HONDA GL500 Cafe Racer/Street Fighter. Not your dads cafe racer!

1981 Honda GL500

Price: US $1,200.00
Item location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Make: Honda
Model: GL500
Year: 1981
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1981 Honda GL500 (Silverwing) completely reworked into a modern take on the cafe racer. The suspension has been upgraded to late model ZX9R front forks, heel and brakes (six pot tokicos), ith a custom machined stainless steel steering stem holding it in place. At the rear a VFR1000 shock takes over the suspension duties along with a braced swingarm.The engine remains stock, nd runs like a champion. The carbs have been rejetted to handle the freer flowing, xhaust and velocity stacks. The stacks themselves do have filters in them, aking this a bit more of a day to day rider. The tank and tail is a custom, ne piece unit that began life as a stock GPZ1100 gas tank. The seat is a just a simple pad (very comfortable) made from closed-cell foam and upholstered in vinyl. The subframe has been reworked into a more streamlined and angled unit. The result is a bit more sport-oriented riding position, ut not uncomfortable in the least bit. Along with the angled subframe, he shorter forks give the bike a much more sure-footed and responsive riding feel than the stock bike.
The battery has been relocated to underneath the bike, hich opened up the frame quite a bit. Along with that, he original fuseblock was swapped out for a modern blade style fuse block (there are two extra fuse slots as well). The taillights are all LED and integrated into the aluminum undertray. They're very bright, ven in the daylight.
The front fairing was made from an old rear fender and houses a superbright LED headlight. Along with the secondary headlight, ounted like an endurance racer, tremendous amount of light is thrown down the road. The front LED turn signals round out the package. If you're not feeling the look of the front fairing, 've got a standard 7" headlight that will be included in the sale.
Currently, he bike is sporting just a tachometer. I do have an all-in-one unit that will be included in the sale as well.
It's sure footed, onfident ride with just the right amount of feedback. While the engine isn't going to win any races, t does provide torque on-demand, nd a smooth ride. For being over 400 lbs, t's surprisingly nimble. A little heavy on the steering at first, hich makes sense
The paint's a little rough around the edges, ee the photos for details. I'd give it about a B to B-minus.
Some of the MIG welds are a little ugly, ut everything is solid. Since the bike was finished, 've bought a TIG welder, nd can re-weld the frame, f the winning bidder wishes. This will add about a week to the pickup date, ut will be done at no-additional charge.

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