Triumph T120 Custom built Bobber Chopper NO RESERVE!!

1964 Custom Built Motorcycles Bobber

Price: US $4,900.00
Item location: Covington, Kentucky, United States
Make: Custom Built Motorcycles
Model: Bobber
SubModel: Bonneville
Type: Bar hopping street terrorizing black streak.
Year: 1964
Mileage: Unknown
VIN: T120RDU196
Color: Black
Engine size: 750cc
Vehicle Title: Clear

This is my beloved, Ginger”, nd I part with her with reluctance. 1964 Triumph T120 frame with a 1971 650 cc engine with MAP 750cc big bore kit. This bike has was featured in the Brit Bike calendar and although it has always been a “bobber” in my mind, t recently won best in show as a chopper in the only contest I’ve ever entered. The bike stops people everywhere she goes. Everywhere. Unfortunately two years ago I must have been distracted and had an accident that barely damaged the bike, ut for me I was a game changer. Afterwards, decided to completely rebuild the bike as I always wanted. This is the third rebuild, nd in my mind I got this one right. Twin Mikuni carbs with balance tube for easier tuning. Both carbs rebuilt. Boyer Brandson electronic ignition. No points and the timing was set with a degree wheel and basically will never have to be set again. Krankcase Vent valve. Kicks over easily. Two kicks to start cold. One hot. New plugs, ew plug wires, ew Accel coil. Oil pump rebuilt. MAP 750cc kit. Iron rings that were properly seated. It burns no oil. New MORGO clutch plates and metal grooved drive plates, ew clutch rubbers and new clutch springs. New primary chain. The head work was done out of a respected local shop specializing in Brit bikes. New valves, prings, etainers, nd I rebuilt the rockers myself, sing new springs, nd also a grooved rocker arm to solve the lack of oil up there. New pushrods, ubes, nd the dreaded seals replaced. No leaks. New oil pressure spring. I put in new wheel bearings, nd a spring tensioner with a new drive chain. New tires. New Anti Gravity lithium battery that is vibration and heat proof and you can hold with one hand and will run the bike all day. New Rotor and Stator. Tympanium rectifier. I completely rewired the bike with a common ground (bike is Positive ground), o an antique wooden card file box that holds all electrics. One switch turns on the bike, nd one fuse. Very simple and completely reliable. Fab Kevin tail light that actually works all the time and doesn’t fall off. The headlight is from a 1932 Nash automobile (the side light used by the driver to “look” around a bend). A real antique bottle opener. Rare 5 speed transmission! Hand shifter from a 1930’s Harley knucklehead. The wood shift knob is from Venice Italy and I mounted the old Mercury dime in it… God of speedy messages. I also kept the original toe shifter by TIG welding them. Makes the bike safer if you are in a panic stop. Disc brake up front and new pads on the rear. The bike stops on a Mercury dime. Oil tank is plumbed to a steam engine sight gauge. New fuel lines, long with a fuel sump bottle and sight gauge from a tractor. Pingel petcock actually has a reserve. New Flanders risers to reduce vibration. The handlebar is filled and sealed with #8 lead shot. This is an old school trick to stop vibration. It does. Seat is sprung perfectly for a 180-200 lb man, nd actually does cancel out most of the bumps from the six inch extended hardtail (also from MAP). Included are all the manuals you need to run this bike, long with some tools specific to the bike, copy of the calendar, nd the trophy. I just changed the oil and filter, nd set the valves.

I love this bike, ut after all the work I did on it, just can’t seem to be at peace with her anymore after the accident. This bike is done right, nd the electronics are simplified, nd bulletproof, ut it also has to be owned by someone who realizes this is a machine that must be looked after. Blue Loctite is a requirement because it does vibrate at speed. You have to be willing to set valves every few months. This is a NO RESERVE auction, nd I put the starting price at the bare minimum I would take, nd still live with myself in the "morning after". I will not take trades, r deals, r Cashier’s Checks or anything else other than a $300 PAYPAL deposit within 48 hours and the remainder in cash. I have clear title. Absolutely no rides, lthough I will demonstrate to a buyer any reasonable ride performance requested. No warranty implied and sold as is. I would like to spend some time with the buyer to go over every part of the bike with the new owner. Good luck. George

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