Honda Goldwing, GL1200, sidecar, outfit, combination, Cambridge sidecar.

Price: £2,200.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Fradley, Lichfield, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Make: Honda
Model: GL 1200
Type: Side Car
Year: 1984
Color: Red
Engine size: 1,200
Start type: Electric start
Drive type: Shaft

I purchased this outfit in May this year for a specific task and that was to take my mother on the Ride to the Wall which took place yesterday. As she is 85 nearly blind and very fragile. I wanted something very comfortable and the Cambridge sidecar attached to a Goldwing filled the need very well. I paid between £2500 - £2600  for the outfit. slightly vague as the chap took my qpod in px. A lot of money had been spent on the outfit when I got it including a lot of powder coating. painting. cam belts replaced suspension overhauled to name some. the chap had also removed the radio and speakers and a few other bits but I have most of them also I have the original mirrors for the bike and also the original screen and frame for the side car. I also have a new original roof for it. As you can see I modified the side car seat to raise it up much more sensible for an older passenger. Again I have the original foam and cover if you wish to put it back. The wing is a 1984 GL1200 imported and registered in this country in 1993. The mileage is showing as 93000 kilometres which is about 58000 miles and the bike seems to run well. I wanted different wider handlebars to make maneuvering the outfit easier but after 2 failed attempt  to purchase what I wanted i had the original handle bars altered which worked well although has dis-coloured the chrome. I have tried putting silver tape on to hide it but it hasn?€™t really worked. Bike tyres are very good and I have fitted a new one on the sidecar. Let be honest this outfit is very comfortable but massive and better suited to long distance travel than tinkering around a small village. It did me proud yesterday but now I don?€™t need it so I have classified advertised it to allow people to come and view. bring cash and ride it away.  

Listed at £2200 makes this a outfit a good buy to ride safely all year round no matter what the weather. Test rides will require cash in my pocket and / or proof of insurance. Thanks for looking   

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