Yamaha RD125LC MK3 1987 Black and Red

Excellent unrestored condition not YZF-R125, CBR125

Price: £1,800.00
Condition: Used
Item location: Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Make: Yamaha
Model: RD125LC
Year: 1987
Mileage: 18,359
Color: Black/Red
Engine size: 125
Start type: Kick start



Before I start. can i say that the last time this was advertised. it was on a Buy it Now. with Best offer and. although there were 35watchers on it when it ended. I had all but no contact from anyone. Can I suggest that. if you're interested in the bike. contact me. ask questions. even put in an offer. but don't just sit there watching. as you could just miss out. Also. if you're going to make an offer. please ensure that you intend to complete the sale. No one likes timewasters. especially me!!


So. on with the ad. again.


Here we have what is regarded. by a certain age of people. one of the most iconic. if not THE MOST iconic 125 of the 1980s!! Even today. when up against a YZF-R125. or a CBR125. or even the giant killing Aprilia RS125. this little bike will give plenty of newer kit a very good run for its money.


We bought this Mk3 RD125LC from friends back in March of this year. for my wife to learn on prior to taking her A1 bike test. I am of the certain age that I mentioned above. and I have to say. on the first test ride it brought all of those great memories flooding back. I?€™m used to riding 140hp+ superbikes and this put just as big a smile on my face as anything that I?€™ve ever ridden. My wife immediately fell in love with it (even naming it ?€?Peach?€£€¦. because it?€™s a real peach of a bike!) and rode it a lot for the few months that it took her to pass her test. and then she replaced it with a big bike. This was in June. and it?€™s taken until now to actually convince her that we?€™re not bike collectors. but riders. and we really can?€™t afford to keep it. as much as I?€™d like to. These bikes are pretty rare things nowadays. and they?€™re only going to get rarer. so this is one of those chances that you could have. to own and ride one of these wonderful 125?€™s before they end up either in private collections. or lost forever.


So. the details; as I said. it was ridden for a few months. and has been ridden for the 27 years that it?€™s been around. It still has less that 20000miles on the clock. and the engine still runs sweet and strong. As it has a YPVS engine. and in keeping with tuning methods of the time. the powervalve has been opened. a small cone airfilter installed. and some professional dyno time has been used to extract a safe 20+hp at the crank. On a bike that weighs less than 100kg. this is enough to really fly along. That?€™s not say that it?€™s been thrashed incessantly since we?€™ve owned it. but it has been ridden as was intended ?€“ it is an RD afterall. and that means Race Developed!! J This bike is meant to be enjoyed. not pampered.


For a bike of this age. there is very little corrosion. with only small patches of surface rust on the chrome grab rails. and the aluminium parts(wheels. engine. foot rest hangers. front forks etc) are all free of any white fur. Even the rear mudguard is intact which is almost unheard of on one of these. although the indictaors have been replaced some years ago with some smaller. more modern units. but they suit the bike.


This isn?€™t an immaculate showroom example though. so please don?€™t expect an A1 show winner. but for its age. and considering it?€™s a learner bike at the end of the day. I?€™d say that its condition is well above good condition.


We?€™ve just fitted a freshly painted bikini fairing (pattern part. but looks the part). which needs stickering if you wanted to finish it off. and the side panels have riding boot scratches over them. so would benefit from being replaced if you were that way inclined. The fuel tank also has a couple of paint blisters in it. but they are solid. and not showing any signs of corrosion being the reason for them being there. The seat is also original and has a couple of very small (1cm ish) tears in it. and it is grimy from 27years of use. but is certainly acceptable. I think that replacing it would just make the rest of the bike need to be brought back to concours condition. and that would be missing the point of this bike; you don?€™t want to look at it. you want to ride it.


We have the log book. a dyno sheet from when it was set up. and there are some receipts plus a Haynes manual. The MOT ran out a while back. but I?€™d happily put a new one on it. as I have no doubt that it will fly through (you?€™d have to give me time to do this. as I work weekdays. so would need to sort this at a weekend). Obviously there is no road tax. but that?€™s because of the changes in the law. Bike is currently SORN


What I would seriously recommend is not to call and ask questions (although you?€™re welcome to do this obviously) but to come and have a look. smell the two stroke and. with the asking price in my hand. have a little ride around where we live. a quiet housing estate. and I guarantee that you?€™ll love it. If you want to buy a fast. good handling learner legal (mostly!) 125. that will outrun anything that?€™s being made for learners nowadays. then look no further. If you just want to own one of these. while you still have the chance. then that works too. One thing?€™s for sure. you will never lose money on a buy like this and. even if you rode it for a few months. and then sold it on. you can?€™t fail to get your money back.


Now for the cost; we?€™re advertising this based on the fact that it?€™s not showroom condition. but you will definitely get what you pay for. It?€™s a fair price. and we?€™re not interested in any £1000 offers. It may be only a 125. but owning something as special as this comes at a price. and those of you who want one of these. or want to buy one for your own 17year old. will appreciate that this is exceptional value for money. It is on a "Best offer" basis though. so don't be afraid to make an offer as. you never know. I must just take it.


Feel free to contact by mobile. but please text up until around 7pm. as I'm at work until then. Evenings are fine up until 11pm. Tel 07948 509929. I'm happy to answer any questions.


Finally. although I'm willing to keep this for years. rather than give it away at a stupid price. we really do need to sell. and it really needs to go to a new home.


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