Dual Purpose Bike 200cc Legal for Road or Dirt!

2007 Other Makes

Price: US $2,200.00
Item location: Monticello, New York, United States
Make: Other Makes
Year: 2007
Mileage: 161
Vehicle Title: Clear

This Bike is like new. it's a Dual purpose. and I've got the papers. You can go buy one now new easy for 4K by the time you are done. I'd look at this one. If want I will include the helmet. body guard. and lift for easy oil changes. just those items probably come to 500bucks!


  When I get a chance I will find title and give year. and when it's not so cold out in garage. I'll go see the exact miles. regardless like I said this has been used very very little and the pictures should show that!


Like I said. I would go look. the miles that I see on it. or is it hours. well what ever. it says 161 again like I said it was hardly used. Yes. I'm looking at the title. it's clear and it says it's a 2007 SIERR MCY BL 274(wt) GAS

Due to some questions I was asked. the Helmet says L. I'm assuming that means Large. but notice different people it did or didn't fit. so best to try it on. the protection vest says M on it. assume that means Medium. again. it probably be best for someone to try it on. and Yes. the jack to lift the bike does work. great for doing oil changes! I then had some who where confused by the prices mentioned. what I was saying was that if you where to buy all the stuff new. bike. helmet. uard. ift you'd probably spend easy around 4500$. I'm puting the starting bid at less than half the value of it new and to me that's great. concidering how un-used it all is! The reserve is NOT past the buy it now price. I hope this will clear some things up. Thank you and if you want to look at it all. just let me know


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