1979 Honda CB400T (Hawk I)

1979 Honda CB

Price: US $562.00
Item location: Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CB
Year: 1979
Mileage: 21,413
VIN: CB400T-2100686
Vehicle Title: Clear

This auction is for a 1979 Honda CB400T (Hawk I). I pulled it out of a fallen-down barn earlier this winter and did a cosmetic restoration (hobby). The engine is seized. It has not been on the road since 2002 (14 riding seasons in Iowa). The night I picked it up the seller told me, I rode it into the barn; it was running great”.

Uh, uh; you know how that goes!

Ground Rules:

This is a no reserve auction for this motorcycle. If you are the high bidder when the auction ends, ou bought yourself a bike. You are obligated to pay for it and pick it up.


Obviously, his bike is not running. The fact that it has not been on the road for 14 years makes it obvious that it will need a complete going-over and all the systems checked, epaired or replaced before it is safe to ride. It is sold with no warranty or guarantees or promises. I’ll tell you all I know about it and that’s the best I can do.


I knew the engine was seized when I bought it. Sometimes it’s something simple and sometimes not. This is a “not” situation. I took the upper cylinders apart hoping for a simple stuck ring but that wasn’t the case. The left side rod bearing is seized solid (right side is loose and good). The pistons, alves, alve trains, am are all in good shape. (A little normal carbon you’ll want to remove).

The engine block is going to have to be removed, he crankcase split open and the crankshaft/pistons/rods removed and repaired/replaced. That’s way above my pay grade. I sealed the piston opening, ecured the cam chain, ensioner and followers and boxed up the cylinder assemblies (see detail pictures).

Fuel Tank & Carburetors:

The fuel tank is rust-free and spotless inside. I cleaned and rebuilt the petcock. The carburetors will need a complete cleaning and overhaul before they will work after sitting for 14 years. I’m sure they are a mess inside.

Tires & Rims:

The rims are original and the chrome is good for the age of the bike with minor pitting in small spots. They appear straight and true. Both tires are shot. I don’t care how good that front one looks; it’s toast.


As stated, ’ve never heard it run and there is no battery with it so I do not know if all the lights, tc. work. They should. I saw some minor “tweaking” of the factory wire harnesses when I was cleaning it up but for the most part, verything looked pretty normal. All of the handlebar switches are present and seem to function properly.


I went through both the front and real brakes while cleaning it and they have good pads and appear to work properly. All cables and linkages are present.

Clutch & Transmission:

The clutch cable/handle (handlebar) does not engage. That’s not unusual for as long as it has sat. The clutch plates are probably sticking. It will need to be disassembled, leaned and adjusted. The 6-speed transmission shifts easily into all gears with the pedal. Neutral is easy to find.

Chrome: The chrome is typical for an old bike. Overall it is in good-to-very good condition with some age pitting in places. There is a ton of chrome on this bike and it really makes for a sharp appearance.


I have a clear and current title/registration in my name that will transfer in all 50 states immediately. There are no liens on the bike. No warranty or guarantees apply to the bike. I have told you all that I know about it; that’s the best I can do with a motorcycle that was covered in pigeon poop in a barn for 14 years. The frame number and engine number do not match but this is not at all unusual for Honda motorcycle factory assembly practices. I have no reason to doubt this engine is the one installed in the bike at the factory.


I have found this payment method works the best for all involved. I accept only two forms of payment. One would be a Money Order from the USPS (no other off-brands). The second method would be a Certified Cashier’s Check drawn on a major U.S. band (Wells Fargo, tc.). If you plan to pick it up within five (5) days then I will accept cash upon pickup.

Payment must be remitted to me within five (5) days of the end of the auction. (That means you must go to the bank or post office the next day, et it in an envelope and mail it. It will get to me from anywhere in the country within the five day limit).

Pick-Up: I would like the bike gone within 10 days of the end of the auction. It will be your responsibility to either get it yourself or contract with a commercial shipper. I will help you load it or cooperate with the shipper of your choice. (Try to avoid U-Ship; you get some really strange people with that crew)!

Conclusion: Read the entire auction. Look at all the pictures and use the enlargement feature to check out the condition of the various parts. You can see from my feedback that I treat my buyers well and run honest auctions; I treat people the way I would want to be treated; it’s as simple as that.

Ask lots of questions; I will promptly, ccurately and honestly answer them for you.

I’ll answer a few here that I always get with bike auctions:

1. Will you trade it for (fill in blank with whatever you have sitting on blocks behind your garage)? NO, hank you.

2. Can I ride it home? NO; read the description carefully.

3. Can I pay cash the day I pick it up? Yes, f within five days; read the description carefully.

4. I really like your bike but first I have to sell my old one and pay off a couple loans I have. Will you hold it for me? NO, hanks for looking.

5. Why are you so hard-core with your auction? Have you been burned on eBay before? YES.

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