1982 Kawasaki KX

Price: US $7,999.00
Item location: Auburn, California, United States
Make: Kawasaki
Model: KX
Year: 1982
VIN: 00000000000
Vehicle Title: Clear

    CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company. CUSTOMER SERVICE 530-392-302582 KAWASAKI KX125  VERY RARE BIKE! Comes with a bill of sale.     CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company. CUSTOMER SERVICE 530-392-3025SPECIAL NOTE! This is a special note to a certain type of people. People who like to cause problems and send nasty emails.  This is NOT for the kind GENTLEMAN so please gentleman. this is not for you. Don't take offense. You real gentleman are the best! God bless you. We receive hundreds of nice emails HOWEVER. o anyone who feels the desire to send us an insulting. rude email. or your "comment" or your "opinion" SAVE IT! Our ads are not for you to vent your insulting rude comments. If you can't act like HONORABLE GENTLEMAN. then do not email. Any insulting emails are reported to Ebay and will go on your record. It saddens me to see how many weak cowards there are. and so few REAL GODLY GENTLEMAN. In other words. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and SPREAD KINDNESS and BE GODLY HONORABLE GENTLEMAN!

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