Suzuki RMZ 250 RM-Z250 2007 Motocross 4stroke

Price: £1,370.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Uxbridge, United Kingdom

I've decide to sell my 250 as i want to try a 450 for a while. The bike has always had what its needed to keep it in tip top reliable condition. Oil changed and air filter cleaned every ride. The front and rear suspension was serviced with new seals and oil/ gas as well as the linkage/ top pivot has been serviced with some new bearings. t has seen approx 2 or 3 hours since. Its been set up by RG3 suspension too. The valve clearances were checked recently and are ok. Tyres are ok for practice but for racing and a good start out the gate a new rear would be of benefit. I have a few spares with it like new hot wheels graphics and new high capacity rads with the original rad guards. The current rads are ok and not leaking but the rh is slightly bent. hence why i have the others as spare. The gaurds fitted are for stoney tracks but i'd recommend using the original guards on a warm day as the metal ones restrict airflow slightly. Any questions i'll be more than happy to answer.

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