RARE 1992 Honda CBR 600F2 Clean original unmolested survivor - Turn Key rider !

1992 Honda CBR

Price: US $6,000.00
Item location: Dania, Florida, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CBR
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1992
Mileage: 18,100
Engine size: 600
Vehicle Title: Clear

RARE 1992 Honda CBR 600F2 Clean original unmolested survivor - Turn Key rider ! !! !
1992 was a good year for Honda; Doohan nearly beat Rainey for the 500cc title on the Big Bang NSR500, uhamel dominated AMA on the CBR F2, he stunning NR750 was released and the CBR 600F2 easily won 600cc shootouts while garnering huge sales...
...but few of them survive today as they left the showroom in 1992.
This is a very clean 3 owner 1992 F2, t is stock and original, ight down to the California emissions equipment and exhaust that was left untouched. It has been ridden, round 800 miles per year. Always stored indoors, aintained religiously and as it shows, ared for very lovingly.
Finding classic sport bikes of this era in this type of condition is exceedingly difficult. Yes, onda produced a lot of F2's, ut most were tossed down the road, aced or otherwise abused. Few stock original low mileage examples like this survive today.
In the last 100 miles the bike has received a full going over, arbs have been pulled, leaned and synced. Fresh 50/50 coolant, il / filter, ewer battery, hain cleaned and lubed and new brake fluid front and rear. The valves were inspected and adjusted at 12,000 miles.
Though not 100% perfect the bike is very close, here is a tiny bit of rash on the left engine cover from the first owner, lso a small scratch on the left side tail cowl. The bodywork is all original and shows some small wear in a few other areas but by and large is in incredible condition for the age.
Small things like the warning stickers are all intact, he gauges are immaculate, witchgear and original keys in great shape. Tool kit and owners manual under seat. There is some slight wear on the top triple but that is easily sorted out...I left it as is.This F2 will be right at home in any collection, s a weekend rider or anything in between.
Clean title, xcellent running condition, o stories or disappointments.
Please email me with any questions or if you would like any additional photos or have concerns.
From SportRider-

" The F2 was announced in late 1990 at $4998 and it promised to be a worthy follow-up to the original Honda Hurricane that debuted in 1987. The CBR600F2 had a liquid-cooled DOHC engine with a 65mm x 45.2mm bore and stroke that was even more over-square than the original at 63 x 48mm. The cam chain was moved to the right end of the crank to eliminate one crank journal, nd compression was bumped up from 11.3:1 to 11.6:1. The new bike also featured 34mm flatslide CV carbs vs. the older model's 32mm round-slide units. With lighter pistons, rank and con rods, t was able to achieve a 500-rpm bump in the rev-limit to 13,000 rpm. The bike also had side mounted air scoops but they fed cool air under the tank and not directly into the 6.2-liter airbox.

The engine was known for making good top-end power without sacrificing the midrange, hich is one of the things that made it so special. The cams were actually designed with midrange power in mind and the excellent cylinder head flow was rumored to be the secret to the top end power. The included valve angle was shrunk from 38 to 32 degrees, nd a shim-under-bucket valve actuation replaced the old rocker arm assembly. This also allowed valve adjustments to jump from 5000 to 12,000-mile intervals.

Honda also fitted a smaller clutch and primary gears to the F2 that allowed the output shaft to be positioned 0.5 inches closer to the crank. In order to compensate for the smaller diameter clutch they simply added a few extra plates and mated it to a six speed tranny. Overall the new engine was 2 inches smaller and 0.6 inches narrower and 1.3 inches shorter than the old model. This change along with a shorter fuel tank allowed Honda designers to move the rider closer to the front wheel and improve handling.

The forks were upsized from 37mm to 41mm and featured preload adjustments, hile a new single rear shock sported preload and rebound adjustments, n addition to a new box-section swingarm. Six-spoke RC30-style wheels were 3.5 x 17 inches in front and 4.5 x 17 inches out back. The chassis was a new twin-spar design but was still made from steel, ith 25 degrees of rake and 3.7 inches trail with a 55.5-inch wheelbase. Front rotors were 275mm-diameter units squeezed by twin-piston slide-pin calipers. When fully tanked up, he F2 weighed a lean 455 pounds, aking it the lightest bike in its class compared to the 490-pound Kawasaki ZX-6 or the 458-pound Yamaha FZR600.

Owners of the F2 report that it was a very balanced bike that could easily be street-ridden or raced on the track. Unlike the extremely narrow focus bikes of today, he earlier generation could really do it all. The dyno charts of 1991 show the CBR-F2 making a class leading 85 horsepower and quarter-mile times of 11.3 seconds at 120 mph. And it was not only the quickest and fastest bike in the 600cc class, t still delivered 42 mpg. Honda ruled the 600cc roost and would not face a serious challenge until the new Ninja ZX-6R arrived in 1995. "


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