Price: £2,899.00
Condition: New
Item location: Maidstone, United Kingdom
Make: LML
Model: STAR 200
Type: Scooter
Year: 2014
Mileage: 9
Color: Yellow
Engine size: 200
Gears: Four-speed manual
Start type: Electric start

We are very excited by the latest range of LML scooters. The 200cc four-stroke engine is designed for high performance and high mileage. while maintaining the retro scooter styling. Characterised by high reliability. the Star 4 Stroke 200cc has literally been designed to last forever. The Star 4 Stroke 200cc scooter is big news. The scooters styling has been updated with a number of improvements on previous models including chrome-plated turn indicators and saddle designed for both comfort and that all important vintage. retro look. LML has paid particular attention to rider safety by upgrading the front headlamp to include an internal parabola lens for a more powerful beam of light. The rear lights have also been upgraded to increase lighting and reflectors have been added to the mudguards. The instrument panel has been enhanced with a warning light which tells you when the scooter is in neutral and one when the brake pedal is pressed. Retro styling chrome-plated hand grips now standard become an aesthetic detail on the new model. New graphics introduced on the instrument panel. plus "neutral" indicatator and brake warning light. The saddle has been redesigned with a more vintage look and increased comfort. New parabola lens provides a brighter beam increasing visibility and improving rider safety. Improved lens increases brightness and scooter visibility. The new rear stoplight has a new lens and reflector located on the splash guard in order to better protect the lights. The new rear stoplight has a new lens and reflector located on the splash guard in order to better protect the lights. A new 200cc engine with maximum power of 8. 6 kW and torque of 14. 5 Nm delivers high performance at both at high and low rpms. It is equipped with a series of catalytic converters and an innovative secondary air system which makes it Euro 3 compliant. The innovative FAST (Flexible Air Suction Technology) system prevents clogging of the air filter and delivers greater engine performance. The new engine also allows the load to be distributed closer to the front axle meaning it is better balanced and more compact. The engine can deliver up to 50 km/litre. The Star 4 Stroke 200cc clutch was also completely redesigned with innovative bell discs. The new clutch. which is equipped with a pressure plate and ball bearings. five cork channels and four conductors means changing gear is a dream. The Star 4 Stroke 200cc has a revolutionary frame design which features an innovative structure of welded steel pipes integrated into the sheet metal body. This provides torque rigidity which is seven times higher than a tradition monocoque frame. the scooters engine is held in a more central position. higher braking power with 50% more braking space and a new suspension set up. The result? The scooter is sturdier. more stable and less prone to twisting and vibrations.

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