1964 Harley Davidson Panhead swingarm mostly stock bagger police style

1964 Harley-Davidson Other

Price: US $12,600.00
Item location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: Other
Year: 1964
Mileage: 1,800
Color: Black White
Engine size: 1,200
Vehicle Title: Clear

Mostly stock 1964 FL. This bike is a runner. I bought it this spring after it had been sleeping for 2 years. I knocked the dust off, ires, luids, tc and then did a 1500 mile trip on it. It didn't skip a beat.I putALOT of money and time after that into replacing non-stock (or not stock looking) parts and getting rid of that 90's look it had. I really can't say enough about this bike. It's not perfect, ut it's pretty darn nice. Think of it as a well cared for old police officers personalbike that he's had for50 years. Doesn't really leak, xcept for typical weeping from rocker boxes. Starts easy, ulls hard. Really comfortable.
I'm only listing for sale, 'm ready to move on to a new project. I do not sell over seas, o don't ask.
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MOTOR- 64 FL matching cases. Perfect numbers. No repairs or damage anywhere that I can see. It does have the cylinders painted black and the cases had black paint on them at one time (most of it is gone now). Looks basically original:timer, il pump, utside-oiler heads, ifter blocks, tc. The couple of concessions are:

  • Carb- S&S Super E w/OEM Harley 7" air cleaner cover adapted to it. Normally I would alway replace with a Linkert, ut this bike is so dialed in, hat I just left it.
  • Cycle Electric one wire generator/regulator for uber reliability

FRAME- Original 1964 drop seat frame. Basically perfect except for:

  • someone torched the neck lock out of the forging, n the edge of the lock boss is a little chewn up as a result.
  • right side exhaust tab is cut off

SHEETMETAL-Black paint is older but nice. White on tanks is newer.

  • Rear Fender- original. with original RH-55 taillight, ncluding the lens.
  • Fr Fender- I'm not sure if it's original or not.
  • Tanks-New "retooled" replica 62-63 panhead tanks (handshift). The screw holes in the emblem mounts suck, o the emblems are attached with adhesive. Emblems are older (not sure if they are OG or not).New paint(baseclear)is decent, ut not perfect; but it fits the bike just fine. The tanks had the shutoff rod aligned.New Replica Eaton caps(although they are an earlier style).New shut off rod and correct hard lines.
  • Dash- Chrome dash is older (no idea if original or not) but it is correct.Backing plate is a repop (but you can't see it anyways).The dash lights are not hooked up since there's an oil pressure gauge and the Cycle Electric.Ignition switch is a real Harley one, ut I don't remember exact years. It's fully functional, ut NO Key.
  • Speedometer-OEM HarleyPolice Special (not original to bike). It is hooked up and works well (although i think it reads a little fast).
  • Primary Covers- Chrome. Pretty nice. Awesome #1 Derby cover
  • Oil Tank- nice older replica chrome oil tank.New cad plated replica oil lines.

  • Original fork lowers. Chrome w/some pitting(typical of old cast aluminum), ut not bad.
  • OEM nacelle, rees and cowbellsw/ older black powder coat. The cowbells are slightly different, ut you have to stare at them to notice.
  • fork tubes are good.
  • Bars,spirals, witches,and clamp are OEM, ut bars are slightly later (no left hand spiral for the ignition timing). And I used a later "pull" spiral to make the internal throttle work with the Super E. CP bolts in the top clamp.New correct replica grips.

TRANS- OEM trans. Works great, hat else can i say. Like the engine, t was painted black at one time, o there's still somepaint left on it. Big I-beam kicker is obviously not stock. Kicker pedal is OEM w/ logo in the rubber.

WHEELS & TIRES & BRAKES- Correct stuff.

  • Tires are brandnew Shinko 270 Goodyear replicas, / new tubes and rim strips.
  • wheels are both nice star hubs (painted black), / chrome spokes and rims.Some very minorblemishes in the chrome, ut that's it.
  • Brakes are all original and correct drum stuff in verygood working order.New front shoes, prings, nd cable.
FOOT CONTROLS-New replica boards w/ new replica mats (w/ Harley logo) and black rivets. Rest of the controls are just stock stuff, ncluding the nice old chrome buddy pegs. Rubber pads also all have Harley logo.

SEAT-All OEM big twin pogo stuff. New bushing in the T. Buddy seat is original w/ date stamp, ut it's a '73 (very nice except onesmall tear on the left side).


  • 8mm belt drive. 5 stud clutch.
  • new 12V battery
  • new chrome replica square 12V coil
  • Wiring is not stock. I went through it and cleaned up anything that wasn't up to snuff. It's a simplified harness since theres no signals or horn and the handlebar switches therefore aren't used.
  • Exhaust is older true duals w/ extra long fish tails. I wedged baffles in the lessen that notorious dead spot that the open fish tails are prone to.
  • Also included:
    • Cherry OEM bags ('70+), ainted gloss black to match the bike. They even have some blingy mini-rails. w/ Locks and keys.
    • saddle bag racks are chrome
    • chrome luggage rack and p-pad. The p-pad has the mount that you can use to attach a tour pack to the rack.
    • OPTIONAL- I also have a bitchin' solo seat if you want to swap out the buddy seat, or some extra $ (pictures of it are in the link to extra pictures).

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