1984 Suzuki RM

Price: US $7,999.00
Item location: Auburn, California, United States
Make: Suzuki
Model: RM
SubModel: 500
Year: 1984
VIN: 000000000
Vehicle Title: Clear
Contact seller: Contact form

    CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company. CUSTOMER SERVICE 530-392-3025RARE CANADIAN MODEL! 84 SUZUKI RM 500  MONSTER! MANY NOS PARTS! BEAUTY! LOW MILE!THIS RARE BIKE IS AMAZING! ORIGINAL TIRES! RACE READY! LOW MILES!ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BIKE! Very rare to find this bike in any condition so hurry! Comes with a TITLE and bill of sale.

This "Canadian Model" Suzuki RM500 is in great condition and boasts lots of NOS parts that haven't been available for decades. This bike is one of a kind--a rare find!


About this Bike

The cylinder was on standard bore but was cleaned up to a first oversized bore using . 025 Suzuki Piston. ring and top end. and has only been started once since installed. All new seals and gaskets were installed. The engine is tight and like new; there are no Damaged or repaired cases. engine covers and no bent or missing cylinder fins. NOS NEW complete front fork assembly that was new in the box and installed on this bike! It included clamps with bearings. forks with fork protectors. all new and assembled from the factory!NOS left & right side panels. NOS Front & Rear fenders. NOS front number plate. NOS left and right air box covers. NOS GAS TANK. ALL plastic has been replaced on the bike!New Heavy duty gold chain and NOS front and rear sprockets. NOS chain guides and chain buffers with new upper and lower chain rollers. New front & rear tires and tubes and rim bands. New period correct Answer bars. new grips. NOS NEW front brake & clutch perch w/ levers assemblies. new kill button. All cables are NEW NOS New foot pegs. return springs and foot peg pinsNew side cover and warning decalsRear shock was rebuiltOriginal untorn seat cover NEW DG pipe with repacked original silencerNew air filters



The differences between the Canadian RM 500 and the USA version are: 1) the VIN number is different (there are two VIN tags on the frame. one in English and one in French); and 2) the main visual difference is the larger European gas tank that was installed on the bikes. which was different than the gas tanks for bikes sold in the USA. The owners manual is written in both English and French    CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company. CUSTOMER SERVICE 530-392-3025SPECIAL NOTE! This is a special note to a certain type of people. People who like to cause problems and send nasty emails.  This is NOT for the kind GENTLEMAN so please gentleman. this is not for you. Don't take offense. You real gentleman are the best! God bless you. We receive hundreds of nice emails HOWEVER. o anyone who feels the desire to send us an insulting. rude email. or your "comment" or your "opinion" SAVE IT! Our ads are not for you to vent your insulting rude comments. If you can't act like HONORABLE GENTLEMAN. then do not email. Any insulting emails are reported to Ebay and will go on your record. It saddens me to see how many weak cowards there are. and so few REAL GODLY GENTLEMAN. In other words. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and SPREAD KINDNESS and BE GODLY HONORABLE GENTLEMAN!

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