19780000 Honda XR

Price: US $1,199.99
Item location: Buckley, Washington, United States
Make: Honda
Model: XR
SubModel: XR75
Type: Off-Road
Year: 19780000
Mileage: 100
Color: Red
Engine size: 75
Vehicle Title: Clear

Includes: For sale is my fully capable of riding or racing, 977, od 193 Pursang.

Condition:Beautiful looking and sounding, 978 Honda XR75. Lightly restored "rider", ot a museum piece. Meaning its very obvious this bike has been gone through, pdated, leaned, nd stored indoors. This is not your typical beat up, ont start, o title, eft in the rain, ike. The bike has all its plastics, ew throttle cable, ew brake cable, arb kit, alves adjusted,clean title in hand, ndthe number 1 thing limiting this bike for woods use... it hasa fitted USFS (US Forest Service) approve, park arrestor, or a muffler. Buy, dd gas, o ride. Tabs good, itle good.

Nothing leaks, othing is broken, ll the plasticshave at least some sort of scratch or wear. The bike was purchased to ride. It has not been truly "woods ridden" since therevamp was performed in 2013. Not repop items, eat, o tears/breaks/cracks. This is my4th motorcycle sale on ebay, nd I've had very good luck with cheap shipping off of uship.com which, bay uses/owns. I highly recommend Huntingtonbeachhauling.com for transport after the sale is complete. I would like to keep the bike in the states. I'll sell this to the lower 48 USA states only. Please see photos, nd condition will likely speak volumes for itself.

Shipping: Winning bidder will have 24 hours, o make a deposit. The balance will bepaid via money order in 5 business days, r if you are eager to have uship show up as soon as possible, personal payment on paypal (i.e. no fee) would be acceptable, ut not preferred (you will agree tosplit the fee of paypal). I willmeet/coordinate pickup with uship.com driver/hauler, onday-Friday eveningpickup.Lastly, have been onebay for 13+ years, nd vintagebikes are my love. I don't sell junk. Best of luck andinbox me any questions if you are a serious buyer.


***International bidders: Not available on this bike***

I am not an expert... And I may make a mistake! Though I'll always admit it, nd its only happened3 times in 13+ years! :-)

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By bidding/purchasing this or any other item fromVINTAGEMOTOSEATTLE, he buyer agrees to all these terms and conditions above.

I opened this store as a hobby. I simply am being paid for my purchase price, hipping/packaging, ime and efforts. I spend sometimes HOURS packaging and driving to the post office. So I will need to charge a small fee for my time, oxes, ape, nd fuel. None of which are free. Myprices refect that I'm doing this as a single persons love and hobby for 2 wheels. I also have a 10 year ebay history through private purchases & sales with a nearly100% feedback rating and I intend to keep it that way with your purchase!



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