2004 Honda Helix, Yellow, Great gas saver.

2004 Honda Other

Price: US $1,100.00
Item location: Cameron, Missouri, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Other
Type: Cruiser
Year: 2004
Mileage: 11,782
Color: Yellow
Engine size: 250
Vehicle Title: Clear

I'm selling all my motorcycles as I cannot ride due to an auto accident. This Helix is in very good running condition except the last time I rode it (about two months ago) the belt felt like it was slipping at 60 mph. This is my third Helix, he others having over 25000 miles each and have never replace a drive belt, lthough Honda recommends you change them every 15000. This one may be slipping due to lack of use as I have only ridden it once in the last year. I was going to prove the doctors wrong that I couldn't ride anymore and I dang near got myself killed. Twice. So I sold eight of my 13 motorcycles and both my ATV's so I could live a little longer. The left front turn signal lens is missing and has been since I bought it (it had a little over 700 miles when I got it). I took it to the shop and ordered a new one, hich the were nice enough to ship it directly to my house. But since they did not know their left from their right, now have two right lens and no left one. The chrome cap on the end of the throttle handle has fallen off and I have it if I can find it. These are aftermarket grips and work great if you can live without the end cap. I have changed the oil every 1000 miles as I do on all my Helix scooters. What the heck, t takes less than a quart and about 5 minutes to change it. The best gas mileage I got was 80 mpg when I was on a drive on a nice day and just held it at about 45-50 mph. The worse mileage I got was 57 mpg driving in a windstorm with a headwind that would make it impossible to go over 40 mph. Bike has never refused to start and will eat up the roadway for as long as your butt can stand the saddle. My short rides are about 250 miles and the long ones are several states away. If you have any questions please call me- Rick 660-334-3056 as I have no internet and am using a friends computer to list my bikes. I can deliver the bike to your door anywhere in the USA for $0.40 per mile one way as long as you pay for the shipping in advance. If I deliver the bike and you decide you don't want it because the bike is not worth a divorce or your woman promises to bury a small hatchet in your forehead if you buy it, ou don't have to take the bike but I cannot refund the delivery price. I work cheap but don't want to lose any money on the deal. I've sold about 20 plus bikes on ebay and so far everybody was satisfied upon delivery. Please do not bid if you don't intend to buy and please call to arrange shipping before you buy. Bike is sold as is/where is with no warranty and all the other lawyer bull.

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