2014 KTM EXC 500 supermoto warp 9 rims with dirt bike tires and rims too!

2014 KTM EXC

Price: US $9,199.00
Item location: Chapmanville, West Virginia, United States
Make: KTM
Model: EXC
SubModel: 500
Type: Dual-Purpose
Year: 2014
Mileage: 239
VIN: vbkexp400em492905
Color: Orange
Engine size: 500
Vehicle Title: Clear
Contact seller: Contact form

Thisis my wonderful KTM exc 500 that I purchased new lastyear with the plansofriding the Hatfield and McCoy trails system where I live... That was the plan but while riding through arocky creek bedmy front tire hit a rock and me and theKTM went down with me getting the worst of it. I broke my collar bone ribandhad a collapsed lung... wow thathurt the KTM landed on me andcame away from it with onlya few scuffs which I show with my finger insome of the photos.

After being hurt so bad and laid up so long I bought the supermoto wheels for her and as you can see from the mileage have not rode her very much since... I love her and do enjoy riding herwith the 17 inch WARP9 wheels installed but my health has taken a turn for the worse in resent months and I am forced to sell her.

The KTM is very powerful and is one of the main reasons I purchased her everything you readabout them they are the"BIKE TO HAVE" if you want a dual sport motorcycle. There are so many great reviews on this bike and Youtube videos raving on how truly wonderful this bike is.If you are looking at this bike you probably already know all of this so lets talk about the Supermoto set up I have on mine in a word AWESOME! if you are looking for a fast twisty road canon carver of a motorcycle but I would not want to ride her across the country... Don't get me wrong this is a fun bike for a weekend get away with your buddies but this has the KTM race motor in her and wants to be ran hard and with that comes early service demands with oil changes coming every 500 miles. This bike has less than 250 miles on her and I have not had it to the dealer for her first service yet so that would be something you might want to plan your riding around you could ride her for another 250 miles before changing oil but not more oil changes are the life blood of these motors.

So with all of that said I hate to sell her but due to health issues I have taken a medical leave of absencefrom work and I don't ride her enough to justify the monthly payment. I do have the "clear title" in my hand and don't have to go to the bank or payoff any loan before you get the title to this bike. This bike that you are bidding on is a clean very low millage motorcycle that has been well taken care of and has lived in my garage from the day I got her. I have done a few mods to her that have been suggested like covering up the pollution control unit to stop popping from the exhaust and disconnecting the gas overflow line to the airbox. Both of these can easily be returned to the stock condition. This bike has the stock "MAP" still in place but from what the dealer told me when I was ready to go from mild to wild he could re-map her and make it even more powerful I told him after the factory warranty was over I would do that but never got around to it.... She is fast enough for me but we all like "MORE POWER" don't we. So if you want even more after you ride her take the bike to any KTM dealer and tell them to do the power-up map for you.

Like I said when I went down in the creek bed the bike fell on me but still ended up getting a scuff or two that I show with my finger pointing to all of the scuffs she has all VERY minor and do not affect the beauty of this motorcycle. I replaced the brake and clutch levers with orange AIRTIME fold away ones and put bar end weights on the handle bars to soften some of the vibes coming from the monster motor. This bike comes with all the stock parts that I never put on and some extra parts I have purchased for her along with a very nice 2014 AFX FX-41 ds Orange helmet that is a medium size. I also have all of the books and nice folder with KTM tool kit and the receipt for the WARP 9 wheels that were $800.00 not counting the barely used Conti-motion tires. And best of all when you want to ride her in the mountains you can swap out the supermoto rims and tires for the dirt rims and tires that only have about 30 miles on them they still have the little rubber tits on them.

You will not be disappointed in this bike she is a light weight hard core dirt bike that is street legal and can go anywhere you can! So the question is do I want a dirt bike or a street bike? Why not get both... with the supermoto wheels she is a sportbike in the tight twisty roads and a full on dirt bike in the mountains.

I will ( NOT ) ship this bike... YOU must come get her.

Also the listed price is the lowest I will go at this time and if you do not have feedback or only a few please email me BEFORE you bid.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me good luck and happy bidding.

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