Kawasaki KH250/400 Hybrid

Price: £1,220.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Uckfield, United Kingdom
Year: 1980
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Hi Folks

Here is my 1980 KH250/400 Hybrid project which sadly must go!

I say sadly because if it was not for some damn fool “me” going and putting a deposit on another new-fangled modern motorcycle I would be keeping it.

I bought this about a year back as a non-runner. I got it going initially and it ran ok but the jetting was wrong. This video is as it was first running.

http://vid1364. photobucket. com/albums/r729/cjchelwood/VIDEO0021_zpsgedj0g35. mp4

I then fitted the alloy wheels in place of some rusty wire ones. cleaned out all the gunge from the tank and carbs. and threw away the manky pod filters. I then fitted all the following New parts including the correct main jets etc.

New Fuel tap

New Tyres Front and Rear. Michelin M45. 0 miles use

New Boyer Electronic Ignition

New S3 Airbox and Filter

New S3 carb rubbers

New “quality” Gel Battery

New Regulator

New Generator “not fitted yet” but included

The bike will now start. but runs very erratically and won’t tick over etc. All the jetting/air filter is standard. Could just be timing as I have been unable to keep the thing running long enough at low revs to time it properly!

To be honest I have bought another bike on impulse. and really don’t have the space. or cash to look after both. and I do own another Kawasaki triple that works. so I’m not missing out too badly.

The bike is all quite solid with no rust or nasty dents on the paint. but it does look maybe better in the pictures and is realistically a restoration project that will need some time. refurbishment of chrome etc.

The log book says KH250. but has 400cc printed on it. and it is in my name.

I’m located about 20 miles South East of Gatwick.

Happy Bidding

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