1972 Honda CL

Price: US $1,600.00
Item location: Kerrville, Texas, United States
Make: Honda
Model: CL
SubModel: CL100 Scrambler
Type: Dual-Purpose
Year: 1972
Mileage: 1,857
VIN: CL100-1229352
Color: Blue
Engine size: 100
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
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* - No Title

* - Engine Gasket Kit and Clymer Honda Manual Included.

* -  Some parts missing or require replacement (Refer to following description).

* - Some replaced original parts included.


I purchased this bike from a neighbor who specializes in furnishing parts for vintage Honda bikes.   I live on a 3. 00 acre community ranch with about 300 neighbors and private roads.   I just wanted a bike to ride to the mail boxes and around the ranch so a titled bike wasn't important to me.   I've enjoyed the bike and it has served its original purpose  but I'd like something larger that I can title and take off the ranch onto faster roads.

The following details relate to what I did to get the bike running and subsequent improvements:

1.   Battery - The previous battery apparently froze. broke and leaked battery acid on the chain guard and left side of the engine.   I purchased and installed a new battery.   New battery terminals were soldered on the wire terminations.

In addition. the left side of the engine was wire brushed along with the chain guard which still has deformed chrome.   Note the photos.

2.   Air Filter -  The metal air filter enclosure was removed. cleaned. wire brushed and painted black.   A new foam air cleaner was purchased. soaked with 80 weight oil per specs. the excess oil was squeezed out and the foam filter with metal enclosure reinstalled.

3.   Carburetor - Removed. soaked in a can of liquid Gunk solution for 24 hours. sprayed clean with carburetor cleaner and reinstalled.

4.   Points and Condenser - When originally tested with the spark plug removed there was no spark.   I removed the point's side cover. filed points per the manual and set gap per specs.   Retest of spark worked and the spark plug was reinstalled.

5.   Fuel tank - The fuel tank had rust in it.   I read online a good way to remove rust is to fill the tank with vinegar and after doing so overnight I rinsed the tank and it appeared most of the rust was removed.

As a precaution. I purchased and installed a combination paper and magnetic fuel line filter.   In addition. a new fuel line was installed.   After running the bike for several months I haven't noticed any rust buildup in the filter.

The original fuel cap was cork and leaked.   I purchased a new fuel cap with rubber.   There is still some leakage but not as bad as it was.   Some work to the gas cap opening may be required.

The two rubber cushions that fit between the gas tank and the frame have been replaced with new ones.

The fuel tank has a dent in it on the front left side.   Refer to photos.

6.   With the aid of spray engine starter the bike fired up.   It has performed okay for my use but at high rpm the engine misses.   In addition. when the engine is idling I occasionally hear a miss.   As the engine warms up the idle speed increases.

The condenser looks original.   I'm not a mechanic but I suspect the points and condenser should be replaced and possibly the carburetor rebuilt for optimum performance.   Considering the bike is 42 years old I'm surprised the original parts are working as well as they are.   There appears to be adequate of low end torque to move my 200 lbs. over the hills in  the Texas Hill Country.

7.   Ignition Key - The helmet lock is presently locked and the ignition key does not operate the helmet lock.   The ignition key works fine in the ignition.   I did not try the ignition key in the front fork lock.

8.   After firing up the engine and letting it run I drained the oil. cleaned the left side oil filter and replaced the oil.   I've noticed a slow leak around the left side oil filter.   I purchased an engine gasket kit but haven't drained the oil again to replace the seal that I believe is in the kit.   Refer to the photo of the Engine Gasket Kit.

9.   Chain - The chain was rusted so a combination of WD40. wire brushing. oil and use resulted in a functional chain.

While working on the chain and the side aluminum chain cover was removed I noticed the green wire for the neutral light switch was severed.   As a result. I spliced in a new section via solder. wire and heat shrinkable tubing.

10.   Front Headlight - The original plastic housing for the front headlight was broken. the headlight was included but removed.

Practically all of the wiring terminals for the bike's electrical system are included in the headlight housing behind the headlight.   Prior to removing the old housing the wires were labeled for proper reassembly.

A new plastic headlight housing was installed and wires reconnected.   At this point I tested the neutral light. horn. headlight high and low beams. taillight. brake light and turn signals.   While the rear turn signal lights are still missing the exposed corresponding wires were tested to make sure they were getting power when operated.  

After testing the headlight was installed.

11.   Taillight - The rear taillight lens was broken and the black metal frame was rusted.   I completely removed the taillight assembly. wire brushed the metal frame. repainted it with black enamel paint and then reassembled it with a new rear taillight lens.

12.   Foot Rest and Kick Stand - These were removed as a single unit from the bike. old rubber foot rests removed. metal wire brushed. painted with black enamel paint. new rubber foot rests installed and then reassembled.

13.   Kick Stand - Years ago I had a Honda CL350 with a center kick stand and really liked it.   The original kickstand for this CL100 needed to be replaced so I bought a used one. wire brushed. painted and installed it on the bike.

The original kickstand was missing a spring and "C" shaped piece of metal which I purchased new and installed on the bike.   I really like how the kickstand now works.

14.   Rear Foot Rests - The left rear foot rest is missing.   Note photos.

15.   Front End:

A.   Fender - The front fender had a good sized dent in it and was rusted on the underside.   The fender was removed and the dent tapped out with a hammer on a wood block.   It's not perfect by any means but much better.   Finished off the chrome with chrome polish and wax.

I wire brushed the underside of the fender to remove the rust and then spray painted it with galvanized enamel paint.

I noticed one of the four fender mount bolts was missing but couldn't find a local source for replacement but haven't notice any adverse vibration or movement of the fender while riding.

B.   Hub - I removed the front wheel and wire brushed the hub as best as possible.

The speedometer wasn't functioning.   I determined there was no cable and a piece of the gearing mechanism was bent.   These were replaced with new components but the speedometer still didn't work.

After replacing the old speedometer (1. 57 miles) with a used one (1. 10 miles) it now works fine.   No telling how many original miles are on the bike.   The bent component occurred when the front wheel and hub were reassembled sometime in the past.

C.   Wheel - The tire. tube and spoke/ tube liner were removed. wheel wire brushed. new spoke/ tube liner installed. new heavy duty tube inserted. new Michelin tire installed. inflated. spokes tightened per instructions in the manual. chrome polished with chrome polish. waxed. and assembly reinstalled.

D.   Front Forks - I drained the oil from the forks and replaced with 20W oil per specs.   The seals don't appear to be leaking.

While the tire and fender were removed I wire brushed the aluminum forks.

16.   Rear End:

A.   Wheel - The tire. tube and spoke/ tube liner were removed. wheel wire brushed. new spoke/ tube liner installed. new heavy duty tube inserted. new Michelin tire installed. inflated. spokes tightened per instructions in the manual. chrome polished with chrome polish. waxed. and assembly reinstalled.

B.   Chain Adjusters - One was missing and the other was not in the best of condition.   New ones were purchased and installed.

C.   Axle Nut - The exterior of the nut was ruined so a new one with new cotter pin was purchased and installed.

D.   Hub - Wire brushed the hub. chain sprocket and exterior aluminum wheel section where possible.

E.   Fender - The rear fender was rusted on the underside.   I wire brushed the underside of the fender to remove the rust and then spray painted it with galvanized enamel paint.

Finished off the chrome with chrome polish and wax.

17.   Seat - I really like the way the seat turned out.   It was one of the most expensive items.   First I purchased a high quality seat cover along with the chrome replacement buttons.   I took it to an upholsterer who stripped the seat. wire brushed the metal frame. spray painted the frame with black enamel paint. installed new high quality foam. installed the cover and chrome buttons.   It looks and feels great.

I also replaced the old rubber fuel tank anchor/ seat cushion with a new one.

18.   Chain Guard -  While the rear wheel was off I removed the chain guard. wire brushed the underside of the chain guard to remove the rust and then spray painted it with galvanized enamel paint.


19.   New Mirrors - I purchased two new mirrors but found the receiving threads for the mirrors to be stripped.   I was able to find a new aluminum light cover switch on the right hand side with good threads.   I installed the cover and right side mirror.   The turn signal cover with good threads needs to be purchased and installed on the left side to accept the new left side mirror.

20.   Plastic Side Panels - The right side panel is in decent shape but requires a CL100 emblem to bring it back to original design.  The left side panel has been damaged and is missing the emblem as well.

21.   Clutch and Brake Handles -  I purchased and installed new handles since the ends of the old ones were broken off.   The right brake handle is still a little stiff but has been loosening up with use.

22.   Starter and Shift Bar Rubber - New rubber for these were purchased and installed.

23.   Hand Grip Rubber -  New hand grips were purchased and installed.

Sorry. I'm not in a position to arrange crating and shipping.   I understand there are a number of companies that specialize in shipping motorcycles and suggest you contact them for quotes.   As a result. I'm listing as no shipping/ local pickup but will be glad to meet your shipper at a given time for pickup.

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