1970 Kawasaki Other

Price: US $6,101.00
Item location: Stillwater, Minnesota, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: Other
Type: Standard
Year: 1970
Mileage: 2,473
Color: Red
Engine size: 500
Vehicle Title: Clear
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  Before we begin. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION AND REVIEW PHOTOS THOROUGHLY!!!  It is a VERY long-winded description. but a bike like this doesn't come up for sale very often (ever?). so it was worthy of writing a short story. and it is worth your time to read it if you are indeed interested in bidding on this bike. Also. nbsp; If you have ANY questions AT ALL. be sure to ask BEFORE the auctions end!!!! I have done my very best to describe this bike through words and photos so you'll know EXACTLY what you are bidding on.   Thanks!First. a bit about me. To give you an idea of what kind of person you are potentially buying from. It seems that everybody and their grandmother has now started buying. "restoring" (loose term. as most are bodge jobs) and flipping/selling Kawasaki Triples for profit and to pad their portfolio. and not for the love of the bike itself. Most of these so-called restorations are nothing but a bunch of steel-wool work. with a horribly incorrect paint job. Rest assured. I love these bikes. and I believe that it shows in my builds. When restoring a Triple. I do everything in my power to make it "Correct".   Or when building a "hot rod" (such as this particular bike). I try to keep the spirit of the original alive. I usually have many hundreds of hours into collecting parts and building a bike. nbsp; in the end my time is probably worth about $3. 50/hour. :) While I know that "Perfection" is unobtainable. I try my best to achieve it. I was sucked into the wonderful world of Kawasaki Triples about 15 years ago.   There is absolutely NOTHING in all of motorcycling like riding a 2 Stroke Kawasaki 3 cylinder the way they were meant to be ridden.   After my first "spirited" ride on one. it was game-over. I was hooked. I've met quite a few good people through these bikes from all over the world. Many of which have become very good friends. It seems that many of us triple riders are cut from the same cloth regardless of our age and backround.  I've fully restored a good number of these bikes during this time. including building a couple of one-off Hybrids. that were exercises in finding out how well you can get a 40 year old Kawasaki Triple to "work". Google "KH750 Hybrid" to see one of them. That bike (and a few other of my builds) now resides in Alabama with a friend and fellow triple nut.  Living in Minnesota. a guy has to do something with his time in the winter or he will go insane. In the winter. in my spare time. I work on Kawasaki Triples. For the last 10 years or so. my main "collecting" focus turned to locating and acquiring Denco modified parts. and building bikes that feature these EXTREMELY RARE parts. Another of my builds was a '72 H2 with 100 HP Cobra engine in it. Go to Youtube and type in "Denco 100HP Cobra" for a brief video of its maiden voyage. Crazy to see that that little video has well over 400. 00 views since posting!  I have driven all over the country just to pick up bikes that had "TRUE" Denco parts fitted to them.   Literally thousands of miles traveled and thousands of dollars spent. The well seems to have dried up a bit the last couple of years. so I'm thankful to have been able to find and buy what I did. when I did!For those not familiar. DENCO was THE "Go-To" hot rod shop in the United States back in the 70's when it came to making these bikes go FAST. Denco is to the Kawasaki Triple as Shelby is to the Ford Mustang.   Many sellers on ebay sell what they claim to be Denco parts (chambers. port work. etc) when indeed they are NOT. Most of the time they are Wirges or some other junk chamber or ported cylinders by some guy with a worn out die grinder.   Sure. they might be an attempt at copying denco specs. but they are NOT authentic. They then use the "Denco" name to increase their value. Hopefully. the buyer will educate themselves first. but that usually doesn't happen. Authentic Denco parts are extremely RARE and will always command a premium. Why???  Because for "Old School Technology". they downright WORK. I've had the opportunity to speak with Tony Nicosia on a number of occasions (one of the co-founders of Denco. Drag Bike Legend. and the Original Test Rider for the Kawasaki for the '69 H1. H2 and Z1). The last time spending nearly 3 hours on the phone with him asking questions in order to document the "History" of the company and talk about some of Tony's motorcycling accomplishments. Dennis Dean. the "business side" of Denco. from what Tony told me has been out of the motorcycle game for 30+ years. and will not be reached for comment. A shame. as I'd love to hear Dennis' side of the story as well!On to the bikes' description!!!This is a **Very Special** 1970 Kawasaki H1 500. It features an authentic Denco 75HP Roadrace top end. With all of the parts fitted. this is quite possibly the trickest (using old-school parts) most "period-correct" and well sorted modified H1 to ever be offered on ebay. I have NEVER actually seen another 75HP Roadrace Denco top-end in the time that I've been into these bikes. nbsp; (either for sale. or being used) and do not know of anyone else in the world that has one. I've had a couple of H1 90HP (and 100HP) Denco top ends come through my shop. but never a 75HP.   The 90HP is just too peaky to be fun to ride on a daily basis. I street rode a 90HP bike for a few years. and while FAST. it had absolutely zero bottom end. and made it a chore. This 75HP engine. IMHO is the ULITMATE street-able port job that Denco produced. It is a WONDERFUL engine!!!!!I have owned this bike (clear title in my name). which started life as a tired out bone-stock 1970 Kawasaki H1 500 for about 10 years. The first 5 or 6 years with me were spent in the back of the storage building waiting for it's turn to be resurrected. The restoration was completed about 4 years ago (Winter of 2010) To date. I have ridden the bike just under 2500 miles. When building this bike. I knew that I wanted something a bit more than what a normal early H1 is capable of. It needed to handle well and stop. which are NOT typical characteristics of an Early H1!!!   This bike was to be capable of being a comfortable "Daily Rider" if so desired. And while the early H1 is actually a pretty quick bike. the Denco top end/carbs/chambers really wake the little guy up! The final goal was to keep it looking as "Factory Original" and "Period Correct" as possible. While there are some "modern" touches (front brake). I wanted to stay as close to the spirit of 1970 as possible. Thankfully. this bike has surpassed all of my expectations. I have several 200+ mile days on this bike (hence the super-cool luggage rack!). and it is a JOY to ride. Is it the fastest Kawasaki Triple out there? No. Not even close. I've ridden H2's that are downright scary (Henry Wedges Case-Reed Street H2 with 130+RWHP comes to mind!) But I will honestly say that after having ridden probably dozens (hundreds?) of other Kawasaki Triples (friends and my own) in the last 15 years. I would have to say that this is by far and away THE "Nicest Riding" Kawasaki Triple I have ever thrown a leg over.   It is as well sorted of a vintage bike as you will find. Regardless of the make.   Every friend that I have let ride it tells me the same thing. I've even had someone comment that it was "smooth like a Honda". but with the attitude and power of a modified H1. You just don't get any better than that!Engine1. Rubber-mounted 1974 H1e cases. Hot tanked clean with final glass bead finish. New Rubber mounts fitted2. Authentic 75 HP Denco Cobra Road-Race Top End (cylinders/heads) on 1st overbore (60. 5mm) including original Denco carb adapter blocks. Cylinders are stamped and serial numbered. The original Denco aluminum cylinder-head badges were missing (original owner of this top-end left them off so his bike was a "sleeper"). and after a couple of failed attempts to replicate the screen printing process on aluminum. I had Andre at Reproduction Decals (now Diablo Cycle) make me exact copies on foil faced decal material from an original that I sent him. (These are different from the emblems that they sell on their website in that they are 100% accurate in size and color) I then fabricated new aluminum backing discs and applied the decals and stamped the correct numbers into them. They look absolutely correct/original unless you are within a few inches. where you see the small "ridge" of the edge of the decal itself. Color and printing is perfect when compared to my other Denco top-ends with original badges. ONCE AGAIN.   The cylinders. heads are GENUINE DENCO. Only the badges are reproductions. 3. New 1st over Wiseco pistons with unmodified skirts. **I was initially concerned about  low end "street-ability" if I cut the piston skirts. but with the addition of the UFO's and intake runners. it turns out one could cut the 2 mm from the intake side of the pistons and gain a few more horsepower. If I were to keep the bike. I would eventually do this to feel the full effect of the Denco Roadrace Porting.   Even with the skirts stock length. this bike in its current state is as quick/fast as a stock port H2 750 with expansion chambers. And I've yet to be beat by any of my friends on an H1. ported or stock.   This bike goes VERY well**4. Carburetors are VM34 small body with UFO (ultimate flow optimizers) installed in the throttle slides. When coupled together with the custom rubber intake runners. it has surprisingly good low rpm pull for a ported H1 engine. 5. Ignition features stock H2 Stator with new Rapid Xcelleration CDI box. Voltage is regulated/rectified by a Lakeland Services R/R unit with built in capacitor as I do not run batteries on my "rider" triples. (Battery Box is reserved for tools. first aid kit. etc) Coils are mini-coils on custom billet bracket mounted below tank in stock coil location. All three of these coils weigh less than one original. at the same time putting out more voltage. 6. Fuel delivered to carbs via Pingel petcock. 7. Clutch has new Vesrah plates. a mix of Barnett/stock springs and Factory Ball Bearing pusher. Just enough "stiffness" to hold power without requiring a he-man grip at the lever. 8. Transmission is stock H1. All parts were disassembled. cleaned. and thoroughly inspected before reassembly. Only the best parts I had were used. All gears were then carefully shimmed to allow deepest dog engagement in every gear and still have adequate neutral clearance. All new clips and shims installed at that time as well. Transmission shifts extremely smooth. 9. Expansion chambers currently mounted are NEW Denco SS (Street Silenced) chambers licensed by Denco to Lakeland Services. Lakeland services has the exclusive rights to reproduce these pipes. These chambers are identical in every way to the originals. but I would argue they are of better quality. Jim Hobbs of Lakeland takes great pride in his workmanship and it shows. I have purchased multiple sets from Jim in the last few years. 10. Completely rebuilt crankshaft (including NEW rods) by Dave Singleton in California. I had Dave leave the crank slingers off just in case one would like to go to pre-mix (to save weight). That said. engine is running original Oil injection system. which works perfectly.  ***As a bonus. I am including as set of virtually NEW and Extremely RARE authentic H1 500 Denco Roadrace chambers.   (Please See Photos) These are THE chambers that were meant for the 75HP road race porting. I would prefer to keep them. but I feel that they belong with this Top End. so the buyer should receive them as well.  I found and purchased these chambers a few years after the H1 was completed so they never made it onto the bike as it runs so well I figured that I would just leave it as-is. They have hung in my house as "decoration" for the last few years in stead!As an interesting side-note. these chambers are believed to be THE LAST set of expansion chambers to leave Denco. Funnier yet. they managed to leave Denco after the bank had locked the doors and seized all assets. but that is a story in and of itself!!!  I was able to confirm with Tony during our last conversation that the story is more than likely true. as his version of the "end" of Denco and the gentleman I bought the chambers from (and another Denco Cobra motorcycle) stories coincided. These chambers were chromed and used VERY briefly on a bike. And when I say "briefly". I mean as if they were mounted for just a couple of hundred miles tops. While not absolutely perfect. they are a 9. 5+++ out of 10. Extremely Nice condition. and I guarantee you will NEVER find a nicer set. A few minor dings (some of which look to have been there BEFORE they were chromed?). but overall beautiful! I have owned somewhere between 30 and 40 sets of Denco/TNT expansion chambers over the years and these are by away the nicest. Real Denco Roadrace chambers are "Holy" Grail" type parts. and in this condition? Unheard of.   Once again. there are a few tiny dings. but none of this detracts from appearance when mounted. When on the bike. they look absolutely BRAND NEW. ***Chassis1. Frame is stock. unmodified 1970 Frame powdercoated Satin Black. The only alteration was a bit of "clearance" work on the upper front engine mounts to accept the slightly larger engine bosses of the '74 cases (rubbermounted). If one ever desired to put this bike back to stock (and many of the stock. original parts will be included). a touch of weld (the size of a pea) and blend would bring it back to "factory". 2. Rear swing arm is a larger diameter. nbsp; more rigid KZ650 unit. This was the obvious choice to maintain stock appearance. increase stability. and also allow for the "special" Lester wheels (mentioned later) I have mounted on this bike. New bronze bushings fitted. 3. Shocks are Hagon set up for 180lb rider. 4. Front end is 36mm H2 forks/triples with tapered steering bearings. Stock disc brake was lightened (thinned/cutout) to match pad area of the rebuilt EX500 Caliper. Pads are EBC HH sintered. Forks have new seals. dust boots. fluid. etc. New master cylinder and braided stainless line. Front brake is Superb!!  New steering damper (and optional Kaw bracket) installed as well. 5. Wheels are incredibly rare Lester's. 2. 15"x18" front and 3. 00"x18" rear. These are yet another of the Holy Grail parts found on this bike. Not just because they are Lesters. which are getting to be more and more difficult to find. but the sizes. Just try to find an 18" Lester front wheel for a Kawasaki Triple. As mentioned above. the rear is 3. 00"x18" and is a KZ650 wheel. which lent itself perfectly to the choice of swingarm I used on the bike. Modified early H1 cable-actuated rear brake hub in keeping with "stock" appearance.  I purchased both of these wheels as New Old Stock about 10 years ago. So. while they are 35 years old. they have only been out of their boxes for 10 years. seen minimal road use and are still in "Like New" condition. Cosmetics/Bodywork/EtcOne word. STUNNING. 1. The Candy Red on this bodyset is as close of a correct color-match as you will find. Including the Pearl/Candy White stripe. A friend (working in Automotive paint industry) and I spent a lot of time mixing paint and shooting test cards to replicate an unfaded NOS piece of '70 H1 bodywork.   The candy/pearltone is absolutely beautiful in the sunlight. RB's decals were used and placed correctly. 3-4 coats of clear cover the decals2. Seat completely restored (Foam and Cover from RB's). Perfect correct seat pan (no repairs or rust whatsoever) powdercoated in satin black. 3. Everything needing to be rechromed was rechromed. Everything needing paint or powdercoat was done as well. ZERO corners were cut. 4. Front fender is another special part. While it might not look like it at first glance. it really is. I spent well over 20 hours modifying and blending an early H1 stainless fender (which mounted on a drum brake front end) and struts with a late H1/H2 (disc brake) fender bracket to fit over an 18" front wheel. Once again. the goal to make the bike look as "Factory Original" as possible.   As weird as it may sound. this is the part I am most proud of on the bike. I just love the way it turned out. nbsp; as I believe it looks as if it came out of the factory that way. 5. Tires are Bridgestone BT-45 Battleaxes. which are the preferred performance tire for Kawasaki Triples. I've tried them all. from Avon's to Pirelli. and BT-45's are the best. Period. 6. Chain/Sprockets are 520 Conversion (DID X-Ring) with custom made Sprocket Specialist "Titan Tough" anodized rear. 7. Gauges are NOS H1b gauges as they lent themselves to the front end (H2). 8. Handlebars are Renthal "streetfigther" bars. (I use them on all of my "custom" triples)9. All new cables and other wear items. EVERYTHING works as it should. Lighting. Horn. Brakes. Etc. There are no turn signals as shown as the '70 did not come with them standard. This is usually a "One-Kick" bike regardless of how long it has sat. A day. week. month. It doesn't matter. It fires up right now and goes to a beautiful idle instantly.   Once warmed up. it pulls  linear and HARD. I could go on and on about all of the subtle modifications done to this bike to make it more user-friendly. but to be honest. I am tired of typing. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. There are many "one-off" brackets. spacers. etc. that I'll let the new owner find once he collects his prize. And even though it is highly modified. all of the mods are 100% reversible and one could easily put this back to a stock H1 with the bolting-on of stock parts. In closing. this is a VERY special bike. I put a lot of care into its build and maintenance. That said. this is a 45 year old USED motorcycle. and is not a great choice for the novice rider. or for those afraid of getting their hands dirty. While I know that I could jump on this bike and ride it to California tomorrow (if there wasn't snow on the ground!). This is a Two Stroke. Something mechanical is going to need attention eventually. You can count on it! You have to love working on these things as much as riding them! And thankfully. I love to do both!**PLEASE NOTE**As stated above. this bike will come with EXTRAS. These include:1. Original Correct  Engine (I have not taken it apart. but assume it needs complete rebuild)2. Beautiful Denco H1 Roadrace Chambers. (correct manifolds included. but not shown in photos)3. Original re-chromed Grabrail 4. Original swingarm (needs paint and bushings) 5. Front forks (rusty tubes) 6. Etc (I'll be looking through my parts to see what else to include)I have done my best to describe this motorcycle as if I were a bidder myself. I hate surprises after buying something over the internet and pride myself in being as forthcoming as humanly possible. I want you to know EXACTLY what you are bidding on/buying!!!Prospective buyers are more than welcome to inspect the bike prior to auction's end. As a matter of fact. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!  Please contact me to set up a time to do so if you are so inclined. Also PLEASE NOTE that the bike is for sale locally and on other enthusiast websites and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. for any reason I see fit up until the time Reserve is LEGITIMATELY met. Once Reserve is met. the auction will run its course to completion and high bidder will claim his prize. I also reserve the right to cancel bids that I do not feel are authentic. or if I find that they have "backed out" of prior ebay deals.   High Bidder WINS this motorcycle. Period. I am a man of my word and I expect the same of the buyer. PAYMENT $500. 00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT required within 24 hours of Auctions End. Please have permission from your significant other and your finances in order before bidding. Balance Due within 5 business days via CASH. Money Order. or Wire Transfer from NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED BANK. If you are cannot abide by the terms of this auction. DO NOT BID.   Once again. PLEASE HAVE YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER.  If you have a change of mind (or your wife changes it for you) 4 days after being the "winning bidder" and submitting your deposit. you will forfeit said deposit and I will offer the bike to the next highest bidder. NO EXCEPTIONS.   I am an easy guy to deal with. but do not have time for time wasters and tire-kickers. Thank you for understanding this.  Bike will not leave my possession until funds substantially clear my account. Motorcycle is sold 100% AS-IS with NO WARRANTY or GUARANTEE expressed. written or implied. SHIPPINGMotorcycle must be picked up in Stillwater. MN within a reasonable amount of time following the clearing of funds. (two weeks preferred. but if you need a bit longer to make shipping arrangements. please contact me before hand to work out the details) Also. if using a shipping service such as "U-Ship". be sure to use a Reputable Shipper and not the "cheapest" bid. I know of too many horror stories of people trying to save a buck. and motorcycles being ruined!  I will not let this bike go (especially in the winter with salted roads. etc) to some fly by night "shipper" with a beat up open-box pickup truck. If the new owner/buyer himself shows up with a beat up truck. I obviously have to hand it over. but will not be happy about it. regardless of money changing hands. I spent a lot of time/love building this bike and would hate to see it abused from the get go. Thanks for taking the time to read through the description! I really appreciate it!     

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