MotoGuzzi Nevada750 REGULATOR/Rectifier/Tiristor

2012 Moto Guzzi

Price: US $60.00
Item location: Budapest, PEST, Hungary
Make: Moto Guzzi
Year: 2012
VIN: CL119128LCL361
Vehicle Title: Clear

This is a Regulator for MotoGuzzi or Ducati motors: the same for them. Precise Model description is:ESR531 ElectroSport. This is for creating smooth DC voltage from the AC current generate the generator. Without this the Accumulator will not be charged. I tried it for MotoGuzzi Nevada750 worked well. What is real important is tha Cable Connector Type: should be exactly the same as you need. see / check on the pictures or send me message. What you should know that this model (MotoGuzzi Nevada750) has a well known construction error: there is NO overcharge limiter beuilt into the electrical system so, n caase of overcharge this part can be overheating and demage. So, o avoid this case you need a Zener Dioe semiconductor. You can built is by your own.

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