1985 Honda Sabre V65 VF1100S - Very Nice Bike!

1985 Honda Other

Price: US $3,175.00
Item location: Caledonia, Michigan, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Other
SubModel: VF1100S
Year: 1985
Mileage: 25,500
VIN: 1HFSC1717FA100951
Engine size: 1,100
Vehicle Title: Clear

Please read everything including the sale notes below. No disappointments with this bike and I want to make sure the buyer has all the information possible.

This listing is fora 1985 V65 (VF1100S) with roughly 25,500 miles and it is my personal bike.It was a tough decision, ut I've decided to sell my Sabre. I'd really like to see this bike go to someone who is a collector and/or has a passion for this model and will take great care of it as there are fewer and fewer of them around. This was Honda's rolling technology showcase when it was introduced and it is very capable as a daily rider, port tourer, r even for distance riding.

I've gone through the bike nose to tail and pretty much everything has been serviced so it's ready to ride. I bought the Sabre about a year and a half ago and it needed a little love. About the only thing left to do is paint on the rear tail plastic parts and front edge of the front fender if someone wanted to really makeitlook super sharp. Also, he rubber on the trip odometer reset button needs to be replaced. A couple of items are worth noting.There's a few thingsSabres can haveissues withand I've addressed all of them to date. The circuit boardinside the instrument cluster that has the electronics mounted on it can crack or get solder fractures with ageand thenact up with vibration or flexing. The original cluster had both problems so the complete unit has been replaced. This means the odometer shows 45k miles but the bike only has 25k miles. I kept the original cluster and it goes with the bike. All instruments work including the clock with the exception of the hours set button for the clock. So what I do is wait until noon and then just hit the clock reset button and it's perfect from then on. The other issue Sabres have at some point is corrosion and contact problems in the fuse block. The fuse block has been rebuilt with all cracked or corroded contacts having been replaced. Lastly, ou may have heard of stories of premature cam wear on the old Honda V4 engines. Truth is they pretty much had that resolved by 1984 and 1985 but the reputation carried on whichdoomedseveral of theirbikes including the VFR, agna, nd of course the Sabre. That said, he Honda factory manual specifications for valve lash are still a bit too tight so I adjusted them per the Dave Dodge procedure (he is the foremost authority on Honda V4 engines). The result is a little more valve noise than I would like, ut in theory less pressure on the cam lobes. When I did the valve adjustment I saw no cam wear. The camslooked like new.

Please feel free to ask questions or stop by our business to take a look at it. I ride it regularly but not on rainy days.I'm the business owner and also a fully licensed Master Motorcycle Technician so all the work was donepersonally by me. Below is a list of items that have been addressed since I acquired the bike:

  • New front and rear EBC semi-sintered brake pads
  • Rebuild of fuse block
  • New maintenance free battery
  • New cam cover seals
  • Fresh oil and filter change
  • New coolant and radiator hoses
  • Replacement throttle cables
  • Travelcade leather seat
  • Carburetors synchronized
  • New plug wires and plugs
  • New fuel filter
  • Brake and clutch fluids changed
  • New front tire
  • Complete fork rebuild including the anti-dive system
  • Final drive fluid changed
  • New turn signals
  • Valve adjustment
  • And some things I'm sure that I'm forgetting.
I also have an NOS exhaust system for this bike listed on eBay. If you buy the bike and would like the exhaust as well I will discount the NOS exhaust.

Thanks for looking and God Bless!

Sale Notes:

  • A $300 non-refundable deposit via PayPal is required within 24 hours of purchase commitment
  • The balance of payment must be made within 7 days. If paid by loan, ashier's, r certified check bike can not be picked up until the check clears.
  • I will accept full payment via PayPal as well, ut3.5% will be added to the selling price and the bike can be picked up after PayPal approves the payment.
  • While this bike has been well cared for, t is a 30 year old vehicle and as such has no warranty. Implied or otherwise.
  • Buyer is responsible for pick up and/or shipping. I'm very happy to work with the transporter of your choice.
  • If picked up in person, he bike can not be ridden off premises unless the rider has a cycle endorsement on their license.
  • Since this is my personal bike, t is considered a private person to person sale by the state of Michigan.

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