2010 HONDA FURY, VT1300CX, V-twin, 1300cc, only 3,460 original miles

2010 Honda Fury

Price: US $6,850.00
Item location: Irvine, California, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Fury
SubModel: VT1300CX
Type: Cruiser
Year: 2010
Mileage: 3460
VIN: JH2SC6117AK000178
Color: Black Cherry
Engine size: 1300
Vehicle Title: Clear

2010 HONDA FURY, T1300CX, nly 3,640 original miles

1300cc, -Twin, uel-injected engine 5-speed transmission Shaft drive a whole lot less maintenance than a chain Honda-brand, ribal design, rivers seat shown ($180) Saddleman-brand, gel-filled" seat, dditional seat ($239) Honda-brand, issy bar & back rest ($185) Cobra-brand, i2000 digital fuel processor, A edition ($200) K&N-brand, ir filter ($65) Kuryakyn-brand, tiletto drivers footpegs ($90) Kuryakyn-brand, ront & rear recessed signal lights ($60) Harley-brand, ork bag ($59) Biltwell-brand, andle grips ($20) Battery Tender ($40) Motorcycle cover ($35) Im a very lucky biker. Ive been riding since I was 15; Im now 73. I have been most fortunate to be able to own and ride many bikes and many brands Triumph, ucati, onda, amaha, uzuki even a Harley V-Rod & a Big Dog Chopper. They were all fun some more than others. This sweet Honda chopper is one of my all-time favorites. As I approached my 70th birthday, y wife sat down with me and to have a serious conversation. Ever so patiently, he explained that if I were to fall off my motorcycle at this age I probably wouldnt bounce so good or heal so fast as I might have in my youth. (Albeit in a weak moment) she claims I promised to give-up my motorcycle addiction (gotta call it what it is) by the end of my 70th year. And, hile it is true that these days, barely ride to Starbucks once or twice every couple of months I have managed to keep riding, t least a little bit, or most of my 73rd year. Mother is now getting a little cranky about it (in fairness, he is right and I know it) so, he time has finally come to sell my last-and-final motorcycle. This Honda has been ridden very carefully and impeccably maintained. It was always cleaned-and-polished after every ride, efore it was covered and parked in the garage. When put-away it was always hooked-up to a battery charger, o it would be dependably ready for the next ride. With the exception of one very tiny chip in the clear coat (see photo), t looks and rides showroom new. Yes, ou can buy a brand new 2016 for $10,350. But, f you dont mind one that looks new and only has 3,460 original miles on it (thats an average of only 692 miles p/yr) plus enjoy a few select accessories that you wont have to pay for then you might like to consider this pristine 2010 Honda Fury chopper. Honda calls the color Burgundy; but, hat doesnt really do it justice I call it Black Cherry. Ill even throw-in a Nolan XXL helmet and a jacket if that size fits you. Payment Terms, or motorcycle sale: A $500 non-refundable PayPal deposit is required within 24 hrs after auction closes. Balance due is required via (1) electronic wire transfer from your bank to my bank; or, 2) Certified Cashiers Check from major bank acceptable to seller and delivered within 4 days (96 hrs) after auction closing. Motorcycle and title will be released for pick-up after payment is cleared by my bank. For potential California buyers: The current license registration expires on 7.12.15 For potential non-Southern California buyers: The following motorcycle transporters are shown, or reference, o assist you with a shipping quotation. MotorcycleShippers.com Div. of JC Motors 800.730.3151 Federal Motorcycle Transport 800.747.4100 x2217 www.FunTransport.com ShippingMasters.com 866.383.1307 HaulBikes.com 880.428.5245 MotorcycleMoving.net 888.222.2065 Do be aware that some carriers transport the vehicle only any accessories or extras that cannot ship on or with the vehicle will be shipped separately, t Buyers expense.

State Taxes and Fees Buyer is responsible for registering the vehicle in their respective state of operation; and, or any and all associated license, axes and other related fees. Seller collects no fees, ther than the sales price of the vehicle.

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