2001 Suzuki GSX-R

Price: US $2,995.00
Item location: Altmar, New York, United States
Make: Suzuki
Model: GSX-R
SubModel: 1000R
Type: Sport Bike
Year: 2001
Mileage: 3,342
VIN: JS1GT74A312104578
Color: Yellow
Vehicle Title: Salvage
Contact seller: Contact form

DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NO PLANS ON BUYING THE BIKE!!!! UP FOR AUCTION IS A 2001 GSXR 1000 R. PROBABLY ONE OF THE LOWEST ORIGINAL MILE 1ST YEAR GSXR 1000s AVAILABLE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!! A bit of history on me and this bike. I was CCS National AM Heavyweight Superbike champion in 1999. I was on the lookout for a new race bike, nd put feelers out from people I knew for what I was looking for. Well a good buddy of mine who was in the used car/bike business, ound this at a dealer auction with less than 50 miles on it being sold by an insurance company. It was involved in a head on accident, asically right off of the showroom floor! Anyway, t was exactly what I was looking for. My plans were to race it during the 2nd half of 01, ut by the time I got the bike done, had decided to stop racing. Anyway, o right up front this bike has a SALVAGE TITLE and will need to be addressed by the DMV in your state to be put back on the road, hich should be easy, should have done it when I 1st got it in PA as I could have had it done for nothing. Anyway, o the damage was the front wheel was ovaled, he frame slightly tucked (THERE WERE NO KINKS OR BENDS), he exhaust system was damaged and most of the body work damaged, ut that was it. This was originally a black/silver bike, nd I treded the perfect originbal black tank, or the mint yellow one on it now, s that would match the color scheme I would be doing. 1st I bought a new front wheel for it. Then I had the frame straightened and optimized by GMD COMPUTRACK, nd if I did not tell you that the frame was tucked and straightened, ou would never know it as it was not kinked, r anything bad like that (Computrack did my race bikes and it makes a difference, ven over a new out of the crate frame!). I then put a new full titanium Ti-Force full race exhaust system on it (they were getting the best HP numbers on these back then) and a full Sebimoto/Yoyodyne Carbon Fiber/Kevlar weave race body on it, ith full carbon fiber intake ducts and front fender (the bodywork alone was over 2500)!!!!!. Since I had pretty much decided to not race at that point, called Tape Works, nd bought some yellow/blue and black material, nd had them do the Suzuki and GSXR logos and did my own graphics as I wanted to do the vintage Suzuki race colors, nd also show off all of the carbon and kevlar!. I put Billet ProTek rear sets on it, hey are mint. The front headlight is from an aluminum unit from a Lexus car, nd its mounting bracket which attaches to the aluminum superbike (cant remember what MFG made that) upper fairing bracket (and the superbike seat support bracket) are made from epoxy bonded lightweight aluminum. The headlight is only one beam, nd when switched to high beam in turns off. I put the original taillight assembly back on but up under the rear cowl more with small "bullet" style turn signals (only in the rear). and that is basically all I did to the bike back in 2001. I road it on the street illegally for the next few summers, asically cruising down to the Jersey shore on it for the weekends, nd then it sat stored in my dads warehouse until 2007. I rode it a few times during that period, ut not much. The bike got any bruises it has now from being in that warehouse and people bumping in to it. So I moved to upstate NY in the fall of 2007, nd planned on getting the bike legal at the DMV, ut my soon to be wife said NO WAY, s I was getting back into MX and she did not want to worry about me on the street and the dirt. So the bike has sat again basically unused for another 8 years!!! 5 or so years ago, put a new battery in it and changed the gas out, nd ran it for a bit, nd back in the garage it went until yesterday, hen I decided it was time to sell it. So now the bike. First off, his bike has NEVER been stored outside, nd has barely ever seen rain, o there is basically no corrosion on it anywhere. I put a new gell battery in it yesterday, ook the gas tank off and pulled the fuel pump, nd dumped out all of the very stale gas. To my surprise there was no varnish build up, nd the inside of the tank and the fuel pump look new. I pulled the airbox cover off, ully expecting a mouse nest or 4, ut nothing, o I put it back together, umped some 110 octane race gas (what I run in my MX bike) and it fired right up. I got to see the miles, hich I thought were in the high 2000s, ut it was 3333! But not all was good the bike was missing, o I ran some Sea Foam thru it today, nd dumped some more straight in the throttle bodies, nd it has slowly been getting better. I assume the fuel injectors, nd possible the screens in the fuel pump should be cleaned, ut like I said the inside of the tank looks new. I rode it for the 1st time in probably 8-9 years today and it will run great then stutter then run great again. I assume it is a clogged injector, s it seems to miss on one cylinder when it is stiutering, hen it will be fine? Maybe new plugs will help? But in the 9 miles I rode it, of them it was perfect and pulled like it should, hen the othert 3 it would stutter, hen clear itself out. Remember this bike is barely broken in with 3342 ORIGINAL miles, o it is something stupid, r from my stupidity of not running it every year! The bike feels tight and new, s it should with 3342 miles The bike shifts perfect through every gear, nd the clutch feels like new The tires are the original Suzuki Battleaxes, nd they do not look horrible to my amazement, ut, eing 15 years old now, dont know if I would trust my life on them. There are some scratches and a very small ding on the exhaust can from storage There are some minor stress marks in the bodywork, he worst is the area in front of the left clip on, lso all from being banged in to during storage at mat dads warehouse. There are NO mirrors on the bike (I was going to put those bar end ones on it for it pass at the DMV if necessary) There are only rear turn signals on it though I did not cut the harness for the front ones which would be easy to install if necessary to pass the DMV The horn works The rear running/plate and brakelight work as they should, ut since the bike has race BILLET ProTeK rear sets, he rear brake lever does not actuate the light, nly the front lever does, but again the harness was not cut for the rear brake lever switch. The radiator fan operates as it should The upper front fairing bracket the bolts to the front of the steering head is a lightweight aluminum race bracket, hich I cant remember the name of the MFG. It was modified to hold the Lexus headlight with epoxy bonded aluminum, nd the whole assemble was polished to a mirror finish. The headlight is from a Lexus, hat I got out of a junkyard in 2001, t is a super bright light with a magnifying glass lense. I have no idea of what model or year it came from, ut the bulb should be a standard bulb. It throws a nice bright straight ahead beam, ut does not throw a really wide one. The hi/lo beam switch basically is an on/off switch now. There may be a replacement bulb that would offer hi and lo, never looked in to it as it works great and is nice to actually be able to turn the light off. The seat foam is that 1/2" adhesive stuff that glues to the bodywork, t is showing its age a bit, nd should be replaced. The chrome plating on the rear wheel has some pitting, s plated wheels tend to get. The bike has sat unused for 8 or so years and will most likely need an oil change, park plugs, nd most likely the fuel system (injectors and pump screens) properly cleaned. The bike has a salvage title issued to me in 2001 as shown in the last pics, hich also shows the matching VIN number on the bikes steering head. If the bike is going to be turned into a track bike, o big deal, ut if being put back on the road legally (not what I did!!!!) that is up to the new owner to handle if their state allows that (most do) I think that pretty much sums up everything, ut I stress to ask questions as I could have forgotten something, r ask if yo need to see any close up pics (I did take closeups of the worst areas of the bike, o look at all of the pics). Also I encourage anyone local that may be interested in it to come have a look in person, y phone number is 315 298 6797 Also included will be the original black /silver rear seat cowl that has some scuffs and a crack at one of the rear mounting holes, he drivers seat in excellent condition (I never got the passenger seat with it), he passenger pegs and their mounting brackest,, he front and rear aluminum race track stands (the rear is shown in most of the pics) that I used when racing in the late 90s, hey are nice stands, he exhuast valve control motor and cables for a stock exhaust system, ome stock grips and the left hand control switches from a 1998 GSXR 750, my former race bike), nd some left over Tape Works graphic colors (so you could send samples to them if you wanted or needed to do touchups, ee last pic for the stuff coming with the bike.

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