1997 Honda Gold Wing

Price: US $9,900.00
Item location: Dade City, Florida, United States
Make: Honda
Model: Gold Wing
SubModel: GL1500 SE & Richland Roadster Trike Kit
Year: 1997
Mileage: 69,727
VIN: 1HFSC2238VA900378
Color: Pearl Saphire Black NH374P VERY SHARP INDEED
Engine size: 1,500
Vehicle Title: Clear

The biggest part of TRIKE ON AMERICA'S business... probably over 95 %, nbsp;is making custom trike kits. We ship them all over the U.S. for self installation on bikes folks already own. It's the Richland Roadster trike conversion kit and you can see a lot of photos of them and a lot more information on the Richland Roadster web site.
As time went on, t turns out, lot of folks wanted a Richland Roadster Trike Kit of their very own... however they had yet to obtain a bike on which to install the kit. So we resolved that issue for them. We go out in the open market place and buy only very clean, ound, owmileage Honda Gold Wing 1500's with reverse and install kits on them and make them available as a complete triked unit.... and that is why our inventory is so similar and the ads are close to the same.... with small differences, uch as mileage and color. In fact, ou'll be able to see quite a few more photos and get a lot more information than will fit in this small ad at one of our four web sites. richlandroadster dot com or trikeonamerica dot com or trikesbyjohnnyray dot com. or richlandtrikes dot com.
Check out this absolutely amazing 1997 HONDA GOLD WING GL 1500 Special Edition in excellent condition and only 69,727 Miles!!! That's not a mistake... only 69,727 miles. TheseawesomeGoldwings have been known to go well over 300,000 miles. The former owner really took care of this bike. It was garage kept and kept in perfect condition by the local Honda Dealership. It sports an AM Fm radio... CB radio... Excellent Seat... Intercom.... cruise control... Large Windshield... Battery Tender and hook up... Brand new Tires...Front and rear.... Fresh Tune-up... & REVERSE... REVERSE... REVERSE. All lights work as they should and allgaugestoo... including Speed Odometer, achometer, emperature Gauge and Fuel Guage... It has a new Battery with a battery tender and Brakes. It runs and drives perfectly and looks fantastic. This bike needs nothing but a new owner that just wants years of trouble free riding at a reasonable price. Best of all it sports a Genuine RICHLAND ROADSTER MOTORCYCLE TRIKE CONVERSION KIT from TRIKE ON AMERICA. You can fly into Tampa International, ake the Airport Super Shuttle to our shop, nd ride this beauty home. Also, ou can call for a quote and we can arrange shipping for you through one of our shipping partners.
This HONDA GOLDWING GL 1500 Special Edition handles like a whole new DREAM RIDE. The added freedom. safety and utility is delivered via this deluxe hand crafted RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit with modern styling from TRIKE ON AMERICA. It comes complete with a confidence-inspiring relaxed ride and so many impressive standard features. You'll find yourself riding so much more often, o doubt, nd taking longer road trips too, ecause you'll use much less of your physical energy. The innovative Richland Roadster design fits Honda, arley Davidson, awasaki, oto Guzzi, ictory, amaha, uzuki,... most motorcycles in fact. Since this Richland Roadster was custom manufactured for this individual bike, s will seem like it came from the factory, resh and new.
This smooth ride is the result of incorporating SIDE CAR technology into the RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit suspension... which means each side is independent, s if you had left side and right side mounted side cars... and if you run up on a curb or uneven payment all wheels will remain on the ground. The inside wheel does not leave the ground during turns like the Voyager kit... That creates a serious dangerous riding situation you don't want to experience, can assure you. Patented High Performance Energy Suppression Bushings in conjunction with forward mounted torsion bars help provide the road flattening flex you need to achieve this kind of smooth responsive experience. This Technology does not alter the Motorcycle Suspension from the factory... leaving your swing arms and axle unmolested. This way you will never have to rake your front end because your motorcycle and trike kit is never at war with each other.
This RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit comes standard with full sized 15 inch 40,000 mile automotive tires and custom, ery light weight, spoke polished aluminum wheels. Be careful of the chrome steel wheels some manufacturers try to push on you. It's just not worth the extra weight which will make your bike sluggish and you may not have to wait long before they start to rust. This kit also is complete with a lighting system that features LED lights, esulting in greater visibility and safety on the road. Remember, ED lights also use the least amount of energy, o this bike's factory electrical system is more thansufficient. OH... and Running Boards too... these are robust & magnificent, nd makes it very safe and easy for getting on and off the bike... and you won'taccidentallyput your foot down and have the trike kit run over your heels... as if you had a Voyager kit.... you know that has to be painful.
You'll be starting out with the best. You won't have to settle for a Voyager with it's low slung belly pan that gouges speed bumps and loading ramps, r the Tow Pac, ith it's very small wheels and tires that makes you bike look like an elephant on tip toes. Check it out... these brands do not have the advanced features of the Richland Roadster.
You can see addition photos and get a lot more information at ... or or If you want to arrange a test ride call me. And yes... we do have other bikes with RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kits available. Just visit our Trike On Showcase and take a test ride before you buy. You can see more photos and get more information at Richland Roadster web site. Just Google Richland Roadster Home... it's that simple. I'm JOHNNY RAY RICHLAND and my number is 352 567 1985. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon. Thanks!!!
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