New 2016 Honda CBR600RR CBR600 CBR 600 motorcycle OTD Price No Fees

2016 Honda CBR

Price: US $8,999.00
Item location: Petersburg, West Virginia, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CBR
Type: Standard
Year: 2016
Color: Black / White
Engine size: 599
Vehicle Title: Clear

Motorcycling has always been about that perfect bond between rider and machine. Of course there’s the wind and the elements, ut most of all it’s about the balance, bout how involved your entire body is with every aspect of riding. And when you find the perfect bike, t moves with you just like it was an extension of yourself.

The Honda CBR®600RR is that machine. Proven on the track, t fits like a glove, nd is as responsive and instinctive as snapping your fingers. Happy to cut fast laps on a track day, t’s comfortable enough to use as a weekday commuter or a weekend canyon bike.

First of all, here’s its size: compact, ight, tribute to Honda’s understanding of mass centralization, he four-cylinder engine revs like nothing you’ve ever ridden, nless you’ve ridden a MotoGP racer. The chassis (an aluminum twin-spar design) is the basis of the CBR600RR’s laser-sharp handling. Brakes? You can choose between its conventional triple-disc setup or opt for a special version with Honda’s revolutionary Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), he first ever on a production Supersport motorcycle. And it just plain looks right too, specially this year with a new Black/White option that looks like a tri-color Honda wing, ut fades to grey.

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