1989 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000

1989 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000

Price: US $3,799.00
Item location: Loveland, Colorado, United States
Make: Moto Guzzi
Model: Le Mans 1000
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 1989
Mileage: 19,925
Color: red, black and white
Engine size: 949
Vehicle Title: Clear

For your consideration a low-mileage 1989 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000.

Two years ago I hit the rear of an SUV which stopped short at a light while I was going less than 15 mph (coasting not in gear) and the front fairing basically exploded. I have all the pieces and the mangled sub-frame should anyone want it. The bike runs fine there is no discernible frame or front-end damage. The fin protector on the left jug is a little scraped up. Other than that there is not much damage. The mileage is very low and accurate as far as I know (I purchased with about 16000 miles on it nearly ten years ago and did not put many miles on it). As far as I can tell everything which is supposed to work works. Yes those are actually 80's era make-your-own SuperTrapp mufflers I do have the stock mufflers available should the new owner want them. Other than re-routing the oil breather system to bypass the frame (if you are Guzzisti you know what I'm talking about) the afore-mentioned SuperTrapp mufflers Tomaselli 2C throttle and Frentubo stainless steel brake tubing there are no modifications on this bike save for jetting for altitude (I live at 5000 feet). The bike has the original PHM40 pumper carbs original timing chain and tensioner original ignition and coils and no engine modifications.

The tires (Bridgestone BattleAxe BT-45) are in good shape but I would advise the new owner to get a new battery. If the bike sells here on ebay the new owner can take his and/or her choice of many accessories and parts such as oil filters carb parts spark plugs gaskets cables extra seat etc. To be thoroughly street-legal the bike will need mirrors and front turn signals. I do have the original front turn signals should the new owner wish to have them.This is a great bike and lots of fun to ride.

The bike is available for local pick-up. I will do my best to accommodate the new owner on shipping the bike. The buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs. I will try my best to pick up at the airport (Denver DIA) anyone who wishes to buy fly and ride.

In an effort to answer questions received about this bike.

This bike has the big valve engine and PHM40 carbs.

These are recent pictures. The fairing on the bike in the pictures is not the original fairing and the original fairing is not available. The fairing in the pictures is an EMGO fairing from JC Whitney. It has standard Euro-style Bosch headlamp held onto the bike by Tomaselli headlight clamps.

The wheels are original and are 18 inch wheels front and back as far as I know the bike came from the factory with the 18 inch wheel up front. The tire sizes are 100/90x18 front and 120/90x18 rear. As far as I know this bike does not have a close-ratio gearbox.

The title is clear. It does not have a salvage or rebuilt title. I have the title in my possession and ready to transfer.

There is no discernible front end damage. I made this inspection myself by taking apart the front end and inspecting the steering head steering stem and fork tubes. There are no visible cracks in the welds or the paint of the steering head. The steering head bearings are in good shape. There is no damage to the triple trees. The forks tubes were rolled on a thick piece of plywood on the garage floor and on towels on the garage floor. That was the best I had available to check the trueness of the fork tubes. Also the fork tubes will slide up and downthrough the triple clampsanother indication that they are straight and not bent. I have ridden the bike since the crash and in 2nd gear will track true with hands off the clip-ons. Also the clip-ons are not bent in any way at all.

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