Harley Davidson XR 600 Flat Track Tracker (750) Motorcycle Factory Racer

1999 Harley-Davidson XR 600

Price: US $5,000.00
Item location: San Bernardino, California, United States
Make: Harley-Davidson
Model: XR 600
SubModel: Flat Tracker
Year: 1999
Mileage: N/A
Color: Orange & Black
Engine size: 600
Vehicle Title: Clear

I will tell you all that I know about these bikes. The factory had 15 of these made in 1983 which was the first year they were introduced. Ten of them were for the factory race team, ive were made available for the Dealership Network, was involved in the purchase of one of those five. After that, know the bikes were produced sporadically until 1999 to fill the needs of the factory race team, o these bikes are pretty rare, do not know how many were produced, ut not many. You will not find them in the factory production records because they were not production bikes, hey were for racing only and not distributed to the public.
We bought this bike in a deal approximately three years ago and it has been on display at the local dealership ever since, e never started it, wanted to, ut the cables from the battery to the starter motor were corroded, o we just put it on display and left it there. I did put the bike in gear, verified that it had good compression and turns over good. To fire it will require a new battery, able replacement, heck and clean the carburetor and you might have to clean the inside of the tank.
I had copies of the history on the bike (not the race history) and have misplaced them, will try to find them over the net couple of days. The bike has a factory VIN/Serial Number on it, cannot remember where it is on the bike, remember the VIN ends with a 9 and I arrivedthe conclusion that it was built in 1999. Because of the location of the bike, could not find it to get it in the pics, think the VIN ended with a K 9. I know that the paperwork stated that the bike was built for the factory by Mert Lawill. The bike is in good clean condition, he only problem it has is that one of the tank decal ends is loose at the back of the tank, verything else is in good shape. Basically, he bike is an XR 750, ut has a Rotax 600 single cylinder engineinstead of the 750 Twin. I can only end by saying that this is a pretty clean example of the XR 600 racer, t is in good original condition.

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