2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Matte Black - GT-Rx tuned by Todd Eagan @ Guzzitech

2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone GT-Rx Tuned

Price: US $9,500.00
Item location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Make: Moto Guzzi
Model: V7 Stone GT-Rx Tuned
Type: Standard
Year: 2013
Mileage: 9,425
Color: Matte Black
Engine size: 750
Vehicle Title: Clear

I am selling my baby. The time has come, ut I don't think it has fully sunken in yet. Why am I selling? Well, e're expecting our first baby soon, nd not only am I reevaluating my risk-taking currently, ut I also am wondering when I will even have the time to ride with a little one coming. Therefore, 've come to the conclusion that selling it is the best thing, espite all my reservations in doing so, specially since I've put so much time, oney, ffort and dedication into making this bike so perfect. Now, nto the bike. . .
It's a 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone in Matte black. Excellent condition. Perfect working condition. This is the first year with the upgraded internals and more power than the previous V7s. However, his is not just the regular, un-of-the-mill Moto Guzzi V7. This particular bike has been GT-Rx tuned by Todd Eagan of Guzzitech.com. If you don't know who that is, r what Guzzitech.com is, suggest you visit the website. Essentially, odd Eagan is the Moto Guzzi guru. He is a former Pro racer and current stunt rider and Guzzitech.com owner, nd a fueling expert. He is basically famous in the Moto Guzzi world. My bike has been given the full treatment, rom fueling, o suspension, o exhaust system. Todd is famous for his fueling/remapping, s he has been doing it for almost 20 years. The bike has his GT-Rx Brushed Stainless 2:2 Full Exhaust System ($1350) installed, lus his remapped ECU in conjunction to provide amazing throttle response and increased power. The V7 stock is completely choked up by the EPA and has bad throttle response, pecifically low speed throttle, here the bike used to jump at low speed and you would have to hold the clutch in just to move at parking lot speeds. With Todd's new map that he spent countless hours tweaking to perfection, he bike is an absolute dream to ride, ith low speed throttling being 10x better than stock, nd the bike pulls uniformly throughout the rev range, nd it sings over 5000 RPM, hereas before it felt like it couldn't go past 3000 rpm. Todd perfectly tuned the ECU to compensate for the increased header diameter and open mufflers. There are no baffles but it is not annoyingly loud. . .it has that beautiful vintage sound to it. But let me tell you, t sounds sooooo much better than the stock exhaust system. It's night and day, o question. Absolutely amazing sound coming out of the exhaust. No pop on decel either due to the awesome mapping. Not only that, he custom exhaust system sheds around 20lbs or more off the stock setup.
I have a BMC air filter installed as well, hich was considered in the ECU map as well. This isn't just someone sticking their head in the sand with a new exhaust system and different air filter, tc. and not changing the fueling - that's for amateurs and people who don't know what they're doing. This was all specifically tailored to the remap, nd it's awesome, eriod.
A full suspension system was installed as well, ront and rear. No expense was spared here really. It's Matris of Italy in the front and the back. They make some of the best suspension components in the world. The front is a drop in emulator kit that allows to adjust for preload and completely changed the cheap feeling stock front suspension. Now, t feels planted and absorbs bumps beautifully, nd you can adjust the preload which is not available in the stock setup. The rear is Matris twin shocks M40D. They were $1100 for the pair. They are jewel-like in build quality and look. They could hang on the wall of your house. Make no mistake, hey perform just as good as they look. Amazing, eriod. They allow preload, ebound, nd length adjustment. They were custom sprung as well. Leaps and bounds over the stock suspension, o question. The stock V7 just doesn't even compare in terms of handling and ride-ability. The forks were brought up about 15mm as well to provide for more accurate turning and handling. It's awesome.
I replaced most of the plastic on the bike as well. The front and rear stock fenders were plastic. Those were replaced with lightweight aluminum fenders by MAS Engineering of Italy, nd they were powder coated matte black to match the tank - perfect match. The plastic timing cover was also replaced with an aluminum one by Stucchi that was also powder coated matte black, nd stainless steel bolts were used to replace the aluminum bolts. The plastic side covers were replaced by Aluminum matte black V7 side covers that come with the V7 Racer model. The bulky mirrors were taken off and I installed a Rizoma 'One' mirror on the left side only, s I liked the classic look of one mirror only. The right side mirror mount was replaced with a brake pump holder clip that eliminated the mirror mount hole for a clean look. I still have the stock mirrors, nd all the stock parts to revert back if desired. The plastic/bulky front turn signals were replaced with Rizoma 'club' turn signals, hich are just absolutely sick looking. They're tiny bullet shaped, illet matte black LED turn signals. Gorgeous. If you know Rizoma, hen you know how much I spent just on those turn signals. The rear turn signals and brake and license plate holder was all replaced. It was extremely bulky and just not aesthetically pleasing. I installed an LED license plate by Radiantz with turn signals and brake lights in one. It is super clean looking and works perfectly and is very bright. They are top quality and not the cheap kind at all. $130 for the LED plate surround.
I fixed all the annoying things and teething problems of the V7 that you don't have to go through. I spent a lot of time, oney and labor doing all of this. I took out the half plastic, alf metal fuel filter and replaced it with an all-metal Mahle KL 145 fuel filter so that the risk of the plastic bulging and bursting would not happen. The Voltage regulator on these V7s are known to over charge and it was documented over at the guzzitech.com forum from a large amount of people having over-charging problems with the stock VR. I took preventative measures and installed a Shindengen FH020AA MOSFET Voltage Regulator from Jack at Roadstercycle.com. They are the genuine part, ot the cheap knockoffs. Charging system in perfect shape. I also removed the EVAP system that choked the bike up, oupled with the fueling remap and the bike breathes beautifully. I still have the EVAP system if you need to reinstall it for any reason. I also installed a sump extender to allow for a greater quantity of engine oil. These small blocks are known to consume oil, specially at high temperatures, o the oil capacity went from 1.6L to 2.5L. Needless to say, est upgrade you can do. The CNC'd spacer in Matte black by Todd at Guzzitech is a well engineered/designed piece. $300 add on. I also replaced the stock battery with a very lightweight lithium battery by Antigravity. It literally shed another 7lbs or so. Absolutely no problems starting the bike and another benefit of the lithium battery is that it can hold a charge for up to a year without a trickle charger. All in all the bike is around 35-40lbs lighter than stock, hich is a significant difference and you can definitely feel it. It pulls much harder, ut more importantly the throttle response throughout the rev range is spectacular.
All the teething problems have been sorted out on this bike and it has so many awesome, ut tasteful upgrades. I didn't want to take away from the original look of the bike and just slap on random upgrades that were over the top. I am extremely picky and all of this was tastefully done with subtlety, et with performance in mind. All of the maintenance was performed exactly on schedule and either by myself or a top Guzzi mechanic. The bike is in amazing shape. Only 3 years old and ~9k miles. It was ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS GARAGE STORED when not in use (see photos for a peek at my garage in the background). Essentially mint condition. Also, he new suspension has less than 1k miles on it with new oil in the front as well. The exhaust system has less than 1k miles as well, robably only about ~500 miles.
There are a few minor minor small scratches here and there but nothing noticeable at all. The tank is virtually unscathed, s well as both fenders. The only thing that is noticeable is the rear fender has a hairline crack where the LED plate attaches to it with the bolts. It happened days after the LED plate was installed. It just happened by itself. I'm pretty sure it was because when the LED plate was installed, t created a tension point and when you let the V7 idle, he back end shakes quite a bit, nd I think it just created a stress point. Needless to say, got over it quick and the crack cannot get any bigger because the bolts holding the LED plate are keeping it from doing that. Otherwise, he rear fender is basically new and in perfect shape. Not really noticeable at all but it did bother me in the beginning.
Tires have more than half their life left in them. They are super sticky Pirelli Sport Demons - the OEM tires. Once again, have ALL of the original OEM equipment that came with the bike including exhaust system, enders, nd all of the other parts. That will come with the purchase of the bike if you wish to have that as well, o problem. In addition, have some extra equipment for sale as well if interested. I have front and rear Pitbull Stands for the V7 to let you raise the bike up and do maintenance. They are virtually unused and if you know Pitbull, hen you know they are built for life. I also purchased diagnostic software that plugs into the bike to allow for maintenance diagnostics and TPS reset and so on. This was all A LOT of money as you can guess.
What can I say, his bike is awesome and I will be sad when it goes. I am the original and only owner of this bike, urchased new in June 2013. I have the title in hand of course and it will be clean and clear when you purchase. All extra keys come with the bike as well. It is on schedule with the maintenance and you won't have to do anything until about 12k miles. You might want to change the oil a bit sooner, ut that's personal preference. I always used OEM oils and liquids. The final drive oil was just changed so that is good for another 6k miles. The front suspension oil is basically brand new so that will not have to be changed anytime soon either. Valve clearance adjustment should be done at 12k miles. Super clean, pectacular, ne-of-a-kind GT-Rx tuned V7 that no stock V7 can touch. I have well over $5k in upgrades and accessories into this bike, nd that's not including my own labor and time and research and so on. I did all the labor intensive research and forum visiting and asking questions and all of that for you, nd turned the V7 into the way it should've come from the factory. I'm sure I've missed more details about this bike but I think this covers most of it. The details and the little things I did with this bike and the care and love I put into it and doing a lot of the maintenance myself and making sure everything was perfect, ike the valve clearances and installing the suspension components, nd replacing the fuel filter, nd the amount of oil and final drive oil and not putting too much so nothing leaks and so on and so on. Shops and mechanics don't put this kind of care and attention to detail into your bike, rust me. Doing mostly everything myself gave me a peace of mind that everything was done precisely and correctly and nothing was overlooked. I babied this thing, es.
*The bike has zero problems. It starts up first time, very time. No leaks, o stalling, othing. Everything works great and better than stock with all of the upgrades. Only 9425 trouble-free miles, ith a ton more to go. Bike is not being ridden currently so mileage will stay approximately the same until new owner receives bike.
***The pipe blueing is perfectly normal and happens with every V7 and small blocks in general. However, tock V7s blue really badly and usually blue very unevenly and more on one side vs the other. That's because of fueling issues and one side burning hotter than the other, tc. Also the stock exhaust system will have blueing patches as far back as the mufflers. All of that is very unsightly. Notice how my bike has perfectly even, ight bluing only on the very beginning of the headers, nd the rest is a beautiful golden yellow. Absolutely nothing else on the rest of the exhaust system and no blueing spots anywhere on the mufflers.
*Please visit myDropboxlink for more higher quality photos.
*Visit thisYoutube linkfor a video of the awesome exhaust note (This video is not of the actual bike for sale, ut it is the same make and model with the same exhaust setup). Although the audio quality in the video is very good, t really doesn't even come close to doing justice to the sounds of this full custom exhaust system. It sounds so bad ass, ut also has the awesome vintage sound to it. It's not too loud in an annoying way, ut has a nice deep grumble that soars perfectly as the revs climb.
*Visit Guzzitech for more info on Todd Eagan and his work.
I paid over $10k to buy the bike new and put in over $5k more in upgrades alone, ot including labor costs. (I have all the receipts to prove it too). Plus, t will come with all the OEM parts (Buyer will arrange shipping for that as well, r can be added to bike shipment if possible).I will also include a brand new, EM spare clutch cable that I purchased just to have on hand in case of emergency.If you do the math, t's a great deal for a one-of-a-kind bike. Note: I have other items for the bike that I will be listing separately as well, ncluding front and rear Pitbull Stands for maintenance work and Centurion diagnostic software to diagnose any problems with bike and for resetting TPS, tc. Thank you for listening and checking out my motorcycle! *Please purchase will full confidence in your ability to send payment. Full payment is due within 7 days. Please send full payment promptly.
*Non-refundable deposit of $500 required.*Item listed locally as well, herefore listing can be ended at any time during duration of listing.*Item is sold as-is with no warranty.*Full payment due within 7 days of listing ending.*Buyer must arrange pickup within 14 days of final payment.*Users with zero feedback must contact me first before purchasing.*Item for sale will be released once the full payment has been cleared in my bank account.

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