1983 Honda Other

Price: US $3,060.00
Item location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Other
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1983
Mileage: 3,872
VIN: JH2RC1502DM0021XX
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear



This Honda 750 Interceptor epitomizes the early 1980?€™s sportbike that started the sportbike craze and became a permanent part of Honda history.  

The condition of this machine is highly original and un-restored.   The frame and engine numbers are factory correct and original.   It is the 750 cc engine.   The gearbox is also original to the machine.   This Honda Interceptor is completely original. has never been down or in any type of accident. and has never been apart.  I believe I am either the third or fourth owner from new.   It is a fantastic original 31 year old machine that can?€™t be replicated and is a true historical document that should be passed on and preserved for the future.  

This machine has been in my collection. is started on a regular basis. and ridden occasionally.

The bike has been part of my collection for a while. but is not ridden too many miles per year.   When I purchased the bike. it had been owned by another collector as a static display.   At the start of every riding season. I  check all of the major engine. transmission. and braking components for wear and safety.   The gas tank was cleaned when I purchased it. and the carburetors were inspected. cleaned. and re-installed and the air filter changed.   All fluids have been recently changed. and both front and rear brakes were checked. as new brakes were installed a few seasons ago.   The bike now has 3. 72 total miles on it. a few more than the photos show. as I?€™ve ridden it since the photos were taken.  

The tire on the front is a Metzeler. 120/80 VB16. and a Metzeler 130/80 V18 on the rear.  The tires are the correct type and size that came new on the 1983 750 Interceptor.   The wheels are also original to the machine and are in excellent condition. with no pitting or paint chipping evident.  

The seat is also original and the upholstery is in excellent condition with no rips. tears. or cracks.  

The engine and transmission are in excellent interior condition due to the low mileage and absence of any type of harsh conditions or abuse throughout its life.  

The major downfall of these motors in the beginning of their production was the camshafts. and that issue has been taken care of. with the proper motor work being done and the improved parts being installed.

A complete cleaning and detailing is performed at least twice per year. and although detailing on an original machine is never completed. the overall condition of the finishes is remarkable considering the age of the machine. and is in line with the low original mileage.

The aluminum parts are in excellent condition overall. but due to the originality. I never want to go too far polishing any parts.     

The paint is original and is nearly flawless.   The original decals are still applied to the gas tank. fairing. sidecovers. and tail section.   All of the plastic fairings. covers. etc. are in excellent condition and are not in need of any type of repair.    

The 750 on the road is very easy to handle. and rides down the road very tight. with no shakes. shimmies. or rattles.   It shifts and accelerates smoothly and holds the road as it should.  

There is absolutely NOTHING that needs to be done to this machine to ride it occasionally and enjoy it as a showpiece.   Unlike other motorcycles for sale on the internet and particularly older sport bikes. this one is ready to ride and not in need of any expensive service once you get it home.   Anything and everything needed has been done.   

If you would like any additional photos of any part of the bike. please let me know and I would be happy to take them and email them to you.   If you would like a video of the bike running and me riding it. I can also email you a video of that.  

Ultimately. I want the new owner of the bike to be happy with their purchase and enjoy the bike as much as I have over the years.  

I am always looking for new machines to add to my collection. so please let me know if you have something interesting available!


The description of this motorcycle is written to the best of my knowledge.   However. I am by no means an expert on vintage Honda motorcycles.   Please don?€™t hesitate to ask for more photos and. if possible. come and look in person before the auction ends.   ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  If you have any questions. please contact me before the auction ends.

If you have any questions. please contact me.   If you live close to Chicago. I encourage you to come and inspect the motorcycle in person!

In an effort to protect the eBay user information and to help ensure the authenticity of correspondence between sellers and bidders. eBay?€™s new listing format does NOT display any bidder information.   I STRONGLY encourage bidders to contact me directly to answer questions or to verify correspondence.   Seller reserves the right to not accept bids or sell the vehicle to anyone with a zero or negative eBay feedback rating.

This motorcycle is being sold as is. where is with no warranty. expressed. written or implied unless there is a warranty in effect from the factory.   The seller shall not be responsible for the correct description. authenticity. genuineness. or defects herein. and makes no warranty in connection therewith.   No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness. imperfection. defect or damage.   Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type.   It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the motorcycle and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to bid based upon that judgment solely.   The seller shall and will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this motorcycle at the buyer's request PRIOR to the close of sale.   Seller assumes no responsibility for any statements regardless of any oral statements about the motorcycle .

Please remember that your bid constitutes a legally binding contract to purchase this item.  If you require an inspection. have it done prior to bidding.  I strongly encourage all bidders to inspect the motorcycle personally or enlist the services of a professional inspector prior to placing a bid.  After the sale. inspections are not recognized as a contingency to completing your obligation to your winning bid.   If there are any questions regarding the above terms. please e-mail me prior to bidding.

Please do not waste my time or yours bidding on an item you do not intend to pay for.   If you bid on this motorcycle and win. you are expected to pay and pick it up in a timely manner!

I welcome ALL international bidders and am happy to assist with making shipping arrangements.   I can also arrange crating for shipment on my end for a nominal extra charge.   If you are an international buyer. I understand it can take some time to arrange shipping. so I do not mind keeping the motorcycle for a longer period of time until pick up.   Please contact me before the sale ends. if possible. to discuss the specifics.

Thanks for your interest!

For more on the Honda 750 Interceptor. please read on past the photos?€¦

The Honda VF and VFR series (VF meaning Vee-Four. and VFR meaning Vee-Four Racing) is a line of production motorcycles made by Honda featuring V4 engines. The VFR was used as Honda's homologation racing platform in the 1980s. however the introduction of lighter inline-four powered competitors in the 1990s prompted Honda to transition the VFR into a mid-sized sport touring bike.

The VFR is often used by Honda as a showcase for technological innovation. The VFR800 was the first to utilize Honda's VTEC system. as well as the first Honda motorcycle to feature ABS and a linked braking system. The subsequent VFR1200 became the first motorcycle to feature a Dual-clutch transmission.

The V-Four engine was prominent in Honda's model line-up in the early 1980s with engine capacities ranging from 400 cc to 1. 00 cc. The V-Four design had only been used a few times in the history of motorcycles. most notably by Matchless. The V4 cylinder arrangement achieves perfect primary balance giving a smooth and nearly vibration-free operation. Primary balance of the engine requires fewer balance shafts cutting down on weight and internal friction. The V4 engine is often described as a balance between the low end torque available in V-Twin engines with the high end power available in Inline-four engines.

The earliest Honda VF series engine was designated the V45 for its size (45 cubic inches or 740 cubic centimeters) and was very narrow being only 16 inches (406 mm) wide. A smaller V30 (500 cc) engine and a larger V65 (1. 00 cc) engine were later available. Since the mid-1990s engine displacement has grown with each successive model from 750. to 800. to 1200 cubic centimeters.

In 1982. the first year of the VF models 'first gen'. reliability and quality control problems occurred due to new automated production equipment at Honda's plant in Hamamatsu. Japan.  Regardless. Honda sold out its first year's inventory of Sabres and the Magnas were not far behind. 1983 saw the engine revised to correct the problems from the previous production year and the introduction of the V65 and the Interceptor. Cam-wear problems surfaced during 1984 in the larger displacement bikes. which. by the time it was corrected. led to eight factory cam revisions over the course of just one year.

The chain-driven valvetrain was dropped from the VFR. with the 1986 'Second Generation' VFR750. in favor of gear driven camshafts to help distance the VFR from the reputation of the earlier VF engine faulty cam-chain tensioners. The new system allowed the tensioner to reach maximum travel while the chain remained within service limits. The sixth generation VFR800 returned to chain driven cam-chains along with the introduction of variable valve timing. The seventh generation VFR1200 has since replaced the original VTEC variable valve timing system with the unicam system originally developed for the CRF450R dirt bike.


More on the 750 Interceptor?€¦

It was the first sportbike born with racing DNA. Years ago. you either rode an Interceptor or you were way behind.  

There were two kinds of sportbike riders in 1983. Those who owned a VF750 Interceptor. and those who lusted after one. Armed with newly developed Honda Grand Prix technology. such as a track-inspired fairing. 16-inch front wheel. rectangular-section perimeter frame. single-shock rear suspension and anti-dive front suspension. the Interceptor was a back-road rapier among pocket knives.  

Power was cutting edge.

As the first liquid-cooled engine in any sportbike. the Interceptor's 90-degree V-four spun out an amazing 86 horsepower. making the bike quicker in the quarter mile and faster on top than its peers. In a top-gear roll-on. the Interceptor flat crushed them. and. in so doing. exploded the notion that high-performance sportbikes had to have narrow powerbands crowded close to the redline. Those triple-disc brakes were regarded as the best brakes on any mass-produced street bike. When the pavement turned twisty. nothing else measured up. And if you felt like crossing a time zone or two. the Interceptor was versatile. smooth and comfortable enough for the job.

Still. its toughest job was racing. New AMA rules required that Superbikes be built from street-going 750s. so Honda's radical Interceptor arrived with the heart and bones of a champion. Losing 70 pounds and gaining over 40 horses in race trim. the new V-4 was equally omnipotent on the track. In 1983. its rookie year as an AMA Superbike. the VF750F won eight of 14 Nationals. and would begin a legacy of Honda V-4 dominance unequaled in AMA Superbike racing.  

That original Interceptor. through its racing and sales success. proved that Honda's integrated design approach worked as well on the track as it did on the street.

Fast. agile. comfortable. perfectly balanced. the Interceptor began a Honda design philosophy that created a line of sportbikes with tremendous performance and street civility. a line leading straight to the aluminum-frame. fuel-injected 800 Interceptor in Honda's 2000 lineup.  

Even if you weren't old enough or lucky enough to experience the Interceptor in 1983. the magic lives on in Honda's sportbike line. and it's better than ever.

Debut in U. S. and world markets. 16" front wheel. 18" rear wheel. silver alloy painted Steel Perimeter (Twin Spar) frame (Similar to GSXR or Honda NS500 frame). Single rear shock w/ 2 sided Alloy swingarm. 1/2 upper fairing with chin or belly fairing. 360x crank. chain driven cams. 4/2 exhaust system with a HUGE. overweight collector box in the middle. The forks had TRAC mechanical anti-dive mechanisms. One cool feature was the fuel petcock which was built into the left side of the tank. Colors were white w/red stripes and white w/blue stripes (U. S. models). Canada/Europe got combos of the colors (i. e. mostly blue with the small red strip instead of same color blue stripe or red w/ blue stripe). American models were outfitted with cast rims while European models recieved bolt together "Comstar" wheels that featured large "plates" drilled with holes. attaching the hubs to the rims. They were gold anodized.

*Article Courtesy of Bob Logue Motorsports. copyright 2013

?€¦And what one motorcycle journalist had to say about the Interceptor?€¦

Much has been written about the landmark VF 750 F Interceptor. most dealing with the Honda?€™s impressive production run. technical innovation and Superbike racing success. All noteworthy and all true. but the real story behind the Interceptor was Honda?€™s departure from the air-cooled inline four. Introduced fourteen years earlier. the venerable CB-series served as the foundation for what would eventually be one of the largest and most successful motor companies in the history of motorized transportation.

By the time Honda introduced the first V45 Interceptor in 1983. it had already gained a strong reputation for flexing its technological muscles. 1975's GL1000 rewrote the touring handbook with its long-lived. turbine-like flat four. and other deviations like the twin cylinder CX500 and CBX showed Honda wasn?€™t above digging into established motifs to make a point. Based purely on opinion. the public in general and Honda enthusiasts in particular seemed most comfortable with the company producing leading edge designs.              

Based on the V45 Magna. the Interceptor?€™s 748 cc. liquid-cooled V4 measures only 14" across the crankcases and features a revised starter that kickes the engine?€™s rotation to match the direction with the wheels. Cutting edge for the era. the stout VeeFour featured DOHC with 4v per cylinder. four 30 mm Keihin CV type carbs and a compression ratio of 10. 5:1. The transmission was beefed and revised into a standard five-cog box with the Magna/Sabre?€™s shaft drive and differential binned in favor of a conventional drive chain. Rated at just under 90-bhp. the 500-lb plus V45 Interceptor clocked an 11. 9 second 1/4 quarter-mile and generated a top speed that approached an honest 140 mph.    

Chassis specs featured a box-section steel perimeter frame. painted to look like aluminum; the same trick Honda used on the CB1100F?€™s swingarm. Ushering in the brief but unforgettable 16-inch front rim craze. the Interceptor didn?€™t suffer any with its adjustable Showa suspensions. Short and stubby. the Interceptor was among the best handling middleweights of the day and second to none for pure curb appeal with its blocky paddock styling. chin spoiler. dual radiators and brushed alloy aircraft spec dash.

Constantly revised through its long. impressive production run. the VF spawned the highly acclaimed VFR series; a model that claimed repeated ?€?Bike of the Year?€™ awards and earned legions of devoted fans all over the world.

*Article Courtesy of Nolan Woodbury and Vintage Motorcycles Online

Honda VF 750F Interceptor Specifications

Year: 1983

Engine: Liquid cooled. four stroke. 90?°V-four cylinder. DOHC. 4 valve per cylinder.

Capacity: 748 cc

Bore x Stroke: 70 ?… 48. 6 mm

Compression Ratio: 10. 5:1

Induction: 4x 30mm Keihin carbs

Ignition/Starting: Transistorized/electric

Max Power: 86 hp @ 10000 rpm

Max Torque: 46. 3 ft*lb @ 7500 rpm

Transmission/Drive: 5 Speed/chain

Front Suspension: Showa 38mm forks. 3-way adjustable rebound damping.

Rear Suspension: Single Showa air-spring shock 4-way adjustable rebound damping.

Front Brakes: 2x 270mm discs

Rear Brakes: Single 288mm disc

Front Tire: 120/80-16

Rear Tire: 130/70-18

Dry-Weight: 221 kg

Fuel Capacity: 23 Litres (3. 5 Gallons)

Fuel Consumption  average: 15 mp/g

Standing £ Mile: 11. 9 sec/180 km/h

Top Speed: 138 mp/h

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