1914 Indian Board Track Racer Replica

1914 Indian

Price: US $1,395.00
Item location: Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
Make: Indian
Type: Board Track Racer
Year: 1914
Color: Red
Engine size: 80
Vehicle Title: Clear
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Just won the Judge's Choice Trophy at the Cotee River Bike Fest this weekend in New Port Richey, lorida.
The first mass produced motorcycle, he Indian, ppeared in 1901; it was followed in 1903 by Harley Davidson.
Between 1910 and 1920, eams of riders competed against each other in large tracks built especially for board track racing. The tracks, alled motordromes, ere made of rough-cut lumber and banked steeply - sometimes more than 60 degrees.
The early racing motorcycles were essentially bicycles with powerful engines but no brakes. They had to be towed by other motorcycles to start them.
Speeds of 100+ miles per hour were common and collisions and crashes occurred regularly; often, iders would be upended when their bikes hit 2X4s that had become worn or warped.
By the early 20s, ocal governments began to crack down, losing tracks, nd the motorcycle companies that sponsored teams began instituting rules to limit speeds.

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