2015 Kawasaki Concours, green, only 515 miles, lots of extras, PRIVATE PARTY

2015 Kawasaki Concours 14

Price: US $12,500.00
Item location: El Paso, Texas, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Concours 14
Type: Sport Touring
Year: 2015
Mileage: 515
Color: Green
Engine size: 1,352
Vehicle Title: Clear

Bought this bike brand new, ight off the truck and out of the crate (one of the first 2015s) with 0 miles (pic attached) on Jan 27, 015. Decked it exactly the way I wanted it for its inaugural trip to Big Bend in late Feb, nd on the 19th, AM!, iagnosed with a rare leukemia. Anyway, as hopeful to be able to ride again, nd that's why I kept the bike this long. But it's clear by now my low platelet count is not improving (marginal bone marrow), nd that makes it especially dangerous to ride due to hemorraging easily, o have to let riding and the bike go. In this instance my loss is really somebody's gain because my bike never spent one day on a dealer's lot, obody test-rode it except me, nd hasn't been outside my insulated garage except for one day-trip to the mountains, nd a few 15-mile 'maintenance' rides around my neighborhood. Bike was patiently broken in. Oh, nd I changed both engine and final drive oils with full synthetics at 409 miles (515 currently), nd both with stainless-steel magnetic plugs, o ready to ride cross-country if needed. It looks exactly the way when I picked it up, nly nicer, hanks to expensive and badly needed improvements that will stay with the bike. I always used fuel stabilizer since new, ever just start the engine (a very bad custom), nd always charge the battery every 2 weeks via a hidden battery charger plug pictured below. Recently filled it up, o it has a full tank of gas for the new owner. Here's a list of mods:
- Very nice Cee Baileys mini-euro tinted screen that is immensely better than even the redesigned stocker (don't have it anymore), s well as thicker (all others are much thinner).
- The best looking, est sounding (and most expensive) slip-on exhaust on the market: Two Brother's Racing C/F black series, long with a P1 insert, hich makes it just perfect in every respect (back pressure, ooks, ound, oise, tc). No ugly springs on this puppy, nd no ugly clamp either. The insert is easily removable if you want more noise. It looks OEM too, ince I removed the decal before firing up the engine (most other exhausts have permanent logos).
- An Ogio tailbag that fits the bike perfectly.
- Heavy black Throttlemeister throttle lock/cruise control, ith the red pin-stripe removed, o they look OEM
- Grab-on foam grip inserts that fit perfectly, nd also look OEM. No more pencil-thin grips, ess vibes, nd more comfortable. They allow heat thru perfectly. And you can remove them or replace them if needed.
- LED amber city lights and LED license plate bulb.
- Bought a custom ProjektD radiator grille frame and installed fiberglass screening on it for maximum protection and ease of cleaning (I always do that on all my vehicles).
-ProjektD fender extender, hich is the best. And glued looks OEM.
- Engine/final-drive magnetic drain plugs, sidestand foot, n R-clip on the rear wheel nut, reen spray paint, icense-plate frame for inspection (not installed), spare keys but can't find one (buried under the seat somewhere), nd whatever I'm forgetting.
-Also all badges/decals removed, gly reflectors removed, ocking glovebox mechanism removed, nd other minor cosmetic changes. I do have the glovebox mechanism, nd stock barend weights.
No service issues at all, othing has ever touched the ground except the tires. All manuals and keys (one fob and one passive) included, arranty card good thru 1/27/18, nd clear TX title (paid cash) in my own name. I'd gladly help with shipping, ut bike is sold as is, here is at my house in El Paso, X. I have always helped out-of-state buyers every way I can by picking them up at the airport, nd not holding title or bike hostage... but need a BofA cashier's check previously verified, r a wire-transfer to my account (cut-off time is 1pm though). Have sold lots of vehicles over the years, ever an issue, nd buyers always leave very happy with their purchases. This bike won't be any different, specially with only 515 miles. If you need any more pictures or information, on't hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

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