Board track Racer, 1909 Excelsior replica, Indian, Harley, Super X

2015 Custom Built Motorcycles Other

Price: US $255.00
Item location: Gilmanton, New Hampshire, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Other
Year: 2015
Mileage: 20
Color: Blue
Engine size: 66cc
Vehicle Title: Clear
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I'm selling a hand built, ustom replica of an Excelsior board track racer. All of the motorcycles of this time period were experimental machines. Automobiles were a new thing, irplanes were being designed and experimented with. Motorcycles were being put together by hundreds of bicycle shops by this time. Names like Yale, enderson, arley Davidson, ndian, ope,Thor and many more, any gone by the depression. These bikes were raced in motordromes, val, ood, teep banked tracks, hat were built in major cities all over the country. These machines were stripped down, one shakers, hat had to be pushed to start and had no brakes. In 1911, xcelsior's rider set a speed record for a mile at Riverview motordrome in Chicago of 88.9mph. In 1912, xcelsior's factory rider was the first to reach a speed of 100 m.p.h., ecorded by a sanctioning organization. The Excelsiors were running neck and neck with Indian, orcing Indian to redesign their engines to compete, arley wasn't even competition yet!
I build these frames, ne at a time, aking a very authentic and rideable machine. Every part is brand new, ade to look old. The new frames are chopped and mig welded to fit the designs of the originals. The motors are 66cc, wo stroke motors that get about 100mpg. You pedal it to start it, ump the hand clutch and hang on! These bikes will go 30-35mph, nough to make you wonder "Why am I doing this?" They are as uncomfortable as riding a park bench but you look good! Everywhere you go, eople will gather and ask questions and you'll enjoy conversation about the old days. This one is detailed to look like an older restoration, ome defects, ome rust, tc. Most of the bike is custom with details like braided plug wire, opper and brass, herever possible. Thirteen of my custom, and built machines have been shipped all over the U.S. This is #14. Who knows, ecause of their rarity, hey may be very valuable collector's items in 100 years!
One of the bikes recently spent several days hanging out at the Boardwalk at The Weirs, or Laconia Bike Week. People walked by some very expensive choppers, o look at my replica, ot even knowing it wasn't authentic until I told them! You can own one of these for much less than originals. The shipping is about $200.00, nywhere in the states. I partially disassemble them, rate them and send them by FedEx. You will need some basic skills and tools to put it back together, ut no problem, will be of assistance whenever needed. I require a $500.00 deposit at the end of the auction and the balance before I ship the bike.
I'm a one man shop, n business for over 35 years and I take a lot of pride in my work! I've enjoyed working on, estoring and hot rodding several 30's & 40's vintage shop trucks and built bikes like a Norton Atlas, amaha bobbers and even a '48' hardtail Harley 'EL' pan. If you have any questions, on't hesitate to call me and speak to me personally, an Adel, del Signs, 03-267-1800. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. I can crate it and ship it by FedEx just about anywhere in the US for about $200.00, n addition to the cost of the bike.

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If you're interested, can build one specifically for you! Just give me a call with any questions!

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