Ever have a grand stroke of good luck and then have something step right in behind it to smack a little reality
upside your head? Well...this drop d" />

1931 Harley Davidson VL amazing Barn Find time warp ex CHP Police Bike

1931 Harley-Davidson VL

Price: US $21,100.00
Item location: Aguanga, California, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: VL
Year: 1931
Mileage: 92,832
Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1931 VL 1931 Harley Davidson VL "Barn Find"
Ever have a grand stroke of good luck and then have something step right in behind it to smack a little reality
upside your head? Well...this drop dead gorgeous hunk of Americana is just that for me.
Sit back and let me tell you the story...
About 5 years ago I peeked through a crack in a fence in a yard here in So Cal and saw this.
I totally flipped out and inquired about it, nly to be told "sorry...its not for sale".
For the next 5 years I would routinely contact the owner and ask again about the bike...
Each time I would call, expected the same response, ut a couple weeks back I was
totally floored when the man said...sure...I will sell it!
Once I picked my jaw up off the floor I got in the truck and blasted over there immediately.
We struck a deal and I was the new owner of a dream machine I had lusted over for 5 years.
At the time I first saw it, really didn't even know what it was exactly.
When I picked it up I heard the story behind it.
He had bought it from an old man in his 80's that was a CHP officer in Central California.
Apparently it was his patrol bike and when the department got new bikes at some point,
he negotiated for this one to keep for himself.
I don't know when this all happened or just how long it sat while he owned it, br> but if the 1939 plate is any indication, sure don't think this bike has seen the road in a long long time.
The bike unfortunately has spent the last 25+ years sitting under a carport sort of thing... loosely walled on every side, ut still
exposed to a lot of dust and the heat and cold of the climate.
It was heavy with dust and the chrome bits corroded with just a hint of coastal air, s it was about 15 minuets drive
away from the beach.
The dust was THICK...quite beautiful in my eyes, just get all weak in the knees about
the whole "barn find" thing personally.
The bike has some great accessories on it such as the crash bars and leg shields.
That Corbin speedometer is another Holy grail bit!
Finally out in the daylight after so many years...
you couldn't have wiped the smile off my face with a belt sander that day...
so incredibly stoked to finally capture this elusive creature that I have chased for so long.
So cool! Like a dream!
As the wind blew into the back of the truck the heavy layers of dust thinned down...I wish I had a video of that first few miles
seeing all the dust swirling around!
Stopped for a celebratory brew and a burger and enjoyed the view... it was a perfect day, ne I will not soon forget.
Once home I started doing the research... I am admittedly a total bonehead
when it comes to bikes of this vintage, he oldest Harley I have ever had was a 59 Panhead...
1931 is a whole different ball game!
Chasing down pics of the old CHP bikes soaked up an enjoyable evening...
I loved this pic that shows the same paint scheme on the fenders with the arrow tipped pinstripe .
I know these images show mikes of a variety of years and models
but they all just fueled the fire and helped me feel confident about the
story of the bike and where it has been.
I guess what they say is true...girls love a man in a uniform!
The variety of bikes in this lineup is interesting...I see a whole lot of different years and models here!
This bike has a couple mixed bits when I look close...while the engine and frame all look 1931,
the fenders look more like 1934, he headlight maybe a shade newer...and the paint scheme on the tank
is obviously not Police spec.
Again...I plead ignorance here...I just don't know the details from model to model like the purists do,
but I know enough to say that the bike had definitely been exactly as you see it here for decades.
Any work that was done to it or accessories added, ere all done WAY "back in the day".
I gave the speedo face a wipe down and a quick brush across the fenders with a cloth...but I have left the bike
otherwise totally as found. The engine does kick through smoothly and has compression, ut I have not attempted
to fire it or have done anything but air up the tires and sit and stare at it with a bit of drool rolling down my chin.
Cool footboard extensions!
Not much wear on the rubber either!
The paint on the tank looks like a cover-up to me...
probably done over the CHP logos when it was taken out of service I would assume
Awesome saddlebag with initials at the top.
It looks like the other side had one as well at some point as there were leather strap remnants on the frame.
I got the tool box open...and guess what?
I don't know if all this is 100% original...that chain breaker looks a little newer to me?
But the fact that the tool roll is even here is pretty miraculous.
So...as you can see by the stuff in the background...I really truly dig old stuff in a major way...
and this old Harley just gets the hairs standing up on the back of my neck and I have lusted for it
and chased it for years. But I think it just came to me at the wrong time.
For the past couple weeks I have been giving it serious thought and have tried to figure out a way to keep the thing,
but as much as I hate to admit it...damn it...I need the dough. That's reality stepping into the story.
I've just got to come to grips with that... enjoy the hunt and capture experience, rame the photos for my
wall of fame...and then let her rip here on eBay and let someone else take it from here.
Whoever ends up with it though, o matter where in the world...I'd love a chance to take it for a spin someday.
OK...enough of the emotional stuff...lets get down to the details.
Again...I am going to show as many photos and details as I can here so you all can figure out what is here.
Im no expert...I can only tell you what I see...and the best way to do that is with photos.
The engine does kick through and has compression...it sounds smooth pushing it through slowly.
It looks a bit crusty but this is all as-found.
I am sure with some clean up and a little wire brush here and there it will all smooth out a lot.
The experts may be able to date this plug to help establish when it last ran.
My guess based on the previous owner is that it was probably 25-30 years ago
Not much wear to the rubber on the footboards
Kicker pedal has quite a bit of wear
Tires were actually still with a bit of air when it was found...and they filled up and have held pressure since.
92,832 miles on the Corbin.
The story I was told was that Police bikes in the day would be retired at 50k miles...not sure if there is truth to that...
but I will continue to spread the rumor just the same.
This is the photo I think I will frame... damn she is beautiful!
Great tread on the tires and very minimal cracking on the sidewalls.
Toolbox, orn and lights...
I just wanted to leave this all as it was...but I am certain that with some careful cleaning and polishing
that it will shine to a certain extent...but to me, his bike is perfect just as it is.
I honestly think that restoring it would be a crime...
but that choice of course will be up to the new owner.
The seat however will not "clean up"...
Maybe you could have a clear plastic slipcover stitched up to hold it all together and preserve
what is here and still have a seat that looks right and wont come apart on your Levis?
Little glass jewels on each side of the seat.
You can see the remnants of a saddlebag strap on the right side.
Rollin "Stones" on this bad boy... Dee-Luxe!
I carefully slid my hand in the saddlebag to see if there was any treasure within and only came up with
a scrap of cloth that looked like it was from an old pair of underwear...I will gladly include or dispose of said
material at the discretion of the buyer.
When I saw what these Corbin speedos bring here on eBay...it blew me away.
$1500 to 2k just for the speedo head?
You early Harley boys are mental!! 
(just kidding...I get it)
The grip on the right side here is loose...it has a crack in it and slipped off...but I slipped it back on.
Mudflap shreds remaining on the front fender
I did give the windshield a little wipe down so you can see through it... its not in bad shape actually.
No cracks and would polish for sure.
A loose wire hanging here...not sure what for
Im really surprised with how nice the rubber is on these!
Here is the engine number...I covered the last two numbers for security sake...but they are clearly visible
and I have run the numbers through DMV and there is no history on record.
I am selling this on a bill of sale, ut if the buyer needs a physical title for export or some such thing
I am more than willing to obtain one at their expense.
Whatever is needed, will help make happen. Im good that way ;)
The air cleaner looks like a later model item to me...
The paint scheme doesn't match up with anything that I have seen in photos, o I am thinking it must have been done
when it was put into civilian use.
My theory on this is backed up with what looks like a different paint scheme below...with white along the whole side of the tank
and a black pinstripe surrounding...there was a small scratch here that I made just a little bigger with my fingernail...
Kinda tempting to try to uncover the whole thing...but I will leave that up to you.
Front brake still works...as does the rear...bike rolls and steers easily.
I love the initials on the saddlebag... if that "S" was an "O" it would be my grandfather's initials...
He was cool dude...he would have loved this bike.
Speedometer drive
Not much left of the decals on the battery box
Rims may clean up a bit with a little effort..
Interesting that these highway pegs are flipped inwards...you cant get to em with the leg shields in place!
I so dig that arrow tipped pinstripe... awesome detail
Headlight seems newer than 1931... but definitely really old stuff!
One detail that I learned from my research is that the frame where it goes past the rear fender
was flattened out in later years to clear the fender...this one is not, hich is right for 1931 (I think)
The fenders may be newer...Im guessing 1934?
Anyway...the bike is what it is, nd is exactly as it has been for decades.
Those that know the micro-details will I am sure, ee what they see... but what I see is
a truly gorgeous unrestored survivor bike that is a bit of rolling American history.
I realize I am one incredibly luck SOB to have found it and pulled it out of hibernation, ut Im not lucky enough to keep it.
That is for you... place your bids, ake it home, nd I imagine that I will shed a tear when it leaves...
...but I will at least be able to afford some really good beer to cry into to ease the pain.
Feel free to call me with any questions or to arrange a personal inspection.
Dont try to haggle with me though...I am going to let the bidding set the price.
I will NOT sell it out of the auction...hopefully you can understand why. Its going NO RESERVE...so bid to buy!
951 767-1600 is my daytime number...ask for Randy.
Thanks for reading my tale and scanning the pics...watch the auction, pread it around to your friends online
and lets see where she ends up!
Let the games begin!!

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