Betamotor BETA 350/390/430/490 ENDURO FOUR STROKE 2015,AVAILABLE NEW,ALL £6645


Price: £6,645.00
Condition: New
Item location: Bodmin, United Kingdom
Make: Betamotor
Model: BETA 350/400/450/500 FST 2014
Type: Enduro/Supermoto (road legal)
Year: 2015
Color: Red
Engine size: 400
Start type: Combo
Drive type: Chain

RR ENDURO 4T 350/390/430/490/MY2015THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES!The tenth edition of the racy RR ENDURO 4T BETA is dressed with eye-catching livery and red-and-white sports enhanced by graphics meticulously maintained. RR ENDURO MY15 is confirmation of Beta?€™s dedication to their riders and sports fans searching for continued performance and reliability. RR ENDURO MY15 is characterized by a "made in Italy" indisputable technical characteristics and a State-Of-The-Art design. The Florentine manufacturer capitalizes the experiences of official Team Sports and suggestions of its customers and translates them into upgrades that improve the product putting it closer to the rider in that of performance and ease of riding. FRAMEFRONT FORK:Important improvements have been made both to the forks internal cartridges as well as to the valving. New work on the pistons. specifically the tolerance between the pistons and the inner cartridge has been reduced and the friction of the outer housing has changed with the aim of improving the performance in both hard. square-edge hits and rocky conditions. An improved top cap that is both easier to service and easier to adjust as the rebound components are now contained in the cap. Inner cartridge diameter is now 12mm for improved oil fluid flow as well as more responsive as well as new settings and adjustment of the bypass valve. New oil designed to minimize friction and reduce temperatures. All of the features above described gives to the front fork a smoother feel. a more accurate ride and a better response when bad hits occur. REAR SHOCK ABSORBER:A new bleed hole diameter along with the tapered adjuster allows for a more precise adjustment of the shock?€™s rebound system combined with a new spring with a more consistent action. 5. 4 kg/mm. These updates combined to the new valving changes provide more stability and will provide even more confidence for riders of all levels. FRAME:Further development of the previous frame. small but numerous updates on materials and geometries of reinforcement plates and brackets. All updates are designed and aimed at reducing tension as the map of stress characterized by a different shade of color that changes from blue to red. the result of F. E. M analysis. modeled in 3d. The blue areas are low-load while the other (which tend to be red) are those most stressed. As the diagram shows. frame stress has been reduced to a bare minimum. FRONT FENDER:A new design which combines a more appealing look and a new shape that improves the rigidity in bending and flexing. ensuring perfect stability even under the most extreme muddy conditions. Wider at the middle/front area it protects the rider from getting wet due to the water raised up from the front wheel. SEAT COVER:A new look finely finished aesthetics by visible seams. SEAT BASE:More rigid and reinforced to ensure a solid fit to the frame as well as better comfort to the rider. More compact design for better ergonomics and fit between the seat base and the seat foam. BRAKE DISC:A new heat treatment gives greater hardness to the disk for increasing durability and performance. ENGINENEW PISTON FOR 350CC VERSION:modified the profile and the position of the holes of lubrication. Increases reliability and reduces oil consumption over time. Increased reliability: new countershaft. bearings and gearbox design with countershaft heat treatment changes. Modified geometry of the shift drum for easier and more precise shifting.

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