79 Honda CBX project or parts complete all original. Not running. Good parts.

1979 Honda CBX

Price: US $2,800.00
Item location: Galveston, Texas, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CBX
SubModel: Super Sport
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1979
Mileage: 20,674
VIN: CB12010671
Color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear

I tried listing this for sale before but due to miscommunication and difficult interaction with eBay the sale did not go through.   Also I did not include enough information and pictures.       Read this if you are interested in bidding and want my full disclosure and answers to the general questions most  people ask.      I bought it in July 2006 on eBay and rode it down here from the  Chicagoland area.   In terms of the bikes condition and appearance it would have rated an 8. 5 or better on most peoples 1 - 10 scale  assessment.   I ran it up to 125 mph and held it for a few miles on an isolated stretch of I-55 in  Miss.   It had about 14. 00 miles  on the odometer when I got it.   It ran great right up to the storm.   It was stored in a garage. in an area that wasn't known to flood. certainly not as severely as it did then.   More worried about parts of the roof or windows giving way. I sprayed a full can of WD-40 on it and covered it up.   The bike stayed upright on it's center stand the whole time while the water rose to 6 feet deep.   After the storm it was a literal fight for survival and lots of things to worry about.   I quickly began washing it down and assessing the damage.   The worse obvious damage was the pitting and marks on the alternator cover.   There was water in the crankcase so  I  removed the plugs. oil pan and filter and turned the engine over by hand by turning the rear wheel while in gear.   I did this a lot. washing thoroughly with fresh water and then filled the motor with diesel fuel being the only thing immediately available.   I had developed a leak somewhere and the diesel would slowly leak out.   I found out the cover that bolts to the block which the dipstick screws into had developed a weak spot with a small pinhole.   I used JB Weld on it and the mating surface between two of the bolt holes because it was also rough on the machined surface of the cover (see pictures).   Working with what I had at the time I couldn't get a good. nbsp;lasting seal  where the cover bolts to the block.   After two flushes and drains with diesel fuel. turning the motor over by hand or by pushing with the bike in gear I filled it with new transmission fluid and turned it over some more.   At this point. in the storms aftermath. I had other serious priorities to turn my attention to and knew that I'd done all I could under the circumstances for triage.   I oiled it all down. covered it up until I could work on it some more.   I checked on it to turn it over occasionally but not enough and the motor ( transmission?) eventually locked up.    At this point the bike is in neutral.   There is nothing obvious indicating  any sort of soft spot or damage between seams or mating surfaces to the block. head. trans. carbs or various sub-assemblies. nbsp;just the dipstick cover (see pictures).  The clutch and throttle cables are froze.   The positive cable from the battery to the solenoid fried in two places as the water came up. maybe a good thing.   All the other wiring is intact and looks to be in good. original condition. from what you see on the outside including the various harnesses under the right sidecover.    The pictures could have turned out better.   I was trying to use the mid-morning sun for the strong light but there is too much glare.   There's really no sun damage on it anywhere  and the instrument faces aren't faded at all. though I didn't get a good picture.   I can possibly get more pictures if needed.  The wheels turn freely.   There isn't any stickiness in the steering bearings or headset.   The forks are sealed and dampen like normal.   The brakes aren't working; I pushed the cylinders back into the calipers to keep from dragging.   The seat has tears along the seams only on the drivers' side.   The tank is just there; it has all the original parts. the tank itself is in poor condition.   It had a rust treatment or coating applied to it in the past. way before I got it. which probably destined it to be junk no matter what.   Pipes look good except for joint area on mufflers' side about 4 inches behind footpegs.   There is some rust weakening the chrome grab bar which supports the taillight/turn signal assembly.   Clear Texas title in my name. numbers matching frame I. D. tag.   I think that someone either skilled in selling all the individual parts or with solid expertise in rebuilding bikes could do well here.   I think it could be saved and made to use again. one reason I haven't been quick to sell.   There's a lot of stuff to work on but there's also some things you don't have to fix at all.   I don't have a buy it now price. just interested in the highest bid.   Shipping is not provided.   You will have to pick up or arrange your own shipping.   I will assist to the best of my abilities.   There is no hurry to get the bike once you've won it.   It is stored oiled down and covered up inside an enclosed shed.   I'm in Galveston. centrally located. easy to find.   You may already be aware  but there is a very large motorcycle rally held yearly here the first weekend in November.   If you want to save on shipping you might look into making a deal somehow where someone you know is going to the rally and can get the bike for you then.   Just a suggestion. it's called the Lone Star Rally.   I can say for certain the bike can be stored where it is through January.   I've looked at parts and parts bikes a lot over the last 5-6 years on the internet and elsewhere  and have some perspective on what stuff sells for.   I have a reasonable reserve. not trying to be unrealistic.   I require a $200. 00 deposit within 48 hours of auction close.   The balance due for the full amount of sale price. minus the deposit. will be paid within 7 days of auction close.   I'll need to relist it if that's not the case.   I'll hold firm on these terms because I'll want to relist it before the rally if needed.   I also have a brand new Sears battery kit Diehard 18L-BS  AGM gold premium sports battery (see pics) never used that I paid $120. 00 for and I'll sell it optionally for $75. 00 to anyone or keep it to use in my next X.

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