Honda SL70 - 1971 - Two Mini Enduro Bikes, for sale by original owner

1971 Honda Other

Price: US $3,000.00
Item location: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Other
SubModel: SL 70
Year: 1971
Mileage: 100
Engine size: 70
Vehicle Title: Clear
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I purchased these bikes in March. 1973 for my first wife and me to use for trail riding.   Before the end of the year we went through a divorce.   I was still paying off the loan on them and she did not want the expense in the settlement so I retained possession of them.   Shortly after the divorce. I decided to purchase a much larger dirt bike and the Hondas went into storage.   I very seldom rode them after that and eventually sold them to my father in 1979.   My parents had an RV and travelled throughout the Western US extensively on vacation.   My dad planned to take them along so they would have some fun transportation when they parked the RV in camp grounds in the national parks. etc.   Sadly. he suffered a fatal heart attack before they went on their next summer's trips.   My mother rode the red bike on the country roads around her home a few times after that and stopped after she hit a sand bank and got tossed off.   She parked them in her barn where they sat there under a tarp in the dry air of West Texas until 2003.   I moved her to our home in San Antonio that year and the bikes came along.   I had planned to get them up an running so my grandson and I could ride around our property in the Texas hill country.   Unfortunately. that project never got off the ground.   He is now sixteen and has become a team roper.   He is into horses and Rodeo and would not be caught dead on a small bike like these.   They have been sitting in my storage unit since 2003.   My wife finally convinced me to sell them.  


I rolled these bikes out of my storage unit and photographed them without shining them up first.   The dullness you see on the headlight lenses. etc.  comes from 35+ years worth of accumulated barn/storage dust.   With a little soap and water and some elbow grease they will clean up beautifully.  

Let me be clear about this . . . these bikes are not restored. they are 100% original.  I have the original sales receipts with my name on them to validate their authenticity.   Every part on them. including the tires. rolled off the show room floor in 1973.   There are absolutely no aftermarket parts on them.   None of the original parts have been replaced.   They never saw enough use to require any repairs or replacement parts.   The VIN for the Red bike shows its date of manufacture as September. 1971 and October. 1971 for the Yellow bike.

The yellow bike has somewhat less than 100 miles on it and the red bike has even less mileage than the yellow one.   My dad did take off the speedometers in 1979 because he thought they were in the way and didn't like the way they looked.   I no idea what happened to them after that.   Without the speedos I can't give you an exact number for their mileage. but I am confident about my estimates since they have never been out of my or my mother's possession.   To the best of my knowledge. the speedos are the only parts missing from the original setup. You can look at tires to see there is virtually no wear . .   . and yes those are the original tires.   However. I don't recommend using them due to their advanced age.     The engines on both bikes turn freely and are not seized.   The fuel lines and a few similar items will have to be replaced due to age related deterioration.   Short of that it should take minimal effort to get them running although after 40 years I can't guarantee that some of the electronic components may need replacing simply due to age.

I do have the Texas Certificate of Title for both bikes.


The buyer will be responsible for any required shipping. crating. etc. if you do not choose to pick them up yourself.   The bikes are in San Antonio. TX.


I will accept PayPal or major credit cards.  

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