1971 Honda CB350K3 Super Sport Unregistered US Import Barn Find Classic Restore


Price: £999.99
Condition: Used
Item location: Stoke 0n Trent, England, United Kingdom
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1971 Honda CB350K3 Super Sport Unregistered US Import Barn Find Classic Restore Manufacturer: Honda Model: CB350k3 Year: 1971 made in Apr 71 Engine No: CB350E-3082687 Frame No: CB350-3053420 Colour:Light Ruby Red Mileage:9962 Capacity:325cc Starting at: £999. 99

Stock Number. 71102


It's that time of year when a man needs something to tinker with in the garage.


This very rare and much sought after tax free 1971 Honda CB350K3 Super Sport has recently been imported from North America where it has spent all its life.

PLEASE CHECKOUT THE PICTURES. As you can see this bike is very nearly complete missing just the R/h mirror as is often the case with American bikes. The bike has obviously stood forever so the fuel tank is faded & full of stale petrol. Most of the bright chrome is pitted with rust.

BUT NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS. The bike is every bit as original as it looks here. A fantastic start to a classic restoration project – everything is there to pattern.

The engine is cosmetically quite clean. it turns over nicely off the kick starter – sounds/feels great & has compression – When we hooked it up to a good battery & fed it a few squirts of ether it starts & runs but the carbs do need cleaning.

If you require any further information please give us a call or better still visit our showroom and have a good look over the bike for yourself – after all who are you going to believe me or your own eyes?

If you have been looking for a classic Honda CB350K3 to restore then look no further – THIS ONE COULD BE YOURS so get bidding!!!

We are listing this bike as a trade clearance item with a super low AUTUMN MADNESS SALE starting price and NO RESERVE so get bidding and grab yourself a bargain. Ask your self the question “CAN I AFFORD NOT TO BID?”

Please call NEIL WILSON or MARK RUSHTON on 01782 861100 ext 241 or 244 who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. and can facilitate viewing of this bike.

The bike is currently unregistered. The registration process is reasonably uncomplicated.

We have not got the American Title (Registration Document). we have only got the certificates from Customs & Excise to prove we have paid VAT & duty. these will be provided with the bike with the official V55/5 forms for 1st registration application.


1. You need to get the bike MOT’d.

2. You need to prove the year of manufacture. Phone North Leicester Motorcycles on 01530 263381 with the frame & engine Numbers. for a small fee they will send you a letter confirming the age. Alternatively phone the UK importer customer services with the frame & engine Numbers. again for a small fee they will send you a letter confirming the age.

3. You need to have valid insurance on the bike. You can insure it on the chassis number.

4. Take all this paper work to your local VRO (vehicle registration office). who will charge you £55 for the 1st registration & the current amount for the road tax.

5. The VRO will give you a tax disc with your age related registration number.

Spares you may need

Our used spares dept may carry items you need for this project. give them a call on 01782 862200. if parts are available they will be happy to list them on EBay so you can purchase.

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