1964 Honda CZ100 Monkey Bike, Z50A Z50M RARE, ORIGINAL CONDITION, 1177 miles

1964 Honda Other

Price: US $8,500.00
Item location: Tyler, Texas, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Other
Year: 1964
Mileage: 1,177
VIN: S001425
Engine size: 50
Vehicle Title: Clear
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1964 Honda CZ100, his is the little bike that started it all. Honda built these bikes to test the small bike market and wow what hit they made with their mini bikes. If you are a collector them you know that this is the holy grail of the Honda Mini Bikes. I know of only 4 of these in the US and this is the only original condition one that I know of out of these 4 bikes. As they say in collecting, nything can be restored but they are only original one time. Original grips, andle bars, hrottle assy, andle bar knobs. foot peg rubber, uel cap, uel tank, uel tank side panels and rubber side tank panels, eat cover, eadlight and taillight, ires, aint, otor, arb, ick starter and rubber, ot sure about the chain and sprockets, ut they sure look original to me and on an on.

I will try to list everything that I know about the bike from the time that I purchased this bike in 1997. The gentleman that I purchased the bike from lived in Virginia, s you can see from the vintage tag. He told me that his father was serving in Vietnam and on his way home, e purchased this bike in England and put it on the transport plane back, ith him. When the bike arrived in my possession, cleaned the carb and rode the bike down the street a couple of time, op speed, 7 mph. Muffler was covered in holes and I purchased a replacement muffler form a company named Monkey Bike UK, think that they are now out of business. I also had the muffler guard and handle bars re-plated about 10 years ago. Everything else on the bike is in the condition that it was when I purchased the bike. I do have an NOS rubber seal that goes between the carb and the frame, hat is pictured but not currently installed on the bike. The tires hold air and are in very good condition for 52 year old tires. There is a small pad that has been attached to the frame on the rear section of the right hand side of the frame. I am not sure what this is or its function but you can clearly see this in the pictures, ot sure it if is factory, do not believe so as it has flat head screws, hich the Japanese did not use, t was there when I purchased the bike and I have left it as well.

This bike is a piece of Motorcycle history and it is not something that you would ride or give to a child to enjoy. With 1177 miles on it, his is something that would be displayed in a collection as I have done for the past 19 years. I do not have a title for this bike as it did not when I purchased the bike and I am selling this item the same way in which I purchased it, ILL OF SALE only. If you need any other pictures or information, lease do not hesitate to ask. Please check out my other auctions for other Vintage motorcycles that I am also selling. Selling some toys to buy some new toys. There will be a $500.00 deposit required within 30 minutes of the end of the auction and then the balance will need to be paid for with Bank Wire of certified check. If a check is used then as soon as the check has cleared, he bike is yours, ash in person works as well.

If you are trying to ask me any questions about selling anything else that you see in the back ground or other bikes, lease be aware that the ebay police will not allow for me to answer these questions. I guess their spiders figure that you asking about buying something that they will not squeeze their money out of and do not allow your questions to be answered. Please contact us through our web site or give us a call. Sorry for this trouble.

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