Honda SL100

1972 Honda SL100

Price: US $1,500.00
Item location: Dallas, Texas, United States
Make: Honda
Model: SL100
Type: Dual-Purpose
Year: 1972
Mileage: 3,300
VIN: SL100-1310987
Color: Silver
Engine size: 100

A true originalsurvivor. Approximately 3xxx miles on the bike; low miles because of a burned exhaust valve after which it was parked. I purchased it from the original owner and put a new top end exhaust valve with a valve job and seals. I replaced the seat cover with a high quality reproduction and rear tire and chain. Rebuilt the carburetor and petcock. Comes with period after-market & original muffler. The original muffler is a little dented but otherwise in good shape as well. The only unoriginal part is the gas tank; the original was destroyed when battery acid dripped on it from a shelf above and burned a hole in the side. It was irreparably damaged. The replacement tank has been cleaned lined with RedKote (wonderful tank coating btw) dents filled (to the best of my ability) primed and painted with five coats of Rustoleum Hammered Silver buffed and then waxed. I also made a replacement cork gasket for the brand new tank cap. It's a wonderful little bike. Unfortunately there is no title as the original owner lost it.*edit*Hi fellas I wanted to add that the pictures do show it but along the rear swingarm there are a few places where the chain/something has nicked the paint a bit and there is some surface rust. I decided not to touch it up as the rest of the bike is in such good shape that I wanted to leave it original. I can post/send photos if you all would like.*second edit*It's been pointed out to me by a fellow ebayer that my bike has the black frame and coloration of a 1973 model though if you look at the new picture I've added you'll see the frame plate states the date of manufacture as "8/72". I don't know if this was an early transition model or if it was changed at the dealership but the frame appears to have the original paint and if the bike wasn't in such good shape and I hadn't purchased it from the original owner myself would probably believe that it may have been changed in the past. In this particular case though I think this bike may have been originally sold from the dealer as is (minus the original tank which I replaced). The fellow's dad bought it for him new and I bought it from the grown son. I don't know. All I can tell you is what I know about this history of this one.

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