiff and when seat adjustment is done release the bar end button and the signal buttons revert back to their main function. Front and rear four piston brake calipers with AN3 steel braided DOT brake lines with clutch cable to match. The bike has a clear transferable Oklahoma title showing the 17 digit VIN starting with BDM that isstamped on the frame below the transmission(pictured). On the title the bike appears as a 2013 makeHOMD model BDM. No Assigned VIN or Assembled Parts title which is common to find in a custom built bike...both of which hurt the resale value as well as a buyers ability to get financing.

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