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2006 Kawasaki KLR

Price: US $2,425.00
Item location: Taylors, South Carolina, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: KLR
SubModel: 650
Type: Dual-Purpose
Year: 2006
Mileage: 9,677
Color: Red
Engine size: 650
Vehicle Title: Clear

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*** 100% Satisfaction Guaranty ***
ANY reason the bike is not everything we say it is you do not have to complete the auction (we will simply relist it) The Bike is THAT GOOD !!!
Garage Kept - Upstate South Carolina
Let me tell you about my Dad and Uncle Jack ...
My Dad is 75 and Uncle Jack is 63 this bike was owned by both of them over the years and it has some of the best stories to tell ... sooooooo many GREAT memories revolve around this bike ... whether we talk about trips to Colorado or when we built crates and shipped our bikes out to Alaska ... this bike has never let our family down !!!
If you are looking for THE Greatest KLR 650 Private Seller Deal on eBay you are in LUCK !!!
We are offering a 100% Satisfaction Guaranty ... if for ANY reason the bike is not everything we say it is you do not have to complete the auction (we will simply relist it) The Bike is THAT GOOD ... we want the ol'Girl to go to a great home with people who will enjoy her as much as our Family has :-)
If you are a little older and perhaps of shorter stature (like my Dad) this is the bike for you ... Since my Pops has short legs and a long torso ... the lowering links are already installed -plus- folding highway pegs on the crash bars up front ... obviously if you know the KLR's check out the high resolution pics via Flickrclick here... you will see that every possible after market upgrade has been added over the years ... from the cam chain doo-hickey to larger brake rotors, uards every freakin' where (e.g. brake calipers, ngine cases, kid plate, tc.)
Quick list of awesome stuff on our KLR ...
Front Fork StabilizerOver Sized Front RotorStainless Steel Braided Brake HosesFront Fairing Crash Bars with Highway PegsRenthal HandlebarsVibration Proof Knobs with Moose Racing Hand Gaurds and dampening mirror mountsFold-in Rear Brake Lever and Gear ShifterCorTech Tank Bag with Side BraHeated GripsCorbin Seat (Lower, latter, ore Comfortable)Shorter Kick StandAwesome TiresSaddle Bags with Removable Rear Duffle BagAfter Market Exhaust/Muffler with Heat Sheild Plate & Tape installedFairing with Wide Windscreen
Reason for Selling: my Dad had Triple Bi-Pass November of 2014 -and- a Pace Maker this past December (the Ol'man's riding days are over)
Uncle Jack will be going through the entire bike this week as it has sat for a bit in my Dad's garage since the Pace Maker Surgery ... Uncle Jack will clean the carb and put in a Brand New Battery this week with a fresh oil change so you can ride the KLR home to "Alaska if you'd like" (we'll pick you up at the airport) Note: in the Flickr pics there is a Dead Moose on the side of the road (killed by a truck)
BID WITH CONFIDENCE ~ GOOD LUCK !!!(we reserve the right to end the auction early)

Here's a Copy/Paste of How Uncle Jack keeps track of the history for our bikes ...
My Purchase date: February 28, 007
Mileage at purchase: 01,031.8
V.I.N. JKAKLEA126DA23055
From: DAL-KAWA cycle Center, nc.
312 Kanuga Road
Hendersonville, C 28739
PH: (828) 692-7519
Salesman: Ross Arrington
Service performed by DAL-KAWA cycle on 11/16/06 @ 1,007 miles
Oil & filter change.
1st check & valve adjustment check
3/1/07------ Install Factory hand guards
Install Factory oversized windscreen
Install Factory tank bag
3/3/07 First ride: 150 miles
3/4/07------ Install 2357 rear tail/brake light bulb
3/6/07------ Install Supertrapp pipe with 12 discs.
3/9/07------ Drilled five 1” round air vents in air box & remove factory rubber inlet baffle.
Installed a DJ # 155 main jet
Installed a Kawasaki # 16009-1794 needle jet set @ 4th groove down from top position
# 92037-1401 needle clip
# 92143-1667 spacer (collar)
Drilled out factory plug and back out airscrew ? turn to 2? turns from seated.
Installed Front S. steel brake hose and rear S. steel brake hose. Flush brakes.
3/11/07 Second ride of 160 miles. Bike runs & stops much better.
3/17/07 Installed following at mileage 1,540:
Rear tail bag - Kawasaki factory unit.
Renthall aluminum bars (# 757-02-SI-01-185 Kawasaki 80 mini high)
Progrips # PG714B rally grips
Magnetic drain plug # MO103 (M12 x 1.50) [Cut the hex down to the bottom of cup]
Skid plate Moose # M230
Progressive Suspension Larry Roessler series fork springs # 11-1151
Use a 46mm preload spacer & fill with Spectro SAE 10 wt oil set at 188mm.
Repack steering stem bearings
Drill out carb slide air bleed hole to 1/8”
Back out air screw to 3? turns from seated
Clean & re-oil air filter
- page 2 -
3/20/07 Installed following @ mileage 1,645: (All supplied by K&S Engineering @ mashonline.com)
Radiator guard # 49089-1073-1AS by Studebaker mfg.
Choke/mirror relocation bracket # 033-0036
Mirror vibration isolators # 033-9996
3/30/07 Maintenance done @ mileage 1,900:
Lube all pivot points
Adjust balancer shaft tensioner
Re-adjusted airscrew to 3 turns out
Filled battery with distilled water. Clean terminals
Sealed muffler & center exhaust pipe connections with silicone sealant
Removed the screen from air intake.
4/3/07 Installed following @ mileage 1,985
4/21/07 Installed following @ mileage 2,154
4/24/07 Installed following @ mileage 2,337
EBC Pro-lite # SM6042 oversize 320mm front brake rotor & caliper bracket
EBC FA130R front brake pads
KENDA 50/50 on/off road tires: K270 6P rear 510-17 & K270 4P front 300-21
Phillips NightGuide part # 9003NGS2 H4 headlight bulb Tri-color 55/60 watt
5/19/07 Installed following @ mileage 2,720
6/02/07 Installed following @ mileage 2,989 for Colorado trip
Dual Star 35-00650-420 Rear brk. pedal mount & 35-00650-400 master cylinder guard
Moose # VN-P 2-40-02 air filter
Lube chain & all pivot points
Re-jet for Colorado: Clip in middle; main jet 145; airscrew out ? turn
Complete check-over
6/10-14/07 Rode 273 miles in Colorado.
6/24/07 Did the following @ mileage 3,262 after Colorado trip
Re-jet for SC. Trying a Kehin #150 main instead of the previous DJ #155
Needle clip in 2nd from bottom. Airscrew in ? turn.
Lube chain
Check over bike
Fork brace # 35004-1394-1AS from Studebaker Mfg, nc.
(Supplied by K&S Engineering @ mashshonline.com)
Bike now getting better mileage & runs good. (44MPG - 210 miles before reserve)
Handles better on road. More stable in turns.
- page 3 -
10/06/07 Replace front & rear tires @ mileage 4,597
Front 90/90T21 AVON Gripster
Rear 130/80S17 AVON Gripster
New tire are much better. 5-10% better in gravel, 0-15% better in dirt. Much better
on the road.
11/21/07 Oil & filter change @ mileage 5,270
Kawasaki 10W40 oil 2-1/3 quarts
Kawasaki oil filter # 16099-004
Clean & re-oil air filter
Adjust balancer chain tensioner
Replace missing bolt in right side of rear rack (M8 x 35mm S. steel SHCS)
Adjust & lube chain
12/01/07 Install grip heaters @ mileage 5,273 from Dual Star (425)776-7433
Part # 20-10001-175 for heater set
Part # 040-HBS-02 handlebar switch from Trail Tech
Ran a wire from the battery through a fuse holder w/ 4 amp ATO fuse and fed
through a relay powered with switched power from brown/white wire w/female
barrel connector under the dash.
5/02/08 Install Denali Rear rack for saddle bags @ mileage 06,010
Install lowering links for rear suspension (Dual star)
Install shorter side stand. (Dual star)
Install new battery
Install Moose bark busters with 0635-0079 hand guards
Install headlight protector. Ceebaileys part # KLRHG 07
Lube all points.
Lube clutch cable & lever. Lube front brake lever
8/24/08 Oil & filter change @ mileage 8,264
Kawasaki 10W40 oil 2-1/3 quarts
Kawasaki oil filter # 16099-004
Lube all points.
Adjust & lube chain
Replace engine coolant with Honda 50/50% mix
9/6/08 @ 8,451 miles Replace rear brake pads w/ OEM pads # 43082-1096
Need more info ... shoot us a message and we'll get you on the phone with Uncle Jack (he'll talk your ear off about motorcycles ... in a good way) LOL

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